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    Despite being chastised for commenting, I discovered I was partially correct. It appears that you can only set the "range" in fire stations and coastal rescue stations. I see no place to set it for police stations, firefighting plane stations, or police aviation.

    Being asked a simple question doesn't constitute being chastised even if the question is a rhetorical question.

    I think it being on fire stations is a bug. As I dont think it works on fire stations. (And it isnt on fire stations for UK game)

    Now that you mention it I think it was added specifically for the coastal stations. Unfortunately I can't find the post on it.

    My guess is it’s related to the coastal rescue mission expansion, not actually the missions spawned by the fire station. Changing the location doesn’t seem to move the spawn area, yet I have seen a larger radius.

    Based on his SS I doubt he even has a coastal station. As I said above the spawning radius is controlled by each station.

    How do you change the spawn radius/area? I dont see an option to do this anywhere (could just be me being blind!) I only see this being a feature for coastal rescue stations.

    Click on a station and look near the bottom of the page. Click on the button that says "Set mission spawn area. You can set the radius from 5km to 150km. You can also move the center of the radius by clicking and hold to drag blue cursor to the location you want the center to be. Each station has it's own radius that can be set.

    I do not think you can change the range/radius. Default setting

    Why do you feel the need to respond to most everything rather you know what your talking about or not?

    Key word is from stations not the dispatch center. You can move the dispatch center to SC and it'll not have any effect on where the mission will spawn.

    Could this be the games anti-cheat rearing its head since all the spawn points are stacked on top of each other?

    Don't believe so. It appears that he is using actual RL locations and plus he has vehicle names turned on which is what your seeing.

    Yes I know there's a "bug", when (or if) the devs find what is causing the bug they should make it so that all (or most) apparatus could use the ALS trained personal.

    devs are lazy

    The ALS training was created for the EMS Engine/Ambulance as it's the only unit requiring that training. If you really think the devs are lazy perhaps you should try coding your own game. Personal I think they do a heck of a good job writing code for a game that has several different versions of as well as creating new content weekly.

    The only thing kicking them affects is the total alliance members count. Has no effect on alliance points. As far as finding new active members; we're all having the same issues with the exception of those on the first few pages.

    regarding the aircraft numbers... thanks for that info but that conflicts with what I was told buy an Admin.. And in terms of counting as engines...they may, but they are never required as a part of the mission. I know they count towards required water so you do not have to send so many tenders. Thanks again..

    Thats the same info I gave you when asked the same question a few months ago. Also I routinely send a heave tanker from SC to NYC where I have no forestry extensions to cover the few calls I get there for woodland engines.


    I had the same issue. How many planes do you have? I was told by admins that while you can build 10 stations if you have one station that has two planes it counts as two stations... So if you have 6 stations but have 4 extra planes you can't add more. But as you add more fire stations and expand, your number will increase. I am not sure what that number is. Just remember right now only the smokejumper planes and lead planes are "required on missions" so, while you can send helicopters and air tankers to are not counted on mission except they do increase your water total. It has been asked that the devs consider adding their usability to the wildland missions.

    Actually it's not the aircraft that is counted it's the open slots that get is counted as a station even if the slot is empty. The fire fighting aircrafts do count towards the wildland fire engines.

    Based on your SS your sheriff unit is transporting a prisoner not a patient. So your telling me I don't need ALS to transport my patients I can instead just send a sheriff's unit?

    Try releasing the EMS chiefs and then resend only 1 EMS chief. Sometimes if you send more than 1 EMS chief to a scene it causes a conflict in the algorithm.