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    This is NOT a bug. Currently the ALS training is ONLY for the Fire Engine/Ambulance combo. Though this is not the full intention of this training. However, it is not known if it will be possible to make the ALS training function the way we have intended it to, and whether or not the developers will adopt the idea of having ALS treatment personnel onboard standard fire apparatus.

    I also reported this on my side, adding the fact that is totally confusing to propose ALS training for FF if they are not able to do anything even on a Level A patient. Also that's totally not logical and not realistic as they want to be.

    i actually agree with wjordan on this - not so much the cost but the time waiting for the expansion- if the expansions were immediately ready then there should not be an added bay, but having to wait the 7 days - there should be a added bay also, granted it wont happen - because then the devs have to go back and add bays to every previously expanded station

    Well, Actually, add bays don't need time. So I'm not sure to get your point here. 🤔

    Just need a "total hazmat personnel" addition to the ARR to fix this new's too much checking and "specific staffing" on non hazmat units...just add the ability to choose how many hazmat personnel need alerted and make it a bit easier 🤠

    Well, in fact, it's easier for everone (devs with no hard code to develop / players with flexibility) to don't have a "personnel amount" tab. Because player have to chose what combination of units he wants to send to fill ... for exemple 6 hazmat personnel. Hazmat personnel amount is exactly the same gameplay than SWAT personnel amount on SWAT missions.

    yes but before the ems call it only asked for the units now there is alos the following

    Educated personnel: 2x HazMat

    wich makes me wonder

    Just because some calls will need more Hazmat staff. It's a good indicator for those who use Hazmat truck and Hazmat Ambulance at the same time. They now know if for 4 HM personnel required that they can send 1 HM truck with 4 personnel or 2 HM Ambulance with 2 personnel each.
    It's the same thing with all SWAT missions. They don't just require SWAT vehicle but an X amount of SWAT personnel that you can fill with a combination of armored trucks and SUV's or just SUV's

    interesting, I have a K9 unit treating a patient

    All units are able to take care of patients. They don't treat them (by treating, I mean reduce the patient's bar under the 90%).
    If I'm correct, all firsts units on scene are taking care of patients. Then, medical units treats them.

    Here is an article about transport capable engines https://www.fireapparatusmagaz…-transport-vehicles/#gref

    The Volusia County one seems more ambulance than engine.

    I think VCFR have more like Pumper/ambulance. Just the basic for handling fires and the Med bay at the end.

    Fire Engine Ambulance is also in the Volusia County Fire Rescue since a while .

    I'm also very confused with the ALS training for FF's and I have the same question (if ALS trained FF car handle a medical call like a flycar if they are in a regular Truck (and whatever the truck used, from the Type1, Type3, Plateforme Truck, ect...)).
    I already suggested to write a FAQ article with new vehicles specifications, differences with actual ALS/BLS Ambulances, and all relative question we can have like here.

    1) The hospitals I delivered to were varied. "typically" the ER is attached to the ambulance bay or what they called an ambulance bay. However I know of a hospital actually two .. well the one may have closed where the ER was down the hall and crossed a or the main hallway of a hospital. If you came out of ambulance bay and came to the cross roads if you went left or right then its the hospital. Go Straight and take one of the first two doors on the left was the ER rooms. Come to think of it that hospital I was thinking about closed was the ER doors were also the main doors. That ER was in the doors to the left then take a right on the main hallway go to the next wallway turn right and the ER was down the short hallway. lol

    2) Amen

    3) Yeah, if they would only make them public. Rather than asking for them and going through an inquisition.

    (1) Well, I'm not sure, this configuration is the most common. On my researches, I more often saw a separate ER entrance away from the main public entrance instead of what you described.

    (3) I found some public documentation about county EMS organization such as the list and specification of all ambulance companies and all hospitals, so... Probably something available somewhere. 🤔

    Oh, the new units are not in the ARR once again. I see.
    This needs to be reported too and asked if they think about add this or not.
    At least you can do a custom vehicle category. The custom category will appear at the bottom if the category list in the AAR. ;)

    1). When I have delivered pt for Child Birth or even Cardiac events they would not go to the ER instead go to Birthing centers or surgery center depending on severity. Cardiac was 50/50 depending on Cath Lab being currently staffed or called in. If staff was onsite would transfer directly to the Cath Lab otherwise ER. With that said I viewed the hospital in game as a hospital where beds could be mental/Child Birth/Cardiac etc not specifically ER.

    2). I would love to see that as an option is an extension for Trauma Center and yes additional bed just for that.

    3). Yes, they would clear larger capacity rooms and/or bring in mass cass vehicles for bed space.

    1) But, on a sever cardiac issue, the patient won't enter the hospital via the main entrance but via the ER, right ? Or is there an ambulance door for emergencies but not ER Dept related ? I see the hospital building in game as the ER entrance, treating patients before sending them to the appropriate service (neuro, cardio, gyneco, etc...) Maybe also because it's how it works here.

    2) As I would like to see a Helipad extension to allow (or not) HEMS to land at a hospital instead of "all hospitals". ;)

    3) This is interesting. Now I'm curious to see official documentations to entirely learn how it works... ^^

    I would disagree with that. If I have only a one-truck garage for a wildland unit (Which Cal-Fire has) I don't want another empty slot. I mean it's just preference. Another reason why I would disagree is that it would not fit into the game well and it would not financially make sense. Why don't I just upgrade all the expansions and get a free slot to go with it for every regular size fire station I have?

    I can sympathize for why you would want more for the credits you are spending and I agree. giving you a free slot for me is not the solution. I would suggest being able to upgrade a maximum of one expansion for a small fire station, lowering the time it takes to expand the station because it's ridiculous. to upgrade the station to a regular sized one only takes 24 hours. And decreasing the cost of expanding a station.

    I totally agree with this. It's applicable for all kind of expension.
    Some stations only have 1 T1 and 1 Ambulance, some only have 1 or 2 Type 3's (as WinWin said), etc.
    So adding parking capacity with a speciality extension is truly not a good idea.

    the calls that called for a patrol and a k9, for testing purposes I would send a regular patrol and a Sheriff/K9 trained in a sheriff unit and the mission would not complete unless a K9 vehcile with trained person arrived. I tried many angles on that lol.

    This is normal. You need a K9 trained personnel and the dog in the K9 car. You can't just put the dog in the rear seat or in the trunk... 😅