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    Maybe you could have two different types, gravel parking area this is for battalion chiefs only(15K) and a concrete one which could have both utility trucks and battalion chief (25K). These prices would not increase like fire station expansions now you would be able to have two or three before a price increase.

    I know it's not directly linked but it is something to do with customisation for calls, it would be nice to see a randomly generated call description that we can edit if we choose, so basically calls would come with a randomly generated description that is unique to that call (these don't have to be in depth as a caller may not give too much information) and we can add to that description if we choose (If we need a mutual aid command unit we can put it in the description). These change after every call and reset what you have put.

    Another feature that I would like to see is a call log that has the custom description and what you have added to it, it would also be nice if this could be exported to an external site so that you can make something like this (this is my local fire services web site)

    I just want to know what benefits do I get for getting the special expansions such as neurology, do we get extra credits for sending patients to hospitals that have the correct departments?

    How many fire stations do you have and how many ambulance stations are you looking at?

    I am looking at Getting 50 ambulance stations in total

    I have 52 Fire stations and 30 Ambulance stations out of the 50 that i said about

    I have reached a point in this game where fire stations are costing me 1m credits each and i cant afford new ones, I know the price of stations has been discussed on many occasions so i am not going to bring it up in here. My problem is that i am expanding my ambulance station coverage as i cant afford fire stations. I want to get every ambulance station in my area but the problem is that there does not appear to be a credit increase cap on ambulance stations and that means that soon i am not going to get any fire calls as they are going to be all medical calls. My suggestion is that it does not just go off fire stations for the amount off calls you receive, it should go off all of your stations from Police, Fire and Ambulance.

    Are you sure they are heavy rescues and not just vehicles that carry cutting equipment that are also a ladder because that would be the quint that is already in game, some departments don't have heavy rescues but quite a few have a utility truck which in mission chief serves as a heavy rescue so I don't think that it is/would be necessary. Also if you keep combining vehicles then there would be very few vehicles in the game because everyone would just buy the combination vehicles.

    Also can I ask how long it would take to get a mutual aid Heavy Rescue from you alliance to you.

    I also understand that this games playerbase is mainly American but it's the only English version of mission chief so I think that it should not go fully American since that would alienate people from other countries such as the U.K. and Australia.

    Just a bump on this thread - now that High Rise fire calls have been activated, what're the chances of this?

    Would they be really necessary? They do basically the same job as a ladder/platform job and you can just rename a ladder truck to a tiller, I can't help but think there are more important units to add for both police and ambulance rather than a vehicle that does exactly the same as a current unit

    I have noticed lately quite a few of my missions are not appearing on my mission list, I will be going through my list by clicking alarm and next and I end up getting missions that are not visible on the list, I also think I have cleared up all my calls and then a few calls appear after all the others have been dealt with.

    Would it be a separate building from fire stations as fire stations cost me over 1mil or would you be lowering the price of stations?

    On the list. One I've been keen to push for as well when we next look at fire as opens up new units, POI's, missions etc.

    Beyond crashes you have less serious (but deployed to just in case) incidents, such as single engine failure, heavy landing (thus brakes could overheat) etc.

    Although i am from the UK i agree that this is something that should be changed as its a mainly US player base, however i think we should still be able to put 2 crew members in them for us UK players

    I know its from the UK but i would like to see some HART vehicles. Mass Casualty, Command Unit, Ambulance USAR, Ambulance Hazmat etc

    Likely a translation error. Can you tell us what screen you saw it on?

    Its on the Awards page

    The German translation of this says "You have reached gold" (as in the gold medal you have) as opposed to winning anything. I've confirmed with Sebastian it's just to highlight you've got the gold medal. There's no other benefit from reaching gold unfortunately. I'll submit a translation for the next update to avoid any confusion as it isn't entirely clear.

    Oh ok, i included a screen shot as i forgot to do it first time

    I completed and award and was told i earned some gold but my Credits and coins have been the same for a while now, what is Gold?

    That sounds good, maybe you could add 3 different types of police unit, Public order van (can deal with mass brawls by them selves and can go to regular calls, also can carry up to 8 officers), K9 unit, 3 days training in a police school, Swat, 5 days training in police school