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    Aware of that... closest POI are gas station, gas station warehouse, Train Station and Airport Terminal and they are 5 or more miles further inland.. I just posted it because I find it funny to see a boat travelling across the land. Have even had same thing happen where the POI is a Forest. We were told earlier that the game does not know land from water (understandable) so nothing can be done. It is definitely an issue as It seems funny...but not a complaint

    If you dont have your settings set to use only your own POIs then it'll also spawn based on whatever random POIs someone else put down.

    Thanks for that EMS Chief....but the point here was the the mission was a boat rescue mission generated by the coastal rescue station that is probably 10 miles inland and there is NO water

    The mission is generated based on the POI so if you or someone else placed one of those POIs there then the mission generation system will pick that up.

    Follow up to the initial question.

    "IF" you have it set to automatic, I understand that it hires 1 per day until the desired level is met. But, when it hires, does it charge coins or credits? Or is it at no cost since you are doing it automated?

    There is no cost to hire regular personnel, same as every other station.

    There is only one perosn in my alliance but he don't have POI's too and when i make a new game with another email and build only one station and then do nothing there comes another call but i think that the game want to give me a better start with this to make easier money at the beginnig. Or what do you think?.

    It doesn't include just people from your alliance. POIs are shared across all players in the game.

    Also as a note - if your EMS chief arrives on scene after the ambulances are ready for transport - it won't clear those, those still have to be manually transported.

    I am sure EMS Chief will correct me if I am wrong, but I was told by a moderator and an administrator. The more stations you build the more they begin to cost.

    The point is that the specialization should be just like the expansion - a flat cost, not increasing with each one built like regular stations.

    The spawn of the missions is random and there will be periods of times where missions come and go for lack of a better term. This is how you'll have six or seven high rise fires back to back and then none for a long period of time.

    The missions themselves haven't been removed from the game, you just haven't reached the spot in the mission spawn table again where you'll see those missions.

    can confirm that the developers confirmed this when asked.

    I guess I dont understand the reasoning provided for AU as the airport missions still require the spawning station to have the airport extension.

    Very frustrating to get wildfires downtown.

    Appears the same changes from the AU version made it to the US version as well...

    The wildfire missions no longer require the spawning station to have a forestry extension which is extremely irritating.

    The releasing units thing is all over the board. I had a call that required 24 swat. I sent 24 swat only to find out that 12 of them had been released so the mission would not complete until I sent them back. I sent law enforcement to an off road accident and they were released and then later instead of patients like the description says, it required prisoner transport and I had to send cops back...

    Auto stand down only works on EMS units so any issues with PD units would be unrelated.

    IT is very common in real life that hospitals get overloaded or full. Therefore the auto transport would just send the ambulance to the next closest hospital that could handle that patient.

    That is also why ambulances shouldnt just auto-transport 100% on it's own and why the option to choose the destination pops up. If you are at a scene with 8 total transports and there is the opportunity to split it between two or more hospitals, most of the time it would be.

    Planes into wildland areas are another one that make no sense. Firstly, they are being generated in areas where I have no wildland large metropolitan areas. Why would I have forest fire infrastructure in a major city? I am regularly getting these missions inside of dispatch centers that have no stations with that expansion, and I just have to ignore them until they time out which is annoying. Secondly, their frequency is also too high.

    Looks like the mission is missing the requirement to be spawned at a station with a forestry expansion. The requirement for forestry expansions is there but not that it spawns from a station that has a forestry expansion.

    EMS-Chief - could you submit a request to the devs to have this mission updated?

    I shared a large scale mission and some of the members sent ambulances and were afk for a day and my EMS wasn't able to force their transports and it ended up to where they never logged in in time to transport and everyone lost out on the payout because of not being completed. I take it your own EMS is not able to force other members to transport?

    If it is a mission you shared and someone has been offline for more than 30 minutes, you can cancel their transports.

    You have to click on each unit's name individually and then select the cancel transport option.

    Going back to talking about auto-transport; I'm not a fan of this other than how it is currently implemented (through EMS chiefs) as it makes sense to prevent overloading of hospitals (particularly when it comes to those who only put realistic expansions at each hospital).