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    Name/Type of Mission: Car Stuck on Tracks

    Units Required: 1 Fire Engine
    1 Heavy Rescue (50%)
    1 Battalion Chief (50%)

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): Rail Crossing

    Patients: 0-4

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 1500

    I've seen a lot of good suggestions like this one. The developer usually denies it, because in some way, it could possibly be used to some people's advantage. I've mentioned this before, but I think it would be nice, to in the future have like a 'sandbox' mode. In that mode the player would be put in a 'solo' session. In that mode, the player could have almost complete control over the game. (With that, it might be easier to convert into a downloadable game to ease the load on the game servers)

    Essentially, that is pretty much what already happens, if you think about it. When you dispatch a vehicle, as long as there a free people within the station, they are put in the vehicle and away they go. The next time they are dispatched, they might be put into a different vehicle.

    Whilst I can see the purpose of custom missions and don’t necessarily think it’s a bad idea, Sebastian has said multiple times that it wouldn’t be added as it could cause people to manipulate the game. My advice is if there is a mission you want to see added you add it to the new mission suggestions topic

    I understand and agree completely. That's why I said custom missions would have to be approved by admins/moderators to prevent abuse :)

    Before you continue reading, I just want to say I know this would be very complex to implement, and my idea of it probably has many details that have not been thought out.

    Lately I've been noticing a lot of people suggesting a lot of good ideas for missions. I saw an idea on the Facebook page, and thought it was a good idea. It would be interesting to have so once you've earned a X amount of credits, one could create their own missions.

    Further more, it would be interesting to have something like 'mission packs', like graphics packs except for, for missions. You would be able to use multiple of these, and naturally they would have to submitted, then approved by moderators. Or for an alternative, maybe have a overall database players could contribute to, then the individual player could choose which missions he/she would like to use.

    As far as I am aware it doesn’t, at least it didn’t the last time we asked him, I’m not sure if it’s zoning that’s the issue or making zones generate calls. Have you gat a link to the map module?

    My apologies, I went back to several places that had that option before, none of them have that feature any more.

    TACRfan, just out of curiosity...Why doesn't it allow such? I'm just asking because I've seen some map modules that actually do have that ability.

    I definitely agree. Right now it's a bit limited, with only the 3 calls. I think that with something as expensive as the fire boat dock and the fire boats we should get more missions. Although I would say that we should be encouraged to get more fire boats though.

    In addition I would propose a new POI called Ship Route. This could be placed along a channel or somewhere in the Ocean where large ships such as Cruise Ships and Container ships would go to make that call more realistic. Those calls could still spawn at the cargo dock POI's though. Some other idea's I have for calls:

    • Ferry Explosion - (POI Required - Ferry Line/Ferry Dock) - 2 Fire boats, 2 Rescue Boats
    • Oil Tanker Fire (POI Required - Ship Route) - 3 Fire Boats, 1 Rescue Boat
    • Pier Fire (POI Required - Pier) - 1 Fireboat
    • Multi Boat Fire(POI Required - Marina - 1 Fireboat
    • (Edited) Container Ship Fire at Sea(POI Required - Ship Route) - 3 Fire boats, 2 Rescue Boats, Original Ambulance Units
    • Container Ship Fire at Port(POI Required - Cargo Port) - Original Units Required
    • (Edited) Cruise Ship Sinking at Sea(POI Required - Ship Route) - 3 Fire Boat, 3 Rescue Boat, Original Ambulance Units
    • Cruise Ship Sinking at Port(POI Required - Cruise Ship Dock) - Original Units Required

    Those are the ones I can think of right now. Let me know what you guys think

    There's a thread for this in Suggestions for Improvements. You'd be better of suggesting these there.

    then we should have the same point as there not owned by the fire dep we shoulded add themif it gets added you might aswell add towtrucks and so on

    One step at a time. It's not like the developing company is Rockstar, it's someone who is doing their best to give us fun buttons to click.

    Most of the time I don't use delayed responses, but as TACRfan was saying, sometimes it is needed to get first out units selected first...For example, Say in station 1 there is Engine 1 and Engine 2....Logically, Engine 1 should be called on before Engine 2. Therefore, if you set Engine 2 to a second longer delayed response, Engine 1 will be picked first using Alarm and Response.

    In other words you want to get more missions to get more credits but with less units and also without having to do "work" for it, aka Get missions, dispatch them all with follow-ups and then close the game?
    I do understand that sometimes it is helpful, but I can see a full hand of people abusing this to get credits without playing...

    My thoughts exactly

    One of the hallmarks of leadership is knowing that no matter what you do, around 50% of your constituents will be unhappy with the decision. We as the moderators appreciate feedback, and expect negative commentary and disagreement. However, if players want to see things changed, they must be respectful in their approach.

    Speaking for myself here, I respect people who respect me, and the inverse also applies.

    Now, to the idea of us being “middle men”, we have over 1,000 members on this forum, and one developer who is not fluent in English. The Moderation Team works to weed out ideas that can be incorporated into the bigger picture of updates, and also prioritizes ideas, while submitting them to the developer. Sometimes Sebastian does not agree with an idea because there could be a loophole where something could be taken advantage of, and ultimately he has the final say in what will be implemented into the game.

    Well said Sir.