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    Ive noticed that the last couple of misisons were just ports form the US game with inaccurate responses, and very low pay. Its very poor on the devs. I wish they would change stuff for us but they dont so im going to list a few missions which i think need requirements changed. "child stuck in a tree" ALP should be removed or chance should be very low. perhaps 10 or 20% as many fire and rescue services have not too many and its unrealistic to have one go to a small job when a ladder on the back of a pump would do the job (pay increased to 1000) "child swallowed cleaning supply" Cataagory should be upped to a c2 or c1 it wouldnt be a c3

    Whats the devs obbesion with kids at the moment? We dont need this many calls especially when an adult could do the same

    In my opinion since this game catars to ALL of the united kingdom. Fire Engines Should be removed. I agree Whitchit Police should be required perhaps not a sergeant as those requirements are only used on the public order missions but this mission needs a total review as how on earth is this call a catagory 3 it would be a catagory 1 no doubt, critical care should also have a chance on this mission too


    Highways would be awesome! I can see them on traffic accidents (able to replace traffic cars), things blocking motorway Flooded Basement - Flood Rescue Unit and Water Carrier Removed, pay has increased by 200 Name changed to Domestic Flooding (small) form flooding in a small house following bad weather, flood rescue and water carrier removed, water to pump reduced to 10,000, one pump added Name changed to Domestic Flooding (Large) form flooding in a big house following bad weather, Flood Rescue & Water Carrier Have Been removed, 2 pumps has been added pay increased by 150

    Flooding in neighborhood flollowing bad weather - removed form game completely

    The other two were also removed form game completely - I think those 3 missions were completely broken so im glad the devs addresed it!

    Hi all, after todays improvements I have noticed that the option to access graphics packs (to select a graphics pack or upload your own) now appears to be missing from the profile menu. You can still select graphics for individual vehicles in their settings but not otherwise

    i cant find it now either

    I noticed these errors as well. Feels like this was made without any input at all from the content creator team and without research by the devs.

    I'm confused too as surely a pump wouldn't be towing the trailer it would make more sense for L4P and the 4x4

    They fixed the rescue Pump And CARP not having pumping capacties Both have 1500 and the WL CAFS and RP CAFs Also have 1500 - Flooded Basement - Flood Rescue Unit and Water Carrier requirement should be removed in realality only a pump will be sent. Flooding in a small house following bad weather- Water Carrier should be removed and the flood rescue should be a 50% chance~ Flooding in a big house following bad weather - Water Carrier should be removed - flood rescue should be a 75% chance Flooding in a neighborhood following bad weather - Water Carrier should be reduced to one. 2 ICCU should be change to 2 fire officers. 2 Flood Rescue Units should be reduced to 1, 1 Police Car should be added Water Carriers should be reduced to 1-2, Rescue Support units should be 1, Flood Rescue Unit should be reduced to 2, ICCU should be changed to 3 fire officers 2 Police cars should be added. 4 Water Carriers should be reduced to 2. 6 Rescue SUpport units - SHould be reduced to two, 5 ICCUs should be reduced to 1, 4 Fire Officers should be added 5 Flood Rescue Units should be reduced to 2

    ALL of the callouts need a 50% pay increase

    Could be an issue on my end, but I notice a lot of calls say they have some % probability for HEMS, I would assume this means that HEMS will be requested with a certain percent chance for a specific run? So for example if an arborist accident has a 5% probability for HEMS, would that not mean that theres a 5% chance for HEMS to be requested?

    I could be wrong about this entire thing but the way its worded makes it sound like theres a 5 percent chance for HEMS to be requested or required to transport a patient from a call. If that isn't a feature it would also be nice to see that as a feature to give HEMS an actual use because at this moment, I have had a helicopter station for months and haven't sent it on a single call, it is set up to my dispatch center and everything should work.

    Hey on the US server the HEMS requirement dosent exist, your air ambulance works as an ambulance. The code is obsolete and dosent do anything. On other verisions it works like you said (UK, German etc)

    Sorry for the late responsw but perhaps changing the generic one we had for a long time to perhaps "epileptic seizure" or somthing because having 3 specific ones and 1 generic one feels kind of oof

    why do we need 4 seizure calls

    The "basegame" seizure

    The prolonged seizure

    The mutiple seizure (missing Ambulances station requirment mind you)

    The absent seizure

    I think this is actually a problem just not as described, missions that are generated by other missions, e.g. "phonebox on fire (caused by bin fire)" and missions such as smoke inhalation do not spawn close to the mission but instead on top of the station that generated it? issue has reocurred for me a lot, as seen with the mission attached this mission was caused by the other mission at the bottom left yet spawned directly on the station that originally spawned it as described.. this has been happening with all my 'caused by' missions for the past week or two and I think this is more what Goochy was getting at with the smoke inhalation issue.

    in some cases for me its spawned even further away causing delays on units

    Generally Medical Only calls shouldn't have a payout (as the payout is for the treatment and transport only).

    However, I will look into it.

    I think the reason is when the mission was orginally encoded it had a fire pumper requirement & station requirement. Devs removed fire truck requirement (before launch) and still has a fire station requirment today. As seen here: Mission Monday Vehicle and Mission Changes - Errors, Bugs - Mission Chief Board