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    The rundown is, if you have a mission that has either 20 or 25+ patients (I forget which) you will need two trained “EMS Command” personnel on scene. They can arrive in either the EMS chief or the dedicated EMS mobile command vehicle. The difference being is only the EMS Command vehicle has the option to transport patients off the scene with many cool features you can set to your liking.

    The EMS Support as stated will just up the process of the mission

    WinWin Actually the settings are the same between EMS Chief Vehicle and the EMS Command. I was just looking at that and my EMS CHiefs have same options.


    I am reporting a problem with the small complexes. When the pack was released everything was functioning. Today I noticed when in a PD station with 5/8 stalls I could buy one but not the other two. Seems to me the system is defaulting on expansion plus one: BUT not accounting for the bonus two for having a fully expanded small complex.

    I have included a complex image showing maxed out; an image of the station prior to purchase of the 6th vehicle; a picture of the station after 6th purchase (Which shows I have space for two more) and finally a picture of the Vehicle Market screen where the purchase options at not available.

    This issue is ONLY affecting PD. I am able to purchase past 6 for EMS and Fire.

    If I need to report this elsewhere other than here please advise.



    Ok, let me put it this way. It appears you bought the Water Police Expansion. When you do that then you get two spots BUT they are only for Water patrol boats. Your current station level is 0 so you only get 1 vehicle. You have to expand that in order to get other police vehicles and game warden trucks.

    It requires me to enlarge the existing stations to 39. Rural stations are never that large, ever. Sorry but this is an epic fail. To try to make a realistic set up I placed the small volunteer stations around a community as they should be. It also isn't unusual to have a police station share a large building with a local fire department. Taking a little artistic license because this is a game required me to make the fire stations a little larger than they should be. None of the 100's of stations I have are expanded that much except a make-believe one I created for a storage facility and "training" center. (warm bodies for recruiting) I was excited about the building complex until I realized this very unrealistic requirement. I would be happy to use it as an EOC since some counties have large facilities that house multiple types of vehicles but even that doesn't fit this requirement. On many levels, this does not make any sense.

    I feel the same way. I have been toying with the idea of merging in my "Traning / Recruitment" facilities. I did build a complex already before thinking about utilizing the recruitment centers. I too was thinking recruitment/Training and vehicle warehouse. But it was very painful the first time very very costly. They are plenty of Public Safety Buildings (Complexes) that exist; however, they are alot smaller in nature.

    *** UPDATE there have been many changes in the past few weeks. I do not plan on bringing this post upto date as there is suppose to be another release to EMS. My intention is to place a new thread once that is released and information gathered and verified.

    I am 100% behind the two proposals. I am seeing ALOT of Public Safety COmplex's that house all three.

    Adding the following observation to the information in the initial post:

    *** UPDATE it was also noted that on calls with multiple patients, patrols, and fire on the scene; that when sending the Tac Amb to transport, it will REMOVE the patrol car count, thus potentially needing to send a patrol car to finish the mission. It is recommended to transport all pt's prior to transporting the pt in the Tac Amb.

    How many FF do you have to train to have the engine act as ALS? I tried trining one on multiple engines to get as many to ALS level quickly but it does not seem to have any affect. Do they all have to be trained for it to work?

    Your Firstation needs to be a regular size not a small, and you have to have the Ambulance extention. Then you buy a EMS Fire Engine/Ambulance from the Ambulance Tab. Max for the unit is 6 trained staff/.

    The problem is that when I roll a trailer, the tractive vehicle pulls anyone in the station that has a truck's license even though the trained staff are assigned to other vehicles. Then causing the rolling truck to be over the MAX crew number, but truck rolls to the call.

    I hear ya. I think we will get a better idea when the next update happens; which an Admin on this site stated the final update will be large.