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    NO!! What I actually said was "I no longer have any available Hospitals for some Missions until I have done the Expansions"

    It now says Unconscious Child Now needs a Hospital with Children Extension! where It didnt matter before! so I have no facilities in this until Extesions are finished (at least 7 Days or more if other extensions on waiting list)

    and Traumaitic Limb Amputations now need Critical Care Extenson.

    Child Birth Now needs Delivery Suite!

    I have 12 hospitals that now require Extra Exensions and I cant afford to do them all right now as lack of funds and will take a few days to Complete!

    Can we just get rid of the building number requirement for Large and Major Hospitals. Im gunna have to build dozens of more hospitals just so that I can get all my hospitals that should be "major" to that level.

    I agree! at the moment I have 15 Hospitals 12 of which should be Major!! Its going to take ages to get back to the Level of Hospital care I was at and tons of money to spend to get there! I no longer have any available Hospitals for some Missions until I have done the Expansions

    Yes but it went straight PAST the mission it was supposed to stop at!! and it was the ONLY vehicle to do this out of the 16 I sent to the SAME mission! I would of understood if ALL the units had done the same!

    I had yet another vehicle (This time a Police Traffic Car drive past its mission and drive through the Channel Tunnel!! This is NOT a ROAD tunnel, its a TRAIN tunnel! Why does this keep happening??? It takes over an hour to get my unit back!

    The Lifeguard Training is for the Technical Rescue Extension (Boat Trailer towed with the Light 4x4)

    Yes i get that, but what I'm saying is that I have not trained any firefighters as lifeguards yet as I don't have the need for them because i do not have the extensions built or have any Boat Trailers or Light 4x4's! So It must of been from another training that I have done but its now changed to Lifeguard and I now have Firefighters also trained as lifeboat operators! but you cannot train them in this either so something is amiss!

    I have recently had 2 x CRV missions Spawn in the Ocean!

    Investigate Flare from Coastline & Abandoned Flares

    These are Road vehicle missions so should be placed on the coastline! All the Lifeboat Missions do this so why not the Coastguards??

    Also Why do the Lifeboats travel along roads and through town centres?? Surely they can follow the Coastline?? Although I did have 1 Spawn inland too! this was for a Cruiseship Evacuation!

    Lifeboat missions should spawn in the Ocean and Coastguard missions should spawn on the Coastline! NOT the other way around!

    Where has the Fire - Level 1 Incident Commander Training gone?? Can we get it back??

    Also I have a few fire fighters now trained as Lifeboat Operators and Lifeguards!!

    This is from the first two Stations I ever made when I started playing MC which was before the option for lifeguards, lifeboats & Coastguards existed!!

    I did not train them in this! It must be from another training that has been compromised/Changed??

    They are also nowhere near the coast so I dont need them to Be Lifeboat operators!

    I get that the fire Academy now trains lifeguards for boat missions but I havn't started that yet I dont have any boat trailers!How can this happen if the Lifeboat college only Train Coastguard and RNLI Stations???? there must be a bug somewhere!!

    We could do with other services too, such as:-

    Breakdown Assistance

    Recovery tow Trucks (for cars & vans)

    Heavy Recovery Trucks (for Lorries)

    Highways Ageny

    VOSA (Vehicle Operation Standards Agency)

    Traffic Management

    Traffic Wardens (Parking Enforcement)

    Hopefully we will start geting some of these soon like the US and AU versions??

    Whitchit what do they mean by ‘intensive care units’ we already have critical care?

    I have seen these being used by SECAMB (South East Coast Ambulance Service), Mainly for transfering very Sick Patients between Hospitals, but also when amputations or Medical Induced Comas are needed From Road Accidents etc etc... The Air Ambulance is also classed as An Intensive Care Unit!

    They are practically mobile Hospitals and carry Doctors/Surgeons/Consultants etc... depending on requirements!

    On a side note, the capitalisation of words comes across as shouting and makes your posts hard to read. Italics would look better and you wouldn’t come across as angry - which probably puts people off supporting you. Either way, good suggestion in essence :)

    I appologise for the Caps! I was just trying to make certain words stand out :) I dont know how to do Italics, if you wouldn't mind? Could you tell me how to do that?? Thank you for your help.