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    How come we can get a stupid sorting update but not fix the pumper tanker issue?
    Does anyone actually pass things onto the devs?

    Whilst I appreciate your passion and enthusiasm. The PT is not a priority, it has not hindered the play ability of the game what so ever. If we were to drop everything because a few people disliked something every time something wasn't liked then there would be 0% of real progression made. As Boden said are you one of thousands that want something changed yet what about people that don't want the PT changed. Need to remember that their are other people who play this game not just the select few who utilize these forums.

    As well as the CA team are human like everyone else and have their own lives and issues to deal with. We have had 1 member deployed for the last month straight doing storm and fire support in VIC as well as other issues the team is dealing with. We would appreciate some patience as we cannot devote 24 hours a day to this.

    The game is designed to be a simulator not a 100% realistic game. If we were to take the Urban and Rural extension to the devs and it were to pass but I am 99.9% sure it won't. We would need to go through every mission there is and make them again for rural and urban extensions. This is not practical and only makes the game close to 100% a handful of people such as yourselves.

    Make it so Ultra lights can do a structure fire then no one will have pumpers. There needs to be limitations to keep the game a challenge and make you need to grind and the grind also encourages alliance members to work together with mission sharing and maximizing credit intake

    The missions are created with a generalised response in mind. Needs to be challenging but not impossible other wise you can do a house fire with 2 pumpers. Realistic is a very big kettle of fish and unless you have spoken to every single AU fire service then you can't be fully realistic

    Regarding this. CAFS Tankers will be suggested. For Heavy plant I like the idea and I have my own thoughts with it as well. The Patrol will be a very tricky thing to do if do able. Being Controlled would be a mission down grade and I don't think that can be done. RAT is something I want to work on in the near future and fire investigators will be brought up in the future

    Also More spawning of Veg struc and vehicle fires and way more medical police and crashes and only a few major calls a day

    That Spawning has is all based on percentages. It can't be changed

    As of right now, the HazMat Pumper is not showing up under the Firetruck tab in mission dispatch, and is not available as a starter vehicle once passed the required rank, which I believe should be rectified by giving it the same coding in dispatch as rescue pumpers, which appear under both the Firetruck and Other Vehicles tabs. And the HazMat Pumper should be able to be bought as a starter vehicle for when building a new fire station passed the required rank

    No point having the Hazmat Pumper as a starter because you need the Hazmat trained people to use it. You will have station and truck sitting idle because it can't use the truck

    The OTL (Operational Team Leader) from my understanding is the UK equivalent of the EMS chief of the US. Its only used to auto transport patient and is required to finish the treatment of patients at certain missions. They are not supposed to treat every patient.

    I reckon that for now, while we don't have CAFS Bushfire Tankers, there shouldn't be a CAFS Pumper requirement. Once there is CAFS Tankers then they should be added

    So in regards to that. We dont require a specific CAFS unit. They act as a foam unit and they all fill the role so you need to require a foam unit then set how much foam you think is needed