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    AS far as I know you can staff stations with what ever vehicles you want and with how many people you want. There is a minimum staffing for each unit and a maximum. I realize more folks cause the mission to finish faster, but 6 people assigned to an engine is not I change it. So, it seems you can staff as you want

    and what does this comment have to do with the type of alliance I was looking for?

    I shared a large scale mission and some of the members sent ambulances and were afk for a day and my EMS wasn't able to force their transports and it ended up to where they never logged in in time to transport and everyone lost out on the payout because of not being completed. I take it your own EMS is not able to force other members to transport?

    100% electric, hmmmm. it does carry a diesel generator for if they are on a run for longer then 45 minutes to recharge their batteries

    I'm looking to make another account to join an alliance that allows you to build in the station locations but staff the stations as you want them to be. any suggestions on an alliance that allows that and are active?

    yes I had heard the same that LACoFD ended the contract with AMR and Care picked it up. I also added in a fictional Ambulance company on my county account, F&B from the movie Mother Jugs and Speed. its located at 5th and Rose in Santa Monica NW corner, that location was a beauty salon I hear its a restaurant now

    I just logged on to ask about that, when did they start transporting? I just had 2 warden trucks transport and 1 fire investigator transport

    Thank you for the suggestion. Let me look into that for you.

    This may require a minimum station requirement change to incorporate the BCU requirement.

    THank you,

    I C that point. also in the US pretty much any business (90%) involves with company vehicle and employee in an accident a supervisor will show up

    The Dozer are a mission speed enhancer, they act to speed up the mission times.

    There are some vehicles within MissionChief that are not required for missions but are implemented into the game to allow those who play realistically to have the units (Police Motorbike, EMS Operations Support being other examples).

    I have 10 dozer teams I had created a stage area a mile from a major forest fire and once all the required rigs arrived, I sent 1 team in and the timer did not change. I then sent in the 2nd team and still no change on the time :(

    it would be nice to have a combo water drop/rescue helo. as most southern large departments use their water drops also for rescuing victims, and also implement a helitack helo to the wildland expansion for crew transports besides the crew carrier and can be used as command and control (WL Command) for major WL fires,

    does anyone know how many fire stations you need to add more fire fighting aerial units? so for I know from 184 FD stations to 310 FD stations I am only able to have 8 Firefighitng plane stations. and I know it has nothing to do with the forestry extension because I had 6 firefighting air stations before I even bought 1 forestry extension...

    In addition I have 15 million credits and just bought 152 more FD stations with a total of roughly 350 FD stations and I still couldnt pass the 8 plane station mark..

    My personal opinion is not in favour of the idea.

    I do not like the idea of vehicles breaking down and potentially requiring replacement at a certain mileage amount. For players with very large amounts of vehicles, that would be an endless cycle of vehicle maintenance and replacements instead of actually dealing with responding to emergencies.

    I know people with much larger setups than I have and I currently have 2,256 vehicles. I know that if such a feature came out, I would significantly decrease playing or stop playing altogether.

    have an option button in dispatch or each station to opt in or out of the maintenance feature

    A rig move up or stand by while other rigs are on a long scene is reality but in the game some rigs won't get to the stand by station possible in minutes when the call clears. but I can see if there is a maintenance station is added in. set it to where any rigs reach every 100K miles needs a maintenance work up for like 24 hours and another rig can come and do move up to cover that stations response area for that time frame. add in a maintenance fee for like 800 credits or something feasible to that nature

    I'd like to see that also, I wouldn't mind same icons but with 15-20 different colors to show different battalions on the fire side, and different bureaus for LE and on the EMS side different ambo companies