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    Barake  Alasizon The staff only count as one type of education either USAR or technical rescue, the game chooses what’s required on scene this is by design and how the game always worked - l believe these two should probably be made the same training but hey ho.

    This was not how it rolled out originally. As long as they were trained and equipment was on board, they counted for both.

    There is validity in having them separate but the way they are currently randomly assigned to missions doesn't match reality.

    So the ask is to change the EMS Engine/Ambulance to NOT transport?

    I think the most appropriate implementation of this right now would be to add an "ALS Equipment" to the equipment market that can be added to Engines, Trucks, Quints, etc. that requires the ALS Training (min 2 personnel) to function and in turn would add fly car capability to that equipped vehicle.

    Changes to the EMS Engine/Ambulance seems like it is more targeted as a workaround than as an actual request.

    With the exception of Southern California - most departments have separate USAR and Heavy Rescue units (if they have a dedicated USAR unit at all). In most cases, I think it is better categorized as most departments having TRT capable vehicles which is what Heavy Rescue has more association with that actual USAR. For me, it is appropriate that the TRT equipment is separate of the vehicle itself since the way rescues are called for in missions 75% of them are more light rescue/truck company calls and so the TRT becomes a realistic addition to the truck as "specialized equipment".

    Or at least that is my take.

    Don't do fall weather, unless you have thousands of units, its insane.
    The majority of calls are major flooding, tunnel flooding, dam breaks, and many tough calls that require insane amounts of units.

    I'm actually thankful for that. The existing alliance events had so few medium/large missions that it wasn't worth participating in. Now, it might be more often that there is actual collaborative alliance work towards the event.

    Thanksgiving Missions are finally live

    • Oven Turkey Fire
    • Skin Burns from Hot Gravy
    • Cornbread Oven Fire
    • Runaway Turkey
    • Stolen Pumpkin Pie
    • Person Slipped on mashed potatoes
    • Choked on Stuffing
    • Broken Jaw from Hard Biscuit
    • Thanksgiving Food Fight
    • Thanksgiving Food Fight Turns into Brawl

    I know they acquired a truck when they took over Vernon I'm not sure if it's still in play, at one point they had it as truck-13. but long story short Chief Osby really loves quints over traditional trucks. Chiefs Freeman and Osby liked the tillers best because of the tight turns they can make.

    Truck 13 is/was up at Station 82 as Truck 82.

    The missions spawning are "NOT" Halloween Missions, they are clearly "Fall Missions" but they have been continuing to spawn since they started back in September. Nothing that is spawning is Halloween related. Over 600 missions so far today

    The Fall missions (deer crossing, fallen leaves, etc.) are still valid as their spawn period in isn't expired yet. But in looking at the mission list they have duplicated the Halloween missions where there used to be Thanksgiving missions. The Halloween missions aren't spawning because the spawn time isn't valid but that indicates where the issue is.

    Looking at the current mission list, there are no Thanksgiving missons to spawn. It appears that the devs accidentally duplicated the Halloween missions instead of turning on Thanksgiving ones.

    Hotshots only count if they are in a wildland vehicle.

    Unfortunately crew carriers are not considered wildland so while it is 100% realistic to send them that way, the game does not recognize them as hotshots unless they are in a vehicle that can be purchased under the wildland tab.

    To be a bit clearer;

    The change I suggested was not driving the whole way or large distances on the wrong side of the road, because I agree, it is asking for an accident. I was suggesting that for short distances (like the screen shot in my original post where the incident was 20m from the intersection), that the responding emergency vehicles get directed up the opposite side of a street. And I also suggested a 50% reduction in speed if this takes place for realism and safety.

    I'm not sure if the navigation system used in game could necessarily calculate this as it finds the shortest route from point A to point B currently following normal traffic laws.

    To be able to add in additional routes where breaking the normal traffic laws is permissible for X # of meters would likely require it to recalculate way too many nodes from OSM - effectively slowing down dispatch time.

    While I'd love to see it as feasible - I can't see how it would be calculable by the system without a major hit to performance.