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    Going over recent major fires with in NSW and surrounds lately and I have been seeing a lot of these fires having Logistical support vehicles being responded to them. Like any service in the world logistics make or break a service and emergency services are no different.

    Logistical support units for fire would act similar to the riot equipment transport unit. It will transport extra miscellaneous equipment needed for fires and other major events. It will add to the realism for the game and logistical supports are not 1 state orientated as they exist for all states and territories. Another use for the future is vehicle repair or removal. I've been seeing and hearing about the possibilities of vehicles either needing service/repairs or replacement in the future. You can make a mechanical logistical support vehicle to do that as a mission to add to things you can do within the game. I have seen these in work on fire grounds myself and had them service the trucks I were on at said incidents and it would be a great opportunity for the game.

    I believe the topic of Hazmat pumpers has come up before but I am not 100% sure. I have asked around to firefighters from all states and territories within in Australia and I can safely confirm QLD, NSW, VIC, WA and SA carry Hazmat gear from a basic lvl to specific pumpers carrying more specialized gear. It simply adds something else to do within in the game and allows for players building in Rural areas where services won't commit dedicated hazmats to use hazmat pumpers. The next town over from me has a Hazmat Tanker which is responded to all hazmat jobs within a 2 hour radius.

    I can understand if hazmat pumpers are a no but I think the logistical support would be a fantastic addition to the game.

    Furniture Store Fire (Furniture store POI)
    x2 Pumps
    x1 Aerial
    1000 credits

    Furniture Store Fire 3rd Alarm (Furniture store POI)
    x8 Pumps
    x2 Aerials
    x1 Rescue
    x1 Basu
    x2 Support
    x2 Police

    x2 Patients
    4000 Credits

    Furniture Store Fire 5th Alarm (Furniture store POI)
    x12 Pumps
    x2 Rescues
    x4 Aerials
    x1 Haz
    x1 Bulk Water
    x2 Basu
    x1 MCV
    x1 Support
    x6 Police

    x4 Patients
    8000 credits

    Crane Fire
    x8 Pumps
    x4 Aerials
    x3 Rescues
    x4 Support
    x1 MCV
    x1 Haz
    x10 police
    x1 Ambo Supervisor

    15 patients
    9000 credits

    Chemical Spill (Warehouse POI)
    x6 Pumps

    x1 Rescue
    x2 Hazmats
    x1 Basu
    x2 Support

    x4 Patients

    3000 credits

    Care Yard Fire (Car Yard POI)
    x4 Pumps
    x1 Bulk Water
    x1 Support

    1500 credits

    Car Yard Fire 4th Alarm (Car Yard POI)
    x12 Pumps

    x2 Bulk Waters
    x1 Rescue
    x3 Aerials
    x2 Support
    x1 basu
    x1 MCV

    x1 Haz

    7000 credits

    I have used similar unit response for these missions to the fire rescue NSW alarms. I understand if the credits for the missions aren't the best as my thoughts to game economy are two different things.

    I have been thinking for a while and come to the thought of adding National Parks and Wildlife which is in every state and territory of Australia. The purpose of the National Parks and Wildlife (NPWS) is fire response for all national and state parks/forest as well as a form of law enforcement in the form of rangers.

    I would suggest a normal and large hub (stations) as everyone service. You have the choice between 2 trucks for the first truck in the hub, a heavy and ultra-light tanker, as well as a bulk water tanker, then a support unit that is the same as the support unit for the normal fire stations but this is specialized for the NPWS and its missions. From there I think its time for Dozers to be added as they are a crucial part of firefighting in Australia. They would need the same training for trucks as the US and need the crew cab semi and dozer trailer.

    The NPWS can have its own calls as well as being a extra service to help for all current missions requiring tankers. Hazard reductions are a major part of preventing fires and need to be done and the NPWS does them regularly. They will have 3 types. A small, medium and large. They will have the chance to expand into bush fire missions as well.
    Small hazard reduction will require 7 tankers and a support unit- 1 hub required
    Medium 10 Tankers, 1 Bulk Water and 2 support unit- 2 hub required
    Large 15 tankers, 3 Bulk Waters and 3 Support units- 4 hub.

    Forrest fire missions for the NPWS would work brilliantly for them. With the National forest, state park POI's would grant players the ability to spawn forest fire missions which are for both NPWS and normal fire service but can be completed exclusively by the NPWS but normal fire service tankers can be used if you don't have enough NPWS tankers. The current forest fire missions will work but copy and paste but add National park to the name to differentiate them. They will need the same requirements as the current forest fires but for the NPWS will need X amount of NPWS hubs.
    Small 1 hub
    Medium 2 hubs

    Large 4 hubs

    Major 6 hubs

    They will need to use the NPWS support unit as well

    Small and medium will need 1 NPWS Support unit
    Large 2 support units
    Major 3 Support units.

    For Large and Major I would also suggest the chance for the need of dozers. Large a 40% of 2 dozers and Major a 70% of 5 dozers needed.

    Now as stated above they also do law enforcement to a degree in the parks. I believe a expansion like the game wardens from the US version would work perfectly along with the training for them just renamed to Rangers and the Missions but if needed names changed to be Australian would work and wouldn't require overly much work to go and make missions just for the Australian version and won't need to make a new unit.

    wildland fire threatening structures

    15 fire stations required
    3 rescue stations required
    3 police stations required

    15 engines
    2 tenders
    5 ladder trucks
    2 battalion chiefs
    1 mobile command vehicle

    4 police units

    Max patients 10
    General patients
    Chance of patient transport 60%

    Mission pay out 8000 credits

    Hi all, would like to make suggestion for the US and AUS, I'm from Australia and am in the RURAL fire service, i'd like to see aerial pumpers in it, it's like a quint but we just call em that, and for the US I have been dying to get wildland stuff, im a fan of anything wildland related and love seeing and and learning about the American applainces