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    A lot of calls require the same amount of fire officers as fire engines

    Larger incidents require a number of L2-L4 officers to undertake a variety of roles. With one officer per vehicle, it is entirely normal to see a number of them lined up or dotted around an incident ground. Sometimes the number of officer vehicles will supersede pumps, it's not unusual.

    just personnel experience and i know a lot of collages that play this game and they say they dislike it due to it being non realistic. So for UK firefighters IRL like myself PLEASE MAKE IT REALISTIC

    Mmhm, I'm sure they do, mhm.

    Water, ladders, equipment...none of it is simulated in this game and these additions would make no difference whatsoever as everybody here has already pointed out to you.

    HART units aren't used as RRVs for first response to cat 1 calls unless it's deemed that they will be required for the job for their skills.

    This may be different depending on the trust area however they're generally protected to ensure their readiness.

    I'm amazed to hear though that someone has bought and trained 600 HART units! That's quite something!

    Oops yep, didn't mean that they will respond to anything and everything like that, but as they carry additional and more specialised drugs they can be called to Cat 1s to provide this advanced level of treatment regardless of a need for technical rescue or assessment. To me they make perfect sense to act as RRVs in game for this reason.

    Really like the update, so good work on that :)

    But would it be possible to set the HART unit dispatch to custom units only? Currently they dispatch as own class AND as RRV. This causes quite a few issues when using AARR and given I've got over 600 HART units I don't really want to update each unit manually to only dispatch as own vehicle class.

    Is this something that can be easily updated?

    HART PRVs are also used as RRVs for Cat 1 calls if closer or of use, so that is probably why they are also considered RRVs.

    Yes, that is the equivalent of HART.

    SORT and HART tje same thing just different countries, so no.

    Scotland have SORT, but it is just HART with a different name.

    SORT throughout the rest of the UK is a different thing from HART/Scottish HART and this is what I assume is being added.

    All our set ups are fictional...anyway, you’re just intent on ignoring what I’m saying, so go about your day.

    Again, that is your choice lol. The game is intended to be played semi-realistically or semi-fictionally if you wish. If you choose to only use two of the combo units available, huzzah, another choice of yours. But as the game is clearly not being designed for people who want their game like this (otherwise we'd only have one unit that does anything), then you have to accept that it will not be made for your benefit.

    I have addressed every one of the points you have made, and you have only ever come back to say that people play fictionally. So yes...I am ignoring what you are saying...I guess?

    *Edit* Deleting your posts does nothing to support your point, but a'right

    As I’ve said, this impacts various players. Which directly contradicts what you said. I’m not actively working against how the game works, so don’t say something so absurd.

    No police force in the UK is without police vans. No police force in the UK releases all prisoners after an hour. No force in the UK has multiple CBRNE incidents at the same time.

    All our set ups are fictional. if you can’t understand why a change in the existing rules would annoy people then you’re just trolling.

    I'm sure it affects a number of people with fictional set ups, but as I have said, the game isn't intended to cater to such extreme imaginations and there is no reason to start now.

    Correct, it's a game. A game you can choose how you want to play. But don't get antsy when things are done as they are intended because it doesn't fit you.

    As it has been stated, they are not meant to transport.

    I also have DSU. My set up, like a lot of players, is ATC and DSU only. If the goal posts are being moved now, then that’s really frustrating.

    It's really not, though? The game is done in a way to be somewhat realistic with the expectation that players will do the same.

    You moved the goal posts yourself and are upset that they are being put back where they were.

    It’s a problem to me, as I’ve just said, and a problem to other players. So I don’t appreciate you totally ignoring what I’ve said and saying it’s not a problem.

    As I've said, no police force in the UK is comprised solely of armed traffic cars. It's of no concern to me how you play the game, but if you want fictional setups and actively work against how the game works, then you kind of have to expect things to not work.

    I think that’ll make a lot of people, including myself, very unhappy. We’ve invested a lot of time and credits into an ATC fleet, if we’re now changing the rules so that they cannot transport prisoners, then that’s going to cause some serious issues. For example, I only have ATC, so this will totally break my game.

    No police force in the UK is comprised solely of armed traffic cars, so this would not be a problem to anyone.

    You are not going to get these major calls until you build up your setup, so it has no impact on new players or those with smaller setups. Some services will have more officers than others, but it's always proportionate.

    I am involved with a UK fire service and have attended plenty of incident grounds. The new requirements are absolutely appropriate for the game.