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    What often happens with these missions is the developers just like to drop them without notice. The one time i got asked about the Spring/fall event i did manage to change the names of some of the missions to make them more platform specific but i can only make those suggestions if i get a heads up in the first place. And the Halloween missions are the same across the three platforms that i play on.

    Thanks for all the response. I was not trying to be hostile I was just trying to express that it could be one mission instead and two and I was debating my points. I realize the second one could be handled "after" but that is not realistic either. But again, thank you for the guidance and your input. I appreciate the replies. Have a great evening all!

    You're forgetting one important point, This is a GAME, not real life, What spawns is completely random. Whilst there is a level of realism there are limitations within the game so we do the best we can with what we have. Maybe its time you tried to make lemonade?

    For someone who has been playing for 8 months I would assume that you would know where to find the possible missions list to check what missions are currently in the game? In my almost 3 years of playing on both the AU and US platforms I've never known them to remove missions entirely. Tweak ? Yes. Change the title? Absolutely. Remove entirely? No.

    well you can chose not t do those missions but they will take 2 days to disappear, its easier just to finish them. Halloween isnt a big thing here in australia either but i just get the job done.

    From the developers:

    To give a quick explanation: brush missions where running in an older depreciated mode of mission generation, which did not allow much flexibility and may cause other problems for the player. We changed that to the up to date version of counting expansions within the dispatch area, but allowing any station to start the generation if the requirements are met in the area. (I'm not aware of any bushfire mission that doesn't require at least one extension. If you see one please let me know which one.)

    We are aware that this causes the behavior to change slightly, but a similar behavior can be achieved if the stations are organized into dispatch areas. In that regard they now behaving like any other extension. If there are enough extension built in the area a mission can appear.

    I am finding it frustrating I have major wildfires springing up across 600kms and I have 30 wildfire trucks , so some trips are nearly 4 hours real time each fire requires 10 trucks 8 Tankers. How can I get a heavy air tanker to be added to these jobs?

    They need to revert to how they were spawned before. Its literally forcing people to get the expansions/vehicles whether they're ready to or not. We have raised the issue but have yet to receive a response.

    I just noticed this also, but in a new state where i only have a basic stations set up and no extensions completed. I also note we're in double credits for our anniversary and there's been no announcement for that either.

    Its a million to place the helipad, a million for each additional expansion and 300k for each helicopter plus training and downtime for personnel.

    I so know how you feel, the most recent au content release had been finished for 3 months before they did anything with it,I had to keep on them about it. Then they backflipped on what was supposed to follow it and tried to blame us for the misinformation we'd been telling players despite there being chat threads to the contrary. I'm beginning to wonder why they even have us when they don't listen to us anyway.