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    well all i know is they need to make the fire and police the same price!!!

    Building more fire stations (and police stations to some extent) vastly increases the amount of money that you earn from your missions, hence the progression of cost.

    Looking at the UK game here specifically, but I believe the trend is the same on US and other versions.

    1 fire station - Highest job rewards 700 credits. Small fire station costs 50k. This means to build your 2nd station it takes 71.5 missions.
    13 fire station - Highest job rewards 9k credits, all of a sudden, it now only takes completing 5.5 missions to build another station.

    (Note that theres no price increase until the 25th station, this is an example)

    As you continue to build more stations, this trend continues, as such the price of stations increase in order to balance the game out. The highest paying UK mission is 40,000 credits, which means 1 mission would allow you to instantly build nearly 2 stations.

    We can't change that if we sit in silence can we though

    To be honest, the devs don't need to be here on the forums. Would it be nice? Sure. But the devs are there to, well, develop, the community and advisor team are here to take care of the members and forums (and they do a good job at it). The devs time is much better spent developing the game. I dont think that us complaining here would even change it if it "needed" to be changed, better to be productive and focus on things that can be changed. Such as the forums links in-game, which have now been added.

    Think the problem sometimes is that you can't be sure that someone is botting.

    We were banned for botting because we are earning a lot day by day.

    But that is with honest playing and using the approved scripts in the best way posible. (lssm4 and JRH Bundle)

    But if someone is earning every hour almost the some amount day in day out, hour by hour. Then botting will be the case.

    Even with botting, the earnings will vary with how the missions spawn randomly etc. Super hard to be 100%

    When you go to search the alliance "protocol" (logs), the dropdown is quite frankly a mess. Could a small improvement be implemented to sort the options by alphabetical order, as finding something is a nightmare half the time.

    i honestly gave up trying to report bugs and request features and similar stuff on here ages ago. I've never seen the devs actually reply to threads outside of the US and UK boards and even then they rarely actually change anything

    The devs dont pay too much attention over here, but the forums are an amazing way to contact the content advisors who do a great job at passing along our concerns/issues/suggestions. :)

    Can the name of the fire boat training be changed? Its a little confusing that there's two "Lifeguard" trainings, one for lifeguards, and one for the fire staff for fire boat.

    This would be amazing and would bring back some functionality for what is an expensive vehicle. Since the "Requires HEMS" was removed from patients, there's been no use for HEMS. Sure, they'd transport back to hospitals faster than an ambo, but you still need to wait for an ambo to get to the scene to treat the patient. So 1.3million for "faster transport to hospital" really isn't worth it.

    I dont believe I ever saw rope rescue as an extension? I wrote everything up into a doc on the night of release to better understand the update, and didn't include it there so I'm 99% sure there was never a rope extension.