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    This sounds excellent, I look forward to seeing this in the future.

    Many thanks for the response :)

    The new UK SAR update is pretty awesome, definitely worth the wait, however there are a couple of features I thought would finesse it:

    Trailers and towing vehicles operating in the same way as PMs and modules in terms of dispatching, leaving trailers at scene and graphics?: I think the way PMs and modules work in the game is fantastic, particularly in regards to the application of graphics and the way units are presented in dispatch menus, hence my surprise when this system wasn't copied over for boat trailers and towing vehicles. If the current boat trailer dispatch and graphic was changed to match the module system, then this would certainly tidy the feature up with a better presented and easier-to-follow dispatch list, and a far nicer graphic look rather than some 4x4 graphic with a random trailer pasted over the top of it making its own way to a call.

    Adding the hovercraft extension to fire stations: In the same way some fire stations have water rescue units, and therefore rightly can have technical rescue extensions, they should also be able to have a hovercraft extension. Hovercrafts in the UK aren't exclusive to lifeboat stations, Avon F&R and Merseyside F&R are a couple of example services that have hovercrafts, so it would be nice to see this extension made available for large fire stations?

    Adding rescue boat units for fire services: instead of having a towed trailer, some fire services have appliances that carry the boat themselves, slightly similar to how hovercrafts have their own transporters. The examples that spring to my mind are Avon Fire's 'rescue boat units' based at Bath and Bedminster. This would be a nice additional unit unique to the technical rescue extensions on fire stations, potentially a unit that can be unlocked at a higher rank? more expensive than the trailer? It would mean there is a non-trailer unit that can respond to water rescue missions.

    I hope these suggestions are interesting and worth enough to perhaps have some sway in future updates. I appreciate my suggestions are all based around the features being further integrated into the fire stations, but it would be nice to hear some thoughts and opinions. I believe the bar was set high by the fire service module update, and with SAR being a completely new dimension for the game, there was always going to be teething issues.

    Is a very good point. I'll confess I am still a beginner all things considered, therefore I don't get many missions. My thoughts were an option to enable/disable this feature would be the solution, but I certainly see where you are coming from, and while the realism for some players may go far, the rest would probably find it difficult to work with.

    The detiroation rate could be linked to how much time it takes for the first unit to arrive unfortunately due to the way medical missions work there's no way to make a call need X amount of Medical staff or X amount of vehicles sadly

    Agree with this, first person on scene is always crucial. I get where you're coming from with the amount of people required does not really work for paramedics, I guess the fact critical care, ambulance, HEMS, etc makes up for that. However with deterioration I would say each paramedics there, perhaps topping out at 4, would slow deterioration, therefore making a requirement of multiple paramedics to be present to an extent.

    Hello all,

    As I've written a large explanation, here's the abstract of my suggestion:

    -add option for players to allow casualties to "deteriorate" in missions

    -deterioration would be slowed as more paramedics arrive

    -some missions deteriorate faster than others

    -make casualty missions have "expandable missions" like fire & police missions do

    -casualties can become "deceased"

    -fire and police missions can also have forms of deteriorating


    So this suggestion could be relevant to all servers, but I'm from the UK one, and my suggestion is to add a new feature where on casualty mission, the casualty will 'deteriorate' overtime while paramedics can't get to them. Obviously it would best be done as an option for a player to change, so an added option button saying 'allow casualty deterioration' or something of the sort, that way newer players are not pressured by a time limit to begin with.

    I believe this sort of feature would add a lot more realism to the game, as one does not just leave a casualty in cardiac arrest overnight and expect them to still be there in the morning! To further the feature, deterioration could be slowed down as paramedics arrive (critical care and HEMS trained personnel could slow deterioration more than untrained personnel). This would really amplify the use of rapid response vehicles and community first responders (in the UK), as well as would potentially require multiple ambulances to turn up to 1 patient (which is how it can work in the UK). Certain incidents could have faster deterioration rates than other: so "nose bleed" although could warrant an ambulance for an old dear who often they will not stop bleeding through the nose, it would be a slow deterioration rate compared to "cardiac arrest".

    So as the casualty actually deteriorates, the sort of thing I picture is an added bar, similar to the bar that falls down as the casualty is being treated. If the deterioration bar falls completely, it could escalate as such to a more serious medical mission, basically making medical missions having "expandable missions". Some examples could be "acute asthma", "chocking" or "anaphylaxis" when completed deteriorated leads to "respiratory arrest", "fallen person" when deteriorated leads to "hypothermia" (new mission there for you) "electrocution", "chest pains" or "seizure" leads to "cardiac arrest". The more serious calls such as "cardiac arrest" "respiratory arrest" "traumatic limb amputation" etc., if they deteriorate (which they would quicker) then the casualty would become "deceased".

    You could even carry this sort of deterioration feature over to police and fire too. Where say "bulk rubbish fire" or similar missions expand into "garden shed fire", a deterioration bar could be added to these incidents to show how quickly the fire is 'spreading', or with police in how quickly a "noise complaint" mission is 'getting out of hand' into a "brawl".

    Let me know all your thoughts! Please feel free to expand on this,