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    Do ambulance stations increase when you build more and more of them like Police and fire stations. I’ve seen some people say the price doesn’t change whether you have 10 or 1000 ambulance stations

    Hi, there separate so every 25 stations you get one more off all helipads

    And with fire stations it was increased to 6000, the FAQ is wrong

    Thanks I always thought police and fire helicopters both counted toward the 25 per

    So What is the limit for fire helicopter stations. Do fire docks count as fire stations or are they separate and what is the limit on them. Also do fire helicopters count toward the formula for police which is 1 helicopter per 25 stations? Thanks

    So do you need separate ambulance stations to spawn more mass casualty events. I don’t have ems stations but have the expansion in fire stations and don’t get to many mass ambulances missions. And yes I’m well over 25 ems extensions on my fire stations

    We are a New England alliance we are looking for members whether you just started or your far along. We offer free training courses we help each other out if someone needs units etc. teamwork and when decisions are made we vote all members get input and get to vote. TEAMWORK. We have 16 members and the largest player is winner7283833 and we also use discord. Alliance name is New England 911 and winner has the most credits

    So I use the alarm system and for some reason their is no rescue engine option only heavy rescue which if I have it with light boat it will send heavy rescue+light boat when I want the rescue engine sent instead. Any way to have it dispatch rescue engine and not heavy rescue+light boat. (I use quints as well so simply putting firetruck selection won’t always send a rescue engine)