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    Mission Name: Unintended Vehicle Acceleration / Unable to Stop

    Amount of Credits: 1500

    Expansion required (if applicable): N/A

    Time to complete: (in minutes): 10

    POI: (If needed) N/A

    Required Units: 4x patrol car, 2x fire engine, 1x heavy rescue, 1x platform truck

    Max Patients: 4

    Minimum Patients: 0

    Patient Category: (General Internal- Cardiac Surgery) Trauma

    Transport Probably: 50

    Prisoners: (Max-Min, If applicable) N/A

    Upgradable Missions (if applicable): Any vehicle accident

    i understand where your coming from but there area also many crew cab units with cranes, and originally I had in mind the heavy wreakers but digging deeper there are many units with large cranes that do the same thing.

    See your point 100%- I'd at least not term it a mobile crane, as that implies that the crane is the primary responsibility of the rig IMO- maybe "heavy rescue w/ crane" would be more appropriate.

    Just to nitpick, the mobile crane unit should max out at 2 personnel. The unit pictured is really just a squad/heavy rescue that happens to have a 10,000 pound crane on it-- the crane is not the reason for the unit's existence, it's merely a collateral duty and a tool to get the job done. The reason I recommend a max of two is that the actual crane units that I've seen in service are essentially wrecker-type tow trucks with a 2-person cab. Those units really are crane units; the crane is the reason the unit exists. Just a thought.

    I'm working on reinforcing my law enforcement setup right now, and in doing so I came across a perfect application for the police MCV-- it's a mobile command unit run by the state transportation authority police. Unfortunately, though, the police MCV can only carry one person, and the real-world unit is a very large truck that carries a number of personnel. Any chance we could bump the capacity of the police MCV to 6 so it would be on par with the fire equivalent?

    I’m with you- pretty sure I’ve even brought it up in the past. I’d love to see it in game, it would be really valuable for those of us who play hardcore realism setups. Until we get that, though, I use crew carriers labeled as rehabs and canteens. By putting more firefighters on scene it reduces the overall mission length (like another player mentioned) without adding more engines than are realistically present in my department. I’ve heard of people using mobile air units to fill the same role- I can see why, but personally I’m a bit lukewarm on that idea. To each their own!

    I've been doing some thinking about the flow of the game lately. I've come up with the following idea:

    What if instead of having calls come in as "drug lab fire" "room fire" "bin fire" etc, we had a progression. Something like "reported fire" (variations could be "reported structure fire", "reported outside fire", "reported vehicle fire") would start it off. The way things tend to flow in the real world, arriving units will see smoke from some way off or they'll arrive on scene with visible fire or they'll make entry and find fire-- then they'll call for a working fire response. The thing that pushed me to post this was the drug lab fire call. The way I interpret "drug lab" I think of an illegal meth lab (maybe it's supposed to be a pharmaceutical manufacturer fire? If so, let me know) and I don't think it's realistic for the reporting party to call it in as such, so I don't think it's realistic for us to know that we need to dispatch a HAZMAT response right off the bat. Just some thoughts.

    I've only ever used mine on very large EMS incidents to be able to have ambulances return to a point close to the incident after returning from the hospital. I think some folks who build out west may use them on wildfire incidents (especially now seeing as fire can sort of spread) but I'd be interested to hear how others are using them.

    I would absolutely love to see this. No pods in my current jurisdiction but several that I neighbor and plan to eventually build out do have them. I think this would see a lot of success.

    Don't currently have any fire police in the mix (not a thing in my current region) but I think you could achieve the same effect with a utility vehicle-- increases mission completion speed, plus most utilities I've seen are set up fairly similarly to fire police.

    Well... it's come quite a way since I last posted here. Still some work to do filling out a few remaining stations and adding apparatus, but it's close!

    Stats for those interested:

    Fire station45
    Ambulance station41
    Water rescue4
    Police station20
    Police Aviation1
    Game Warden Office2
    Water Police Expansion2
    Forestry Expansion18
    Foam Extension1
    Fire Marshal's Office / Fire Investigation Extension2
    Airport Extension1
    Fire Boat Docks2

    Type 1 fire engine61
    ALS Ambulance54
    Patrol car40
    Utility unit16
    Type 6 engine15
    Platform truck12
    Battalion chief unit8
    Type 7 engine8
    EMS Chief7
    Heavy rescue vehicle7
    Water Tanker5
    K-9 Unit5
    Rescue Engine5
    Light Boat Trailer4
    Warden's Truck4
    Type 2 fire engine4
    Large Fireboat4
    Police Supervisor / Sheriff Unit4
    EMS Rescue4
    Mobile air4
    Patrol Boat4
    Crew Carrier3
    Large ARFF Crash Tender3
    Fire Prevention Unit3
    BLS Ambulance3
    Heavy Rescue + Light Boat2
    SWAT Armoured Vehicle2
    Fire Investigator Unit2
    Mass Casualty Unit2
    Pumper Tanker1
    Police Motorcycle1
    Police helicopter1
    Foam Tender1

    *ARFF units will be updated shortly-- haven't gotten around to that since the update.

    EMS Mobile Command10
    Environmental Game Warden10
    Mobile Command13
    Motor Officer4
    Ocean Navigation22
    Peace Officer4
    Police Aviation11
    Police Supervisor / Sheriff15
    Swift water rescue28
    Truck Driver's License3

    I'd love to see that- after all, we have accurate wildland unit classifications. Regardless, this update is awesome- now I can have realistic RIV capabilities instead of all massive crash trucks.

    Mission Name: Aircraft In-Flight Emergency Standby

    Amount of Credits: 1000

    Expansion required (if applicable): Airport

    Time to complete: (in minutes) 10

    POI: (If needed) Airport

    Required Units: 2x ARFF, 1x fire engine, 1x battalion chief

    Max Patients: 0

    Minimum Patients: n/a

    Patient Category: (General Internal- Cardiac Surgery) n/a

    Transport Probably: n/a

    Prisoners: (Max-Min, If applicable) n/a

    Upgradable Missions (if applicable): smoke in cabin, engine fire, braking overheat, landing gear failure, plane off the runway, bird strike, aircraft leaking fuel, burst tire - aircraft, light aircraft crash, light aircraft crash (airfield), large aircraft crash

    Pretty much what the title says. I'm curious because I happen to edit OSM in my free time both for fun and as a volunteer activity, and I made an edit to my local high school several months ago which showed up within minutes on OSM but has yet to show up in Missionchief. I'm assuming MC also pulls a substantial amount of data from OSM tags (the things we use to define characteristics of... pretty much anything- they define buildings as houses, etc) and I think we could have a much more realistic experience if the OSM data was updated more frequently so the tagging data was more up to date. OSM changes for the better every single day and we get a better picture of the world we live in. It's frustrating to see a commercial fire in an area that's all residential- if I'm correct and MC pulls POI data from OSM tags, that issue could become less frequent as tagging is updated to reflect the real-world situation. Sorry for the long-winded ramble- just my curiosity and my 2 cents.

    Use ARR. Create your your own category with the units you want to respond. eg. Squad for the engine and HM support for the HM. Create a new ARR with the two units assigned.

    This is the way. I've set all my ARRs to send a Tanker Support unit (represented by a type 2 engine) to every call that a tanker responds on.