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    i've had this with prisoners. You have to contact support to get them to do anything. They just manually release them for you.

    If trailers and staging areas are going to be problematic, can we please get the heavy rescue w/ light boat option at fire and rescue docks?

    I have a few water rescue boat trailers only because the fire and rescue boat docks do not allow for the rescue w/ light boat, but need utility and trailer. I stopped using trailers otherwise because I got one glitched 10 hours away on a past alliance event.

    Alliance had a storm surge, so they needed every boat possible. I send my 2 trailers and 7 hr w/ boat units. The trailers were assigned specific tow units. When sending to the staging area, I chose only the trailers, to prevent issues. On the second day, I started seeing "tractive vehicle not available." When it's sitting in the staging area. I tried removing it and redispatching it, it stopped giving the tractive vehicle error so I tried dispatching it to a call. It acts like it goes, but it just sits there.

    I removed the trailer from the staging area and readded. But now the trailer is ever so slowly crawling back toward home base, while the utility tow unit is going code to the call I just tried to send the trailer on.

    So I dispatch to the staging area...

    It says dispatched successfully

    But I scroll to the bottom again and... Still there...

    one unit was older and the other unit at that station was brand new. I'll just call it bugged and work around and make another custom aar category.

    Ivreported it here in case the devs wanted to see. And adding patrol boats to the water tab would be nice.

    Light rescue boats only have one category "Light Boats (General)" in the ARR selection list.

    Both my light boat trailers and heavy rescue with light boat units will get selected by this item in ARRs.

    2 heavy rescue with light boats will not select on any ARR using the the Light Boats (General)" option. I did reset this to 0 qty on an ARR and back to 1 to test and it doesn't change anything. Happens on Mobile and in chrome.

    Also, the newer "Patrol Boat" is not in the Water tab in the unit selection lists.

    The difference is MCI treats to 90% and treats multiple patients at the same the same time. As ambulances reach the site they finish treating the patient and transport as needed. Works great with alliance missions with more than 20 patients, but need to be located strategically to arrive with first wave of EMS units.

    When they first came out, I was confused that they didnt transport, but saw mad pt names on them. So yay they do have a purpose!

    For the 2 missions that are not highlighted, it means you have not met the requirements.

    Do you have 8 Federal Police Stations, do you have at least 2 of them with the DEA and/or ATF expansions completed and active?

    It is possible that either the station or the expansion are "Not Ready for Action"

    I'm not referring to the two non highlighted missions. Those second expansions are still building.

    From OP, I've got the 8 federal stations, and the missions I mention not getting are Criminal organization meeting and Cyber-Criminal organization hideout.

    They are highlighted in the possible missions list.

    Quote from Original Post

    I have not had anything above those requiring 3 federal stations.

    Not Criminal organization meeting or Cyber-Criminal organization hideout.

    My dispatch center statistics show 8 Federal stations.

    So it CAN treat patients that could get treated by a flycar? I'm holding out some hope that the expansion was added and serves a purpose.

    I believe some do, for example, a helicopter is faster than all other vehicles, boats are also faster than land vehicles.

    I wonder if the helo and boat speeds are just because they're driving line of sight, and not along roadways, but they are definitely faster. What I'm saying is all the ground road units have the exact same speed. Here's one of my PD stations with swat, motorcycles, sheriff, and patrol cars all with the exact same response time.

    And a fire station with Battalion chief, mobile air, water rescue boats, mobile command vehicle, quint, engine all with the same speed.

    It'd be nice to give different unit types varying speeds. As it stands, I stopped using motorcycle units because they can't transport and they don't actually get to scene faster. Having differing speeds would make some units that don't get used, more usable. (like a flycar and BLS rig. no advantage right now to purchase BLS except for realism. If flycar was faster, I'd consider sending one of those first with a slower transport unit/BLS.)

    Do different units have different default speeds? I.e. a Quint will be slower than an Engine, which should be slower than a patrol car, motorcycle, heli, etc?

    They cant treat als codes nor can they be upgraded by a bls ambulance to treat also the are useless

    Do they at least help treat and clear "Green Tagged" patients? Like BLS only? Or even to speed up treatment of any patient?

    I have to wonder if the federal missions including the DEA and ATF ones are actually broken rather than the missions being extremely rare. It seems some other higher missions also have never spawned. I've been playing less often since I'm mostly getting EMS calls and lower level calls with no large incidents to keep my interest.

    (Do missions spawn based on number of stations? i.e. I have 8 federal police stations, but 52 Fire stations, and 38 Ambulance stations, are the fire/ems stations affecting what is more common?)

    On my possible missions page, I am only missing one DEA and ATF mission and the "Passenger train derailment (Major)" missions.

    I have not had anything above those requiring 3 federal stations.

    Not Criminal organization meeting or Cyber-Criminal organization hideout.

    My dispatch center statistics show 8 Federal stations.

    Also, is there a quick way to make sure that I've added all of the POIs other than just loading them on the map?

    The ammouncement mentions the ems mobile command vehicle requirement being removed for 25 plus patients, what is the purpose of the unit then?