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    The vast majority of opinions on the matter is the case as why we haven' submitted tot activated it.

    As an optional equipment, players can choose to send it to a call based on how they want to play and receive the small patient pay bump for it.

    As it is now, if you want to send it to major MVCs or rural calls you can and take the pay bump (or even faster transport time as a direct route).

    At the very least, there needs to be an update to the personnel requirements. A minimum of 2 with the option to have 3. And, in the future, a specialized training requirement for them.

    I'm not saying that a helo station should be required to play. I am saying that there needs to be missions that have the possibility of updating to need a helo if a player has a helo station and helo at their disposal. Just like we have multiple missions now that will update to need EMS or the requirement of boats on certain missions because you have a boat station built. This option can be set to where the player can turn it on or off depending on their jurisdiction.

    If they were to turn it on in my eyes it MUST be toggleable

    I agree with this. Have it set to where those of us that have our setup in areas that have frequent HEMS use can toggle the option on. And then have missions that, at random, update to need a helicopter.

    The SAR Unit is a vehicle equipped with Search & Rescue equipment.

    The missions themselves haven't changed, rather new variations (requiring SAR and TRT equipment/personnel) have been added so for the Partial Building Collapse for example there is the base mission worth 7,300 credits and then there is version b that is worth 8,100 credits and requires 8x USAR and 8X Technical Rescue qualified personnel.

    Yes, that was the mission I had. Problem is, I had 16 trained personnel on scene. All 16 people had both USAR and Technical Rescue training. I also had 3 vehicles on scene that had USAR and Technical Rescue equipment on board. And yet, the game still said I was short.

    Good Afternoon,

    I think that an update to the HEMS system for the US Version would be beneficial. There are currently no calls that require medical helicopters and as of now, you can just dispatch a helicopter to any medical call, regardless of severity. In the US, medical helicopters are usually only used for the most severe of calls that require quick transport to a specialized hospital such as a Level 1 trauma center or major stroke center. Most of the time, an ambulance will arrive on scene and assess the patient. They then determine that helicopter transport will be the best option and request HEMS. It is then that a helicopter is dispatched to the scene. It is also worth noting that medical helicopters in the US have a minimum crew of 2 with most having 3, yet in the game, you can only have 1 person on the helicopter. There is also specialized training for HEMS personnel.

    My idea is to have missions that can update to require a HEMS unit. Such as Vehicle Accidents, Severe Fires, Stroke calls. These calls can update to require a HEMS units after the first EMS unit, such as an ambulance or supervisor, arrives and evaluates the patient. I would also like to see an increase in personnel for a HEMS unit to at least 2 as well as a requirement for special education for HEMS crew members.

    Please let me know what y'all think.

    Good Afternoon All,

    The United States Fire Alliance is currently looking for active members to join our team as well as a couple of Deputy Chiefs to help maintain our Finance and Training divisions.

    The USFA has members and stations all over the United States as well as several Alliance Buildings to assist you with completing your calls if needed. There is no requirement to contribute to the alliance fund, however contributions are always welcome. There is also no requirement to assist in alliance missions, but again, help is always appreciated.

    If you would like to join our team, please submit a request to join. Regular members must be ranked as Firefighter or higher. If you would like to apply for a Deputy Chief spot, please message me on here. You must be ranked as Lieutenant or higher to qualify for the Deputy spots.

    We look forward to working with you all.



    Fire Chief

    United States Fire Alliance

    Good Morning,

    My MissionChief app currently shows that coins are on sale. But when I try to click on it, nothing happens. And when I go to the coin purchasing section, no sale is shown. Is there a bug in the system?

    Good Evening All,

    The United States Fire Alliance is currently looking for new members as well as some staff members. We are looking for an Assistant Fire Chief as well as 2 Deputy Fire Chiefs.

    The Assistant Fire Chief will be tasked with day to day operations. They will need to be online at least every couple of days and should be willing to help other players when able. They will be required to be at least a Staff Captain rank in MissionChief.

    The Deputy Fire Chiefs will be assigned either Training or Finance. The Deputy Chief of Training will be in charge of setting up training classes that are requested by members and assisting the Assistant Chiefs when necessary. The Deputy Chief of Finance will in charge of building and upgrading alliance buildings when necessary and assisting the Assistant Chiefs when necessary. Deputy Chiefs will be required to be at least a Captain rank in MissionChief.

    USFA is a fairly laid back alliance. We are not super strict with the rules but do expect common courtesy to be practiced.

    If interested in a staff (Chief) position, please apply to the alliance and message me about the position you are interested in.

    We look forward to all applicants.



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    In the US, we generally only have 2 to 3 on a Helicopter, 1 Pilot and 1 or 2 crew. Usually 2 crew. And the vast majority of Police Helicopters are 2 person.

    As i told you in the other thread you made about this topic. No there is no 1000 building limit.

    That guy has 1101 buildings (user of lss manager - "wachen stands for stations"):
    [Blocked Image:]

    This is the German version of the game. They are separate and have different sets of rules. From what we have gathered, you currently can have 1000 of each type (police, fire and ems, respectively). We are trying to see if the limit for fire stations can either be removed or increased greatly in the American version.

    So, I have a suggestion for improvement of the rank system. Currently, the system is very disproportionate once you get to Battalion Chief and it's next to impossible to go any further. I believe that the the final three ranks of Division Chief, Deputy Chief and Fire Chief should be adjusted to make it slightly easier to attain them.

    I am recommending the following:

    Division Chief: 100,000,000 Credits (100 Million)

    Deputy Chief: 200,000,000 Credits (200 Million)

    Fire Chief: 500,000,000 Credits (500 Million)

    This would keep the structure of having to earn more credits in-between each rank than need for the last rank.