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  • Hey Pappy,

    I saw your post on the multi-categories and realized I don't think anyone replying understands you're doing an FDNY build and how unique FDNY is compared to general gameplay. I do the same making all my FDNY truck companies run quints, mainly because a lot of MC missions that require a "firetruck" (Engine) would be handled by or include a Ladder Company response as well and MC "Platforms" are very limited. And as you mentioned staffing.

    There are a few ways to do workarounds in-game currently, although they're a bit clunky. One might be when making the run card (AAR), and also giving the units custom names, add one SOC Ladder Company to the card. It might skip over another company, but I'd imagine it won't jump many given how many SOC Ladders there are in the city. So a 10-75 might look like this:

    4-Engines, 2-Ladder, 1-SOC Ladder, 2-Battalion Chiefs, 1-Rescue, 1-Squad, 1-RAC

    I'm not sure that helps. But if you want to work on seeing what might be available now, in addition to hopefully the MC folks working on the suggestion, let me know.


    • For sure the issue I have is I don't want the Ladders (quints) to respond as "fire trucks" in the game so I already need to label them all as "Ladders" so they won't respond as an Engine. So I am unable to also label the SOC Support ladders or the CPC Ladders or the Water Rescue ladders as such.

      Currently I do not have the Engines special labelled as anything as they are the same as an in game Engine.

      Squads run as an engine in their first, second, and third due areas so I have them special labelled as Squads but still able to respond as an Engine if one of the 3 closest.

    • Yeah. It gets a little crazy with FDNY units because in reality, no one else runs the types of combinations they do. The closest in-game unit is the "Rescue Engine" you can get at Captain. That is essentially an FDNT Squad.

    • Yep and I do use it as a squad, sometimes they are engines, sometimes they are squads and sometimes they respond with their second piece to hazmat and technical rescue events