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    ok thats what i thought i saw hard to get my alliance to post damn courses the ones running it seem to not want to bother and bitch if you ask

    Might be time to find a new alliance then. It should not be an issue to ask for courses. One would suggest if they dont want to do it then they shouldn't have an admin role.

    Sorry, will add one more question/query to the mix:

    The mission cardiac arrest (thanks for coding that one Katnip and all of the other ones on there!) was one I had popped up in the mission suggestion list - it has a requirement for 3 ambulance stations and 1 fire station.

    Don't care about the mission payout (10 credits) because of the added payment of treating and transporting the patient, but the requirement for a firefighting vehicle wasn't coded into the mission (to simulate the Emergency Medical Response (EMR) of firefighters co-responding to priority 0 calls).

    If its ok, once ive finished my current coding requirements for the devs which is still a rather lengthy list but hopefully worth the time required ( i can generally only do about 5 before i start getting cross-eyed LOL). I'll message you with the ideas that you've just given me and see if that gels with the idea that you were trying to achieve and then i'll reach out to the devs on how best to encode them.

    Actually it was, but just because ive coded it one way doesnt mean the devs actually use my coding as it was input. This is what ive been saying about not everything being guaranteed, I do not get the final say so, all i can do is suggest on your behalf and i encode it to save the developers time. This is where its important to make notes about what you actually want as the mission creation tool is limited in its capabilities ( but is so much quicker than coding by hand which i had major trouble getting my head around). Had I put something in the notes about what was trying to be achieved it may not have been overridden. As it stands they probably thought it was a coding error, and omitted it, (but as they've now deleted my coding from the spreadsheet we use to put the coding in as the new jobs entered will now be for July. I guess we will never know for sure.) and i completely get it because as a general rule fireys dont get dispatched for medical here in SA unless its a heavy lift or difficult access and even then its only after SAAS is on scene . HOWEVER i am willing to put those types of missions forward with the explanation in the notes ( I am not sure how i would code it given the creation tool limitations.) and hopefully if they're unsure, they'll reach out for a conversation?

    I will however raise your issue with the vehicle changes , I wasnt aware any of this was happening until i got the message myself and have an issue that i want to raise about some of the changes anyhow.

    The devs are annoying, makes since, however it’s a big part of the real life, not to mention I don’t believe the devs have ever had experience as emergency personnel evident by what’s in the game currently and the fact that most suggestions aren’t placed in game. Not to also mention most calls are in the worse and wrong areas on the map but that doesn’t matter that would be hard to fix.

    You do know the the game is completely randomised when selecting what jobs spawn in what areas? , the developers dont sit there and decide to annoy the hell out of you. Can you imagine how many people it would take to sit there and "make live" every mission for every player?

    I would like to see courses that don't end up with any participants cancelled and that classroom become available again for use, instead of running empty as some large alliances put up a set amount of courses each day for people to use.

    Asked before in a now locked post, this is just trying to stir things up again. So this post will also be locked. Please don't post it again.

    It's been a common theme here recently unfortunately.

    If you care to read to get the full context we're talking about a duplicated post nothing more, i believe its been sorted now.

    Alex is correct, its not your place. Now i personally have pointed it out to you at least twice that you've taken over discussions and questions directed at me and even tried to tell someone what i can and can't do, Now you're doing it again. It needs to stop. If you have a problem with something someone posts do as any normal person would do and either report the post so that its brought to the attention of those who's job it is to sort it out or contact one of us and let us work it out and leave it at that. You're upsetting a lot of people and overstepping your bounds constantly. We've been nice up until this point but you're obviously not getting the message so we're getting a little more blunt. All of us have been appointed for one reason or another whether it be our experiences or qualifications and what we can bring to the table, we don't need to be undermined constantly which is what you do whether you realise it or not. We deserve respect and not detraction. I dont know if you're angling for some kind of official role but this is not the way to do it, no-one wants to be involved with you. I saw a post from you the other day trying to incite everyone to not support the game by not buying credits because the developers made a change you dont agree with. I realise you're a minor but these kind of things really speak to your age and really is childish and doesnt help or change anything. You're the topic of discussion on a regular basis and that takes time away from what we should be doing which is dealing with bug reports, trying to get you cool new content( which you then complain about), removing spammers from the boards and most of all enjoying the reason we're all here and that's for a GAME. Our tolerance for this behaviour is waning. You are skating on very thin ice. Upon discussion again this evening the decision has been made to give you an official warning and you will only get given so many before being removed. This is serious stuff.

    To be honest its semantics, its also spawned by three other POI's including Goods station, Train station (regional traffic), Train station (regional traffic and long-distance travel), as well and both options are available to be placed as well. Its more hassle to get it changed than it would be to place the POI IMO.

    Just now doing weekend activities. I bought a vehicle in an ambulance station and it DIDN"T count. I must have also done four or five other tasks, THE SYSTEM STILL SAYS 0 TASKS FINISHED.

    PLEASE, fix this. I would like to get all the awards.

    ive found this too, have raised it with the developers.

    You actually get a set of beginner tasks and events when you start and the best advice i can give you is join an alliance and concentrate on sending ONE vehicle to each shared mission as they pay more than the beginner missions whilst you build up your personnel to man your own vehicles. I have mentored many new players through the beginners "grind" and they are now successful players in their own right it just takes some time.


    I'm new to the game I've set up a few stations and I need some help. Is there like a beginners manual?

    There isnt a manual as such but my recommendation is find an alliance and the players within should be able to overwhelm you with knowlwedge and hints and tricks. In the meantime concentrate on building fire stations, each additional fire station built gives you and extra mission on your lists and generally pay more than police and ambulance missions.

    thats correct, as they would be IRL they are unavailable for " work" until the course is complete. Sorry for the gaff but the principle is still the same - in training - unavailable.

    I think the game has to see a minimum of 5 Sgts "available" So if they're in training then the game won't see them as available

    Whitchit is correct, Those personnel in training arent yet trained in the eyes of the game and arent actually available to be dispatched whilst in said training. You can either use coins to fast track the training or wait it out and then it will no doubt work for you.