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    Just started playing the other day and a lot of the beginner missions appeared yesterday. I have already built an ambulance station and bought two patrol cars. I am 1/2 on Fire stations. Is this normal though? For them to appear after I already started playing? Would have been helpful on day 1 for all the credits but right now since my funds are so low I won't be able to complete them all on time.

    Task and Events happen generally most weekends and around certain holidays. Has nothing to do with you just stating. The type of events change as you grow.

    If he has 2 or more dispatch centers have him check to make sure that the option "Create your own coverage area. Stations belonging to this dispatch center are considered for missions in the assigned dispatch center area. is checked. It's located on the edit screen in the dispatch center.

    I have an issue. I have an extension at one of my Stations and a Fire Marshal housed there. I have received a call to send 2 of them. Does this game not take into account when you have the units, or is it just forcing me to use more coins to buy a second Marshal/ Investigator? Now I cant clear this mission off my board. Fire Trucks, ambulance and patrol units are 1 thing, but specialized units cost coins/excessive cash to upgrade and add units.

    The requirements for any mission to be generated has to do solely on what type of stations and extensions as well as how many you have. The number of units only counts towards the completion of the missions.

    Now my advice is this. If you have an open slot then get a fire prevention unit at a cost of 15k credit and dose not require any training. The only thing it can't do the fire investigator can is transport prisoners.

    The other option would be to ignore the mission in question as it will delete itself after 48hrs.

    What's actually happening is the crew cab semi/mass cassulity trailer have no treatment ability and have took the paitents but don't hand them over because they were treating them but don't have treatment capacity. The phantom paitents isn't the issue in this case as the 3 names Match up so what really needs to be fixed is too allow the trailer to work as a Flycar and issues like this won't happen, to fix it now just remove the crew cab semi and trailer and should be fixed

    The crew cab semi/mass causality trailer does have treatment ability up to 90%.

    Sometimes our tons of missions lag the screen and computer. Simply being able to toggle map on and off in your settings will greatly reduce the lag people feel and will in turn be a help to the servers. It just makes perfect sense to not force people to load maps.

    Your do have the ability to deselect multiple items to prevent them from showing up on the map to include "my missions". Just hover the cursor over the upper right hand of the map.

    Oh and option to turn off our radio. I've got thousands of units and have to refresh every once in a while to reduce lag.

    The option to turn off your radio already exists.

    I have a problem with the way these work. When I say i need a certain amount of units, say 8 engines, 3 ladders, and 3 heavy rescues. It will send quints and platforms both as ladders and same with the rescue engine and heavy rescue vehicle, and use up more resources than necessary. Is there a way that this system can be changed to allow us to turn off certain units or change it to where you can tell it to stop sending units after the requirement has been met?

    This way im not sending resources that arent needed to large incidents that make keeping track of units hard (I.E. Large Cargo Plane Fire with Oil Leak).

    You can't either check the box to "Exclude in the Alarm and Response Plan" or you can check the box next to "Only dispatch vehicle as own vehicle class. (If this box is ticked then the vehicle will only be dispatched as the custom class. If you wish to still have this vehicle dispatched as it’s original class as well, leave this unticked)" and name the category Quint or Rescue Engine for example. The new category will be listed on the ARR near the bottom of the list.

    The game needs to be more transport admin friendly as people have said above its not easy to transport all patients on missions.

    Get your members to take advantage of the auto assign feature for EMS chief and EMS Mobile Command. See my post above for screen shot of how it's done. It's as simple as that and premium account is not needed to take advantage of this feature.




    Your getting that mission because you meet the requirements of 1 police station. Have to keep in mind two there are requirements you have to meet to get the mission and a separate mission requirement to complete the mission.

    Are you trying to transport ALS patients with only BLS resources on scene?

    Also note, EMS chiefs will not auto-transport any patients who already had a pending transport before the EMS chief arrived on scene.

    A few screenshots would certainly help.

    EMS Chief will auto transport regardless as to when it arrives on scene or dispatched.

    It can if the map already has said POI built in to the map. And if the "Only use own POIs (default is unchecked, which means it uses POIs others have set)" isn't checked.