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    I can see both sides of this, as I agree with Gavin, rarely do I ever respond to a fire assignment without the police showing up at some point or another, but being in a growing suburb I have also had many instances where police had to leave our scene when they were still needed for traffic control because they had their own issues to deal with.
    I can't speak for the development side but it would seem if there was a way to code in required units and optional units a compromise could be met. By this I mean that a certain number of fire trucks are required to complete the call but a separate list of other vehicles could speed the completion rate of the call, give a bonus to a payout, or some other modification to give incentive to the call. Again I cannot speak for development or to how feasible this could be.

    That sounds like a good idea, the problem for me know is that my area is now so big that it would cost me a lot to expand into police to get good coverage

    To address the topic as a whole, I've never seen a fire without some sort of police response. Heck, at my department,we rarely run a medical call without a police response. I understand that there are players who don't want to expand into police missions, so we'll see what we can do about this. I also see that there's a potential argument from the perspective of "we're playing as dispatchers, and my dispatch center doesn't dispatch police." Well, my dispatch center doesn't cover four counties, but I've got stations spread that far out.

    But you have to understand, we have very limited development resources for this game. It took a month, from start to finish, to get SWAT into the game. If we're not working on significant updates, we get about 3 new missions every week (note this isn't an official release calendar, it's an approximation of recent patterns). Personally, I'd rather see development push towards new updates and new missions, rather than going back to make police-less versions of current missions.

    That's fair enough I understand where you are coming from i personally would prefer new missions as long as some can be attended with out police or ambulance etc. One thing I have wanted to se is larger incidents with high casualties (between 10-20) like the active shooter but for police and fire, (ambulance wouldn't normally attend along side one or the other or both). But I completely understand where you are coming from, taking a game makes time and you can't please everyone, I am making a mod for the game Emergency 4 and that's hard so I can't imagine what a whole games like.

    I appreciate what you're saying but if we remove the need for police at missions, larger jobs will payout easy because you don't need many resources.

    I will monitor to see if anyone else feels the same.

    I understand that, it's just I have over 50 stations and it's kind of a bit like the game is punishing me for not having police, maybe you could make a second version of the call and all of them calls that has a minimum firestation limit as 50 and a minimum ambulance station as 15 and no police stations, just for those members who have invested a lot of time and possibly money into the game. I also don't see why police need to attend trench rescues

    I would love to attend the call that was added today but unfortunately I can't because I don't have any police stations, can this be changed, there are lots of calls which should be for just ambulance and fire but because it requires police stations people who just have fire and ems can't get them no matter what size setup they have. I'm not sure if I speak for everyone but I have zero interest for police missions and I am mainly interested in Fire and ems, I shouldn't be forced into getting something that I don't want just to get calls that I already should have.

    the nfpa should have nothing to do with the game coding the minimum requirements need to be set so you cant send 1 engine to a highrise fire there needs to be a open source aspect to the game that allows people to pick what regulations to follow (kinda like the graphics packs) because here we dont have a ladder truck in all the towns and cities seeing a ladder truck in NSW is kinda rare. the point is different areas have diffrent regulations within the same department here so going of one regulation doesnt work for everyonee else it may work for 20% of people but the one thing go remember not everyone has the same.

    same here in the uk my county where I live only has one ALP and one CARP for the whole county

    This is something we'll add to the list. But I'm curious how you're filling them up so fast? It takes me 5 or so hours of near constant play to fill up two hospitals.

    I have 51 ambulance stations and I get a lot of casualties plus I share my area with my friend but I run all the hospitals so it's getting used by him aswel

    I have said about reducing the price of hospital beds from 190K for 10 to 100K for ten but this is not what I am posting about, I have found out that you can only expand to a maximum of 30 beds (level 20) this needs to be raised as I need to expand my hospital beds due to them becoming full very quickly

    It would be nice to see more variety in the types of buildings that we can be called to, I also think that people who don't have police should be able to get commercial fires, I have over 50 fire stations but I can't get commercial fires because I don't have police stations

    A 100000 sqft barn is a very large structure, so this would make sense, also its location and relation to exposures makes a large difference, but overall a barn full of hay and straw is a lost cause thus many departments choose to not waste the man power and just control the exposures and let the rest burn. This fall we sat on a similar situation, however much smaller barn, for 3 days with one engine.

    yea I know that they will often around me just have 1 or 2 engines watching over hay stacks that are on fire but the reason for such a large response was not just the size, there was another 2-3 of these barns next to it, a cow shed, farm house and tractor diesel store, it was a very small yard so the fire would have spread very easily hence the large and aggressive approach

    @WNYfirefighter The High Volume Pump + other engines where doing sufficient job so they decided that it would be quicker for them to carry on pumping it straight rather than doing a relay with the two tankers, it did help that it was quite flat around the area and it was in a relatively straight line

    Sounds odd you can't treat at scene over there. In the U.K. an ambulance will do everything they can to avoid a trip to hospital by treating at scene.

    Yea, often as you said in the UK they will have RRVs that have more advanced paramedics who can carry out more advanced treatment just to avoid going to hospital (They Do here anyway)

    2 Tankers cannont supply 10 - 12 pumpers, but on a barn fire you would not realistically have 10 - 12 pumpers on scene, most often your access to them is limited, and typically you are not saving a barn, you are just controlling the fire and protecting exposures. A typical barn fire is going to use 2, 3, MAYBE 4 engines, often times IF there is a fourth engine it is performing a relay pump operation to the other engines from the dump site.

    Tenders (Tankers) can and have been used in city jurisdictions. Is it frequent? No? However have you ever had a hydrant freeze up on you? Been on a dead end water main with issues up stream from you? Needed more water than what the hydrants in the area can supply? There is still a time and place for Tender operation in the city.

    I suppose all fires are different, there was a barn fire near me a few years ago and there was 16 pumps, one aerial platform, 2 tankers, 1 HVP and 1 command unit and various other vehicles what in the US would be chiefs, The reason there was so many vehicles is the barn was about 100,000sq ft and it was full of straw bales so it required a lot of water, the nearest large water source was a river that was about 3 miles away so the needed a few pumps and the HVP just to keep up the pressure and pump water from the souce, the water carriers at First where moving water from a large pond near by to the scene but this was depleted very quickly so they then just set up some ground monitors and began to assist with tackling the blaze.

    Gas Leak is considered Natural Gas here in the US, that's what I always thought it meant in the game. Recycling Center Fire would need more aerials, those places have a lot of cardboard and machinery, the one that burned in Boston they showed a picture of about 16 aerials fighting that thing. Barn Fire, yeah um Tankers are used where water sources are not at the scene, 2 Tankers can't supply 10-12 Pumpers, it's just not possible. If you are going to have Tankers in there it would be more like 6 Pumpers and 10 Tankers.

    I'm basing it off UK fire fighting, we would not be able to have 16 aerial appliances fighting a fire like that in the uk as we don't have the resources, i have seen only one platform truck fighting a fire at a recycling centre (over near Birmingham in the uk). Same goes for tankers, one of my counties that I cover in mission chief is Essex has the 3rd largest fire service in the UK and only two tankers. Alot of players in the UK base carriers of High Volume Pumps, these have a large pump and carry hose and can either provide a water supply to the scene from a source that is quite far away, pumping capabilities to drain water from flooded areas or provide a scene with more water.

    Below there is a picture of a High Volume Pump and the Birmingham recycling fire

    I was just thinking of making a thread for new calls. I would be interested to see some new calls like above implemented, as well as different alarm calls. Now that the calls have the ability to upgrade/downgrade, which is awesome, I think that there should be like residential alarm or commercial alarm. Here's my thought for both:

    Residential Alarm - Probability of upgrading should be around 50-65 - Can become Room Fire, Basement Fire, Chimney Fire, Roof Fire, Garage Fire, Fireplace Fire - Required vehicles for ALARM ONLY: 1 Firetruck, 1 Platform Truck, with the probability of a Battalion Chief at 50. Payout for alarm around 800-1100

    Commercial Alarm - Probability of upgrading should be around 70-85 - Can become Commercial Fire, Container Fire, Roof Fire, Gas Leak, Burning Machine, Industrial Fire, Building Collapse, High Rise Fire - Required for ALARM ONLY: 3 Firetrucks, 2 Platforms, 1 Rescue, 1 Battalion Chief - Payout for Alarm around 2500.

    I like it, the problem is here in the UK we dont normally dispatch a ladder to an alarm activation so maybe if it only requires 1 type 1 at first then escalates

    The only time my ambulances sit at the hospital is when they are at the stations that are at the hospitals, i think a better thing would be staging posts for ambulances which would be active between certain hours of your choosing, you could assign ambulance to these and between them hours that ambulance/ambulances would be stationed at that point then after it would return to its station

    Hi, I think we should be able to have as many answering points as we want, the answering point doesn't do anything which would make it unfair to have multiple so it wouldn't brake the game. The reason I ask this is that I cover 3 counties and I would like to put an answering point and each HQ for fire, ambulance and police and I can't currently do that.