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    Even if you did find out all of that information good luck on finding the appartus's numbers because only the dispatch center has that information I was thinking about setting up in Tokyo one time before but fell short because of lack of knowing the appartus numbers and I later found out that only their dispatch center knows the appartus numbers. All of the appartus just say Tokyo Fire Department theres no numbers on them.

    Like I stated earlier,

    Most departments in the US would have prevention or Fire and Life safety personnel handle. Especially if it is a planned event scheduled ahead of time. I believe many Volunteer departments might partake in this but most career departments wouldn't send an in-service suppression unit to handle such.

    Not exactly, we are that personnel. Lastly not exactly either we send an engine just like we would to any run except we don't run any code if of couse we get asked to check it but if it needs actually checked because of a possible fire then yes we run code also this applies to both Volunteer and Career departments both preform the same task.

    As TACRfan has stated you can phone up and request one. I know this is true because we preform this free of charge. We would rather have you safe and have you have a chance to get out than to have you die of smoke inhalation or be burned in a fire because you didn't have a working smoke detector.

    I think it would be a great idea because it shows that over time firehouses change. I know one firehouse it was a volunteer department they ran with two ambo's and then as time went on they downgraded the department downgraded to not running EMS anymore because of lack of emt's This of course took place actually on January 1st of this year, the department is located in Climax, VA. I wouldn't mind having to pay to downgrade houses but it'll be a great feature to have to show that over time the rigs a firehouse runs change over time.

    Not sure if this has been suggested before but a great addition to the police units would be if the police finally can get an Incident command post. The command post I'm referring to looks like the one below, please let me know what you guys think.

    Edit: Changed thread title from Incident Command Post for Police to MCV for Police.

    In the us if it can transport it's an ALS unit if you are talking about a truck company or engine company giving medical treatment then it's a BLS unit. I didn't go to school for 18 months to be told by some guy on the internet that everything I learned was wrong. The reason why it's not an ALS unit depends on the crews training onboard it if you are an EMT-Basic you are only running BLS if you are EMT-Intermediate or EMT-Paramedic you are running ALS because you are ALS trained. An ambulance in the US will always be ALS equiped no matter what.

    No because he was saying that Ambulances are BLS units not ALS units which is completely wrong. He wasn't saying anything about a truck he was talking about ambulances not a BLS truck or Engine, if he was then that's a whole different thing. An ambulance will always be an ALS equiped vehicle no matter what crew is on it, if it can transport then it's an ALS unit plain and simple. Don't try to argue with me or try to explain for some reason that you think that I'm wrong because buddy I'm a Paramedic myself I know this.

    That's actually wrong I know of a department in the county next to mine that has two ambulances and they are both ALS units their department requires that every member of their Ambo's are EMT-Paramedic. It just depends on what training the crew onboard has. My department's Ambo's are both BLS (Basic Life Support) and ALS (Advanced Life Support) units my department runs with three ambulances two are used in service and one is a spare my department it is ran with a combination of EMT-Paramedic and one EMT-Basic or both onboard is EMT-Paramedic. BLS (Basic Life Support) means that you are only EMT-Basic, ALS (Advanced Life Support) means you are EMT-Intermediate, or EMT-Paramedic.