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    I’m new to the game and wanted to pick my town to start in. But I was thinking, looking on the map, I don’t have many “mutual aid” calls in the area (live in a small town). Should I pick a bigger city to have more calls?

    I would pick a bigger city to start out with. This will give you more stations to build and the more fire stations you build the more missions you can have,

    On this when you have 25 stations a mix of police and fire you will be able to build a 2nd dispatch centre at which time you could go back to your home town and build in that area

    To stop bigger missions you use the dispatch centre to attach only the stations for that area, click on a dispatch centre then scroll down and click the edit button. You want to tick the box for create own coverage area then click save

    This means if that dispatch centre only has 2 fire stations attached you will only get the missions spawn that 2 fire stations unlocks

    So basically each unit has a minimum staff requirement you can see this in the vehicle but screen, if the unit has no min listed then it is 1 staff the vehicle buy screen also has the training required for your staff before they can use that truck.

    Based on the screenshot your having problems with your ambulances go the the station click on a units name then assign staff select the minimum staff only most ambulances are 1 staff repeat for all your units then you should be good

    If you need training and don’t have an academy you would be best to join an alliance and ask for training courses and share missions that you are needing units for. Now each alliance has their own rules

    I’m talking specifically about calls that need wildfire engines. I never got those until I had the basic forestry expansion. Those are the calls I only expected to happen in range of stations with the extension added

    This sounds like a long shot. But when my alliance members have this issue the first thing we tell them to check is the dispatch centre. What you want to do is open the dispatch centre then scroll to the bottom and click the edit button

    Now below the little check box for create own coverage area, you can see it in the screen shot

    If you don’t tick that then missions see all stations and all expansions and will spawn every available mission regardless as to how many stations are at each dispatch centre that create own coverage area stops that from happening


    It wasn’t my intention but as there’s no training involved I’ll just add the basic expansion to a few more stations so I can have some wildfire engines dotted around

    When you add an expansion to any stations if the mission requirement doesn’t specifically say what station / POI it will spawn at it means any stations of that type attached to the same dispatch centre could have the mission spawn within its radius

    The station specialisation only means if that station is pick for the current generation of a mission it will only spawn a mission of that specific type however that mission still can be dropped on the map at any station attached to that dispatch centre

    So then is the AU server to fall behind and to become a carbon copy of what looks good on other servers.

    Repeatedly I am seemingly seeing a flat out denial of player made suggestions that have the evidence to back up that it is more nation wide then believed to be by some people.

    Well it’s an expanded mission in the fact that you get 10 extra credits for the little wildfire (1010) opposed to the little field fire (1000)

    But I agree it technically is a downgraded mission as in real life as the second engine can and would be stood down. The little wildfire is a single engine required while the little field fire is 2 engines required

    I have always been able to tell the Coast Guard Helicopter to transport to a hospital as long as the hospital accepted the patient type (assuming Trauma for the Coastal Missions). Never been able to transport to one of the stations. Is there a way to do that so you can transport by land if you want?

    With the coastal missions patients that are not treated and transported by coastal helicopter will be taken by a boat back to their dock / rescue station at this time you get a follow up mission (patient transport) you send ambulances to that mission and they treat and then you transport to hospital

    Alternatively if the mission has 5 patients and only requires 1 coastal helicopter you could send 5 directly to the mission to treat and transport the patients

    Prisoners will always be brought back on a boat to their dock / rescue station they then are dealt with in a transfer mission by sending police cars that can transport prisoners to a cell

    It costs coins as the automatic recruitment of staff of 1 per day until your desired number is reached

    Also you can click on the 1, 2 or 3 day buttons from the dispatch centre rather than opening each station to set the staff hire

    Both of the above features are only available with a premium account

    A premium account has 4 options 1 month 3 or 6 months and 1 year

    When the fire boat and rescue boat docks were introduced you could transfer from 1 fire boat dock to another fire boat dock you were never able to transfer from a fire station to a boat dock

    However I think it was about 1 year ago that the game no longer allowed you to transfer any staff to a boat dock

    The staff transfer was something I was using to train staff at an existing dock for the large boats so when I built a new dock I could transfer staff to instantly have it operational

    Each version/server has its own POI’s so you would have to build/Place POI’s on the US server your DE server POI’s can’t be seen/used by other servers

    i have a question, i play missionchief and there are a few missions for which you have to set a poi but i didn't set any, could that be a bug because i already have some in the german version?.

    mjs03, if you put the gal amount at a level of for the PT level, would it bypass the smaller vehicles?

    I want to find a solution that works for all, and if we can accommodate it with current measures then we can solve it for all :)

    I understand that we need a solution that works for all within the actual abilities/possibilities of the game, you guys on the moderation team do a great job.

    I will as said try the gal of water as a work around


    You may already know the following but just incase as it may help the moderation team help you easier.

    In that 12 hours how long where you online to have your 40 missions spawn

    it may be as simple as (If your not online the missions don’t spawn)

    I do like the idea & I will give it a go

    The only problem I see before I even change my ARR’s to use gal of water is that it will dispatch my wildfire aircraft

    But if the foam tender doesn’t have a water quantity it defeats it having a dual purpose

    As it means I still have to send water to the mission with other units

    Any update on the foam tenders getting fixed

    They used to work dual purpose as a water tanker and are still selected as a water tanker in the ARR’s

    However for some time now the foam tender hasn’t had any water quantity in the buy vehicle tab. If you send it to a mission it also doesn’t fill the requirement of a water tanker

    Hello Mrwar1

    I am not having any issues with the mission generation / spawning as I have the units I need for the missions and yes I have all of my dispatch centres edited to only use attached stations for mission generation

    My comment was simply helping the other by letting them know that the game has missions with 1 fire investigation expansion / building that will require up to 2 fire investigation units

    With 1 fire investigation expansion or building will allow missions that require 1-2 fire investigation units

    Both fire investigation and fire prevention do the same job and meet the fire investigation requirement

    The fire investigation unit can be used as a police patrol car and has the ability to transport prisoners