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    Do all BLS calls require transport to Hospital? because unless a nose bleed in a haemophiliac, its really just a clot and prob doesn't require transport? Same for Dehydration and Twisted ankle.



    Nose bleed

    Probability that a patient has to be transported30


    Probability that a patient has to be transported50

    Twisted ankle

    Probability that a patient has to be transported90

    The 30, 50 & 90 are all a % chance for transport to hospital

    As for my own EMS units I don’t use any BLS ambulances I run all ALS

    Well actually the game rolled backwards from when the fire marshals where introduced. There where missions for the fire prevention unit now they are combined

    Now you don’t have to train staff when a mission requires fire investigation unit you can use the fire prevention unit they do the same now just the fire investigation unit is a dual purpose unit and counts as a patrol car with the ability to transport prisoners

    I have about 12 Bomb squad assets, for the last 6 months, never had a call, I have 8 or so Federal Police stations 30 odd Police stations. I am unsure why? Any one else having this issue?


    I have a number of federal police stations and I have no issues with missions spawning

    Firstly I would recommend you check that you have all federal police buildings set to in service.

    Secondly I would suggest you take a look at the possible missions to make sure you have all the requirements to have the missions spawn. You can do that on the app under the miscellaneous section

    If on web browser use the link

    i figured it out, on the small boats i need to attach LG supervisors, ty all.

    So you have had to send a small boat with lifeguard supervisor trained staff to the mission as the lifeguard supervisor unit won’t dispatch to the mission?

    Sorry for all the questions just I have built a number of stations and currently just recruiting and training staff I haven’t switched any stations to in service

    yes, i have 2 hangers, 10 bases , over 30 ambo sations and over 10 personal trained as lg supervisors.

    Question is the problem your having that your unable to dispatch the lifeguard supervisor unit too the mission?

    What is your current dispatch range for units?

    What range did you set on your coastal rescue station when you set up the mission spawn area?

    As DragonBlade said:

    The small stations cost virtually 50% of the cost of a large station so at the moment for my next Fire station the cost is: large 2,025,142 small 1,000,000 with the small to large expansion costing the other 50% and 24 hours to complete

    If the cost of stations doesn’t increase for fire and police stations then we would all reach the current building limits and have not much left to do

    i know in my area most stations have a quint or an engine and an ambo thats it.. only a few have 3 or more trucks and we have 74 stations. lucky to have quite a few clinics that have their own transports but id love to be able to build a huge ambo complex like Rural Metro or Century where they have like 20 to 30 ambos in one location

    Build a large ems station if you fully upgrade it will hold 40 units

    The foam tender no longer has a Gal water amount listed.

    I have tested this just now and when it arrives on mission it doesn’t add any water to the mission requirements

    The error is that the foam tender is still selected by Alarm response regulations as water tanker. Can we please either have the water added back to the foam tender or have it removed as a water tanker

    Can we please look into adding foam to the large fire boats

    I am surprised to see that we now have 50Gal on a hazmat truck when a standard Fire truck type 1, type 2, quint & rescue engine all only have 25Gal but nothing has been added to the large fire boats

    I think definitely as an Expansion which adds 3-4 parking spaces locked for traffic unit / blocking unit

    (Like how the patrol boats and ems mass casualty trailers)

    1-2 staff per unit that need traffic control training

    Here is a recent MCI, with before arrival of support, and after. None of the names match. The MCU support keeps dragging the same patients call to call. I've deleted them and rebought them, doesn't fix anything. Seems like I'm the only one with the bug though cause no one I've talked to has experienced this.

    I do see what you are saying and definitely your mass casualty trailers are bugged.

    Mine release every patient to an ambulance on each mission. I do normally send a ems MCV to the missions along with the large mass casualty trailers.

    I have two plane stations with all required equipment and 2 lifeguard stations with all required vehicles and between all 4 of them have 73 people trained to all the levels available and I still spawn no missions

    With you only having 2 coastal rescue stations you only have 2 possible missions to spawn: drowning suffer and shark attack both those missions require POI (Beach)

    They are for triage.

    So they treat and release of patients that don’t need a hospital.

    The patients that need a hospital you still have to send a ambulance to transport

    The only mass transit of patients is done by the mass casualty unit, it treats and transports up to 6 patients

    Is it possible to look at making it an option to have a complex building for the docks and coastal rescue station

    Most of the IRL locations that you would build these would be at a USCG station

    One size and to complete you need to include the Rescue boat dock, Fire boat dock and the coastal rescue station.

    (so it’s not like the land stations where you can do small or large)

    And if you add the option for a vehicle like the existing building complex gets 1 helicopter space can we consider maybe a tug boat

    Can we have swift water rescue added to the coastal rescue academies?

    Looking at the available units at the coastal rescue station

    The small coastal boat can be used as a small rescue boat so that would correspond with the light boat.

    To be able to use this unit for it’s dual Purposes the staff would need to have swift water rescue training