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    Name/Type of Mission: Elevator Collapse

    Units Required:

    2 or 3x Fire Trucks
    2x Platform Trucks
    2x Heavy Rescue Unit
    2x Battalion Chief

    1x Mobile Command Vehicle

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): High-rise, Office Building, Mall

    Patients: 2 To 15 Patients (70% Transport & Traumatology/General Surgery)

    Prisoners: 0

    Credit Reward: 4000

    Name/Type of Mission: Elevator Failure [Elevator Rescue Follow Up Mission]

    Units Required:

    2 Engine Or Heavy Rescue

    1 Platform Truck

    1 Battalion Chief

    2 Police Car

    POI Required (Use “none” if not needed): High-Rise, Office Building

    Patients: 0-8

    Prisoners: N/A

    Credit Reward: 2,000

    Thank you devs for the new vehicles i was excited with the foam update and when i saw prime movers were added aswell no joke had the biggest smile on my face. thank you guys keep up the good work and i can say im gonna try donate some cash so you guys can keep the development up. marry charismas and stay safe in these weird and unpredictable times. but to all the admins and developers, thank you, believe it or not my Bday is in 4 days and this just made my charismas.

    thank you for the feed back man tbh even if like 2 of those things come ill be happy but ill say this water system would be nice and i understand the struggle with hydrants and that so defo expect it at some point but not for like a year or two. but defiantly happy to hear foam is coming

    so i am wondering since FIU/Fire Marshals were added to the US branch can we expect Fire investigation/Prevention to be added to the UK branch. I can personally confirm that almost all of the fire services in the UK have a fire prevention unit. West Yorkshire Fire Rescue have 3 fire stations plus the safety centre with over 40 plus FIU vehicles. Every incident that has ever happened in wyfrs have fire prevention for public safety. Can we see fire prevention soon because for Christmas all i want for uk branch is as follows.

    Water System
    Foam System
    Prime Movers
    Water Rescue
    Mountain Rescue
    Wildfire Unit
    Fire Investigation Unit
    Royal National Lifeboat Institution
    Coast Guard
    Life Guards

    More Fire Pumping Appliances etc:
    Major/Medium/Light Rescue Pump
    Wildfire Pump
    Heavy Rescue Pump
    Water Tender

    thats it and fire service is legit accurate to IRL. my thoughts only tho.

    Ladder Truck
    Platform Truck + Heavy Rescue

    All US Ladder Trucks Carry Rescue Equipment Unless Its a snorkel or water tower. Its a real vehicle and would be loved by all members, Carries 6 crew members max.

    i love the idea, West Yorkshire Fire Rescue Responded to 18 Passenger train related accidents last year including a minor derailment. Love this idea for a mission

    Join an alliance with realistic member service layouts and non realistic all up to you on how you play.

    We have several hospitals and training centres around the country.

    We are recruiting Regional staff and alliance staff.

    We have a dedicated research team.

    If you choose to join us you will be treated equally and will have the chance to be part of a family that looks after each other.

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