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    Why not just have the restriction of having to be a captain before purchasing an engine tanker? They're so infrequently used in missions that it would provide a chance for the possible missions to be expanded for rural style areas.

    I am a little confused about your post here. You say you want it to be expanded to rural style areas and get an engine "tender" as a unit. How many tenders do you see out there that also have COMPLETE pumping capability as an engine as well. In my area at least I only know of one and every fire department in my area has 1, some have 2, and some have 3 tenders, but a tender engine combo is rare. if that makes sense? Rural areas is where a tender is more likely used then a big city. Big cities don't have much of a use for them as they have a water supply system often already in place.

    We have rescue ambulance on a list of potential future updates. We can revisit the idea of wild land firefighting, although bulldozers and fire helicopters are primarily west coast assets in the United States

    I do think that bulldozers are used all over the US By the USFS. Not just in California. Thought I'd point it out so it could find at least maybe some functionality for big wildland fires, have a USFS fire station with a delayed response time. All my area is covered by a couple USFS fire fighters so it takes them time to get where they are called to with their trailer and equipment.

    Wondering if there was any discussions about creating an alliance statistics page under the alliances tab. As an admin of my clan I would love to be able to see how many stations each person has and hospitals/police stations etc. Not all the info about it but I would like to know the total amount of everything we have between 20 of us. I mysefl own 40+ engines but I think it would be neat to be able to see the total amount of each type of unit etc in the whole alliance. Like I am pretty sure my alliance has well over 200 fire stations now but don't want to count the total amount every so often.

    I've been trying to say this for idk how long, another thing is, most ambulances can transport 2 people as well

    ..... That is true to a point.... the thing is in a lot of places its illegal to do so unless in a Mass Casualty type of incident where there are not enough resources... but as far as a small accident scene most cities would prefer only one casualty per ambulance most places you go. There is always room for more people but as far as the legality of it most states completely discourage this take on ems.

    It's not that I don't have a big pd, it's that pd is scaled down. In my opinion this would be a mission that would req 1-2 pd stations. You probably wouldn't have 5 cars in 1-2 stations. It should start out at like 1-2 cars and then have option to turn into fleeing suspect or something like that.

    As for where I am based, look at my signature.

    Gotcha. I don't know how big Sugarland is, but running DC I have 5 police cars per station and 8 stations at the moment. So idk lol

    I don't get more than 2 cars because the only time I need more than the amount of cars I already have is when I get a concert call which sucks up half my pd, which has only happened 3 times.

    You havent upgraded your pd enough then. I get shooter calls, swat calls, stabbing calls, etc. You are just getting the basic pd calls which is really boring lol. What city you running?

    And yeah but usually no matter what, dispatch would only dispatch out an x amount of preset medics to a call unless requested more so. they don't send out 10 medics if there is 10 injuries cause some of those injuries don't need to be transported(which thankfully DOES happen in the game with a medic unit on scene). But like yes the bigger calls definitely need this aspect in it to make it more fun to me at least. And I mean sometimes a fire unit shows up at a call and no people might of gotten out so primaries have to be done, so they may still not know the amount of injuries inside until they figure that all out. So its just a thought that I hope gets implemented on most calls cause most of the time a first responder does not know the exact number, just that they need to be ready for the biggest fires and the biggest amount of casualties. Can't expect the unexpected.

    About the patients, I like it in some ways. It is very true that a 911 (999, 112, etc) caller would not know that there are 22 people aboard an aircraft that crashed, but it is true that someone calling in a house fire would know that there are 2 people injured. It should be implemented in only the large calls. Currently I only see new patients when a call upgrades. It would be good if it happened regardless of if the call upgrades.

    I do agree in reality 5 police cars would be a probable response, but not in game terms. I have a pd station that has 2 cars currently. In real life it would have 50+. Police is just scaled down a lot in MissionChief which wouldn't make 5 cars necessary.

    Yeah I get that but if in real life your station would have over 50+ why dont you get more cars than 2? and yeah police is somewhat scaled down but why not use realism anyways. I have Washington DC primarily done and that would be like a couple hundred police cars all around the city at some times in the day. In this game I have one police car for each part of the city. There are 7 districts and each district has 7-9 subdistricts so I have 7-9 police cars per district(so when I am done with the department I will have about 60 police cars for my DC Department. And suprisingly sometimes I have all my patrols out on calls(cause I get 27 calls at a time) 2 shootings at once puts me out of nearly half my patrols lol.

    Good idea but it really also depends where you are at. Only bigger cities actually have that big of an emergency room of more than 30 beds. The hospital i work with only has 6 emergency room beds and the biggest hospital near me only had like 20 ED rooms. you are running an EMS service so you won't use all the beds in the hospital really(unless its a legit mass casualty event in real life). Now there are always exceptions, but that is where realism comes into play and you need to think of where you are sending all your patients you are transporting. I have 5 hospitals in t he DC area open and I know there area a couple more I could build too but I havent needed to yet(I have like 130 ED beds between the 5, and about 25 ambulances so I expect to fill all those beds probably after 8 hours of straight playing, which I have done before lol. This game takes a lot more strategy than people realize :) which is really cool

    im assuming you mean car theft because we aren't in GTA V here but i do agree that it is a good idea. however, not all car theft calls need a helicopter. the only time it is necessary is when the police can't catch up. i think it should be a 1 in 4 chance at most. also 5 police cars is a lot for a suspect fleeing in a vehicle. i'd say 3 at most. other then that its a good idea

    Well just want to say in some places it is called Grand Theft Auto, as that is where the name easily could of came from. As far as your comment about how 5 police cars is too much for a vehicle on the run I disagree. Look at all the videos out there of actual car chases and tell me how many of them are 5 or more and you will see(depending on the area and the police forces there) that there are many cop chases with more than 5 chasing. I mean look up LA car chases. You will see some massive responses. But again that depends on your area. If you live in a smaller area, chances are you only will have 5 police cars in service in some areas so not all can go on that type of a call. But it really depends.

    3 of my ideas get brought up often so I will say them quickly. We need a mass casualty unit, a BLS/ALS ambulance option, and also the ability of some injuries on scene that don't need transport and therefor don't need an ambulance on scene(i.e. for a nosebleed, having an ems car or fire engine respond if no medics are available and they can clear call themselves). The idea I more feel like that needs to be implicated is the knowing of how many injuries before a single unit is on scene. I think for things such as plane accidents or huge fires, the injuries can only be seen when you actually have a unit on scene. That way ems dispatching is more realistic. Like when I get the accident at the airport, I really don't want to know there is 22 injuries before any unit is on scene, it takes some of the tactics out of the game. There are some calls that already have the no injury shown until a certain time, for example alcohol intoxication, you don't see that the guy needs an ambulance till after police are already on scene. I think this idea will make the game more enjoyable to a lot of people who want ultimate realism and therefore a better playing experience.

    No because he was saying that Ambulances are BLS units not ALS units which is completely wrong. He wasn't saying anything about a truck he was talking about ambulances not a BLS truck or Engine, if he was then that's a whole different thing. An ambulance will always be an ALS equiped vehicle no matter what crew is on it, if it can transport then it's an ALS unit plain and simple. Don't try to argue with me or try to explain for some reason that you think that I'm wrong because buddy I'm a Paramedic myself I know this.

    you saying an ambulance will always be an ALS equipped vehicle shows you think you know how every department in the US or even in the world work the same when they don't. I gave you details about how my department does have a BLS equipped amublance AND ALS equipped ambulances. Just because you work in EMS doesn't make you a know it all of every department in the world. Just cause it transports does not make it ALS. We do BLS transports all the time. I also work in EMS. Thanks "buddy." lol Not trying to start a war but it kind of is stupid thinking that every department is the same in an ALS regard when they are not. There are departments all over the place that ONLY run BLS so they don't even have ALS supplies which is where intercepts come in, which would also potentially be a cool addon for this game.

    well i think patients should be able to die if you don't respond quick enough and certain pd calls could become bigger, for example the longer a shooter is free the more patients you get. and fires should get bigger. that kind of thing. maybe not dissapear but require fast intervention?

    That's actually wrong I know of a department in the county next to mine that has two ambulances and they are both ALS units their department requires that every member of their Ambo's are EMT-Paramedic. It just depends on what training the crew onboard has. My department's Ambo's are both BLS (Basic Life Support) and ALS (Advanced Life Support) units my department runs with three ambulances two are used in service and one is a spare my department it is ran with a combination of EMT-Paramedic and one EMT-Basic or both onboard is EMT-Paramedic. BLS (Basic Life Support) means that you are only EMT-Basic, ALS (Advanced Life Support) means you are EMT-Intermediate, or EMT-Paramedic.

    Actually he is partly correct. BLS units aren't legally able to carry equipment Paramedics use UNLESS they are licensed to be either BLS or ALS on a specific day they may have a different crew. so in your case when you say that they could run either BLS or ALS units that is a licensing difference. but what he was saying was that bls trucks sometimes don't have the equipment an als truck does, which is also true. FOr example my department has two ALS trucks and one BLS truck. The BLS truck can be upgraded to an ALS truck in certain instances, so it DOES have the extra equipment except for the drugs, which can be added to the truck in the case we do have a truck in the shop or someting really is bad happening and we have the paramedic that can run it as ALS. SO yes you are correct but so is he.

    If you don't keep up on the progress of the game being built, they just added this function so now you are able to donate funds to the alliance.

    already been suggested multiple times

    ok well i was looking through to see if there was and the one time I found this idea in the forums was under a forum entitled "new idea." That was hard to find and I didn't find it till after I already posted this one. And now there's one with an actual name so people can tell what its about from the main page. People need to post something other than "new idea" as the name so people will actually know what its about before opening it ha. Thanks for the comment.

    I also agree. Right now I am only doing DC, but plan on moving to other parts of the US and would love having a different Call center in each area. Maybe there would be a way to where each dispatch call center will only show the vehicles and stations of THAT area, so that when someone has 100 stations between 4 areas of the country, the 500 vehicles wont all show in the same list and they only show up on their respective dispatch centers. Maybe this would also work with the actually dispatching of units, where you could have the choice to show only the units owned in that area for a call to respond to an incident, and the units on the other side of the country don't show unless you hit another tab for another dispatch center or something? So basically each call you get would somehow be connected to the SPECIFIC dispatch center that is in the area of that incident(as if they are the ones answering the call) and then all the units in THAT specific area are the ones you can choose from(and if you need to respond from a different call center you can click a tab to open up that call center or something). I might be kinda confusing but I can explain more if people are interested. Just the basics of it is that each unit would be attached to the specific call center in THAT area and each call is connected to the appropriate dispatch center in THAT area. Maybe it would be something to select when you build a station. Like when you select to build a new station there would be an option "which dispatch call center do you want to attach this station and any vehicles in it to."

    I know this may seem like a useless feature due to it being a dispatch game, but it would add some challenge to the game. This is more for people running huge districts such as me running Washington DC emergency services. It would be neat if every so often a vehicle you own would break down and need to be repaired. Maybe this will take a couple days when something gets broken down. It wouldn't happen a lot, maybe when a vehicle hits a certain amount of miles in game. For example once every 5000 miles a vehicle has to be serviced, and this might take a unit out of service a couple hours. But maybe sometimes a vehicle will randomly break down after it gets over 50000 miles on it, and that would take it out of service for an X amount of days. This will make it a good idea to own "reserve apparatus" and have it at the "repair station" so that when it breaks down you could switch out the two engines or two ambulances, or whatever is broken down, to use the reserve unit that is available. If you don't have any reserve apparatus available, then you just have that vehicle out of service for the "x" amount of time. This is just a random thought but I think it would add a need for coordination in this game, and having the reserve units(right now I have 3 extra engines that I am calling reserve engines that don't belong to any station designations).

    Ok another idea to throw out to the moderators and game developers. Personnel in vehicles. Some seem legit, for example being able to have up to 6 in an engine would seem right for a lot of departments. Can we have this option for a few other vehicles for a little more realism? For example in a tower ladder you can only place up to 3 people(same with a rescue) and I just find that odd number "odd" because of how a tower ladder is built and how many seats etc. are in them. Is there any way you could have the option to have up to 6(or 4) for both the ladder trucks and heavy rescue? Just to give that added realism option to some people who'd like it? Those are the only two trucks I really see NEED that option, but not any others so far I think? Thanks for your time in reading this.