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    I think this is a good start - Hopefully over time more and more can be added (obviously resources depending!), but it's nice to see something being taken on board.

    Although, I am disappointed about EMS standdown fix not being included, since it is a premium perk.

    Also - Since staging area improvements are included, is the following also to be fixed: Sending large amounts of units to a staging area results in a large portion being unable to be sent to missions from the staging area.

    Storage cupboard is most likely a metal cabinet designed to store anything flammable ( gas cans, paint cans, paint thinners ect..). Usually made with double skinned painted yellow with warning signs on it.

    I'm basing this from the word "cupboard" in the name.

    I disagree, a cupboard can store anything. Dishes, plates, paperwork, etc.

    Considering that the mission only requires 1 engine, I highly doubt it's any chemical, anything flammable or explosive.

    The increase in station cost makes sense, the more stations you have the more missions you spawn, which allows you to selectively complete the higher paying missions. As well as this, you're able to spawn larger missions as you meet their requirements. Both of these means that you're able to reach the cost for a station much easier. It would only take a few missions to reach the amount needed for a station in late game (if prices didn't increase!), however loads for a new player.

    As stated above, buying coins with IRL cash and using them on the 50% off events is an already existing way to reduce the cost with real money.

    I know the developers are not from US and there are advisors from all over.... but can someone answer these questions?

    • What is a "caravan fire"
    • "what is s "storage cupboard fire"
    • Why the need for so many units on a "manhole fire"
    • same question for transformer fire
    • same question for power pole struck by lightning

    A caravan is a small trailer for living in that is towed behind a car.
    A storage cupboard is like a closet. Judging from the required units, it wouldn't be fuel storage.
    A manhole can have a lot of gas (sewer gas) and other things presenting a large risk to the public, and a technical challenge.
    A transformer fire only requires 2 engines (and 1 FIU), think of it as a larger transformer, like at a power substation station.
    The power line struck by lightning can easily spread to surrounding areas, and also presents a risk, so two engines is fair.

    Ok....I guess that make sense to a point

    • what is a road accident?
    • Why does a power line struck by lightning always result in patients to transport but the mission requirement list no ambulance?
    • When you create a "large alliance event" that last 3 hours and you select "storm" why are the majority of events spawned "road accidents" "brush pile" "small field fire", "leaf fire" and "grass fires" In my career, rarely do storms ignite grass fires, leaf fires, or brush piles and field fires

    A road accident is a crash, RTC, collision.. etc.

    Ambulances aren't included in any mission requirements as far as I know, and an ambulance station is required to spawn the mission.
    Storms are very limited in what they spawn, and have always been this way since their inception, where there was less missions for the devs to choose from. I guess if you think of a major storm with lightning and such, they could cause fires. Road accidents do make sense, however, due to the conditions, wet roads, poor visibility etc. Definitely could do with updating though!

    Once you reach battalion chief there isn't a reason to go for the higher ranks, in all honesty. The reward isn't matched to the massive increase in the required credits.

    That being said, I think it is created by the devs to make sure everyone has a goal to constantly work towards. If the ranks were easy to get to, then everyone would have them and have no reason to keep playing.

    On the UK version, only 12 people have the top rank (Fire Chief).
    Deputy Chief has 19.
    Division Chief has 42.

    Out of 272 thousand players on the leaderboard.

    2 - Certain missions require specific POIs to be spawned. The POIs do have to be within the spawn radius of a station.

    3 - Make sure you have "create own coverage area" enabled in your dispatch centre settings. This then makes it so that it only takes into account that dispatch centres stations.

    A few days ago (18th I think?) the devs updated some missions retrospectively to have extra HART and extra foam units required. However, there's no increase in station requirement.

    Example, Light Aircraft Crash
    Variation A requires 1 HART station. Units needed, 1 ATV, 2 PRV, 2 SRV.
    Variation AC requires 1 HART station. Units needed, 2 ATV, 4 PRV, 4 SRV.…ze/72?additive_overlays=a…e/72?additive_overlays=ac

    This is just one example, a lot of missions were changed with similar effects to this. Could the spawn requirements for the larger one be increased?

    Also while I'm here, with this change, comes two variation of some missions, but with differing pay. See:…ze/72?additive_overlays=a…ze/72?additive_overlays=c

    That's what I thought, but it still shows once it is completed. My guess is that it is a mistake that the column is left there, but just wanted some clarification from the devs/community team!

    The new update has dropped with the specialised stations, FAQ can be found here:…w30O8MPA2-e86LINm9CVflsOo

    I have a question - When you've bought the extension, and then enabled the specialisation, it still shows a tab "duration, 2 days". Are the specialisations not permanent, and we have to rebuy every 2 days?

    Also the missions seem to be spawning all variants, eg with the foam specialisation, you still spawn the non-foam version of HGV Fire, as well as the foam version. Not sure if this is intended?