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    I’m not sure if this has been brought up before, but a great improvement would be the addition of a dispatching tab just for brush trucks. Currently they’re under “other fire apparatus”, which can make them a bit hard to find when there are a lot of other units in the game. Just like how we got an FBI tab, can we get one for brush units?

    I think there could be an expansion to police stations to include bomb squad units, command centers, etc that are not a part of the FBI.

    So today I saw Missionchief’s Facebook post about the new mission, “Restaurant Fire.” I think it’s great! One thing I think would make it better though, is a new POI for “restaurant.” Right now it requires the “fast food restaurant” POI, which already generates a mission. I think a new POI would add variety and realism to the game. Thoughts?

    A nice addition would be ATV trailers. They can be used on trail rescue calls, beach rescue calls, and even missing persons calls. Thoughts?

    Something I did was I made “mini” stations around my city where 1 or 2 AMR units are kept, and I also have the big AMR headquarters. Another perk of this is that my ambulance station count is up so I can generate major calls like passenger train derailments.

    Unfortunately, on a PC the APNG’s only work on the Open Street Maps card. They don’t work on Mapkit on PC. Hopefully this will be fixed...

    I’ve been wanting this for a long time.

    The problem with combo units was always them being too over powered, hence why the previous dev was against them. However I do think there is a case for units like this so I’m sure it can be added to the list

    I understand that. This unit should cost way more than a regular hazmat or rescue, and would require at least a captain rank, to make it more special. I get that it’s a hard balance between realism and making the game to easy, but anything is possible! Thanks.