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    great idea for those who seek roleplay style in this game. Unless it is just bonus content not mandatory than I would be for this

    for ambulance missions you need regular ALS ambulance and EMS Chief for 10+ patients. Atm 25+ requires 2x educated EMS MCU personnel.(if nothing has changed recently). You technically can assign those 2x personnel to EMS Chief vehicle and you are good to go. Everything else is more like role play vehicles atm.

    40 ambulance stations.

    I dont see where is that issue. To fulfill 40 stations with at least 2 personnel each without spending coins is not 1 or even 2 weeks time. It will take me 4 weeks and that seems reasonable with 7 days training time.

    Before this update I didnt had EMS academy because it wasnt necessary. And now I have builded 1x personal academy and 1x with alliance funds. And it takes time to expand too.

    If I place 2 or 3 buildings on top of each other will the anti cheat kick in as i dont want to spend 10-16 million on that building complex.

    Anti cheat is for same type of buildings in close proximity.

    The EMS Command Unit also comes with the nice feature of automatically assigning EMS to hospital. Meaning that it will auto-send your own EMS units on scene to hospital when ready (This mimic's the behaviour of the Paramedic Supervisor in the Australian version).

    EMS Operations Support is generally a large-scale logistics support vehicle, they are not required on any mission but will speed up EMS operations on the scene of a call.


    Ems Chief does same.

    The EMS Command Unit is still required for high patient calls. I am not sure what the amount is but with a 46 patient call I do need 2 EMS command personnel. I have also heard the command unit will transport patients automatically. The thing I question is what the incident support unit does.

    they changed that you dont need EMS CU vehicle at all. It is how it says, 2x Educated personnel.

    I assigned them to regular EMS Chief vehicle and it is working.

    yeah. Was suprised why it suddenly asks for 2x educated personnel not 1x vehicle.

    Funny that EMS Command unit still requires 6 personnel to operate.