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    If Canada is similar to US in terms of security, you will not find each individual police station. I can google a police department name and it shows where the main PD is located but never find a list of all police stations in that jurisdiction. The MC map will often show PD station locations in some places, but obviously not the number or type of units.

    Sometimes if you're lucky enough with street view you can see some of the cars in the parking lot and I'll zoom in to see the car numbers lol,

    I knew it was a long shot but was hoping maybe someone had went on a ride along with them or something and knew more about the numbers and location

    Wondering if any of the other users here who have their Toronto Police stations complete or almost complete can give me a little hand or 2.
    Finally finished off my Fire units after 3 years (probably more) of quitting, coming back, quitting, and coming back again. I decided to start trying to finish EMS and TPS

    I understand the basics unit numbers for TPS vehicles and locations but I'm wondering if any one has a list or a website they use to find all unit locations

    for example

    I know that 1332 vehicle would be 13 Divisions

    but I'm seeing some that start with 60 which I believe is Traffic Services

    And I'm stumped on others like 87, 69 etc

    Also wondering on certain locations units like PSRT, TAV etc would be out of which building


    I remember this being talked about ever since playing this game back in 2017. The (old team) devs at the time didn't even want to include Rescue Engine because no one would by the engine or the Rescue truck because people would just buy the 1 and that's why it added as a unit you could only buy when you hit a certain level. Same conversation with the Quint unit until it finally got added. I want to say that I remember the devs saying most likely not happening due to the fact Rescue Engine Mobile Air would do the job of 3 units all in one.

    Ah yes thank you, I worked in Toronto for a couple years until I moved back up to Northern Ontario last November, so I recall seeing these on the road a lot. I was assuming that they were the ERU cars but seeing the 'A' on the wiki was throwing me off a bit so I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly

    I have finally decided to start building EMS stations in and around Toronto I've noticed a few things on the Wiki that state some stations have ARU (picture added) and I'm wondering what does ARU stand for, what would these unit be consider in game itself, and does anyone know what they look like on the road.

    Thanks everyone

    Hello I was wondering if anyone knew how the fire dispatching website for Toronto works. As you can see in the image posted C42 is in there 3 times and Pump422 being in there twice. I've noticed a

    lot with their fire calls that in the "Dispatched unit" sections they units are listed there 2 to 3 times. Is it done because the unit is being resent out after being cleared? Thanks a bunch

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    Ouch! Was it only 100K or more?

    Was 200k for an ambo building

    I found out. If you delete the vehicles out of the building and then try to refund it you can’t. You have to have the building as it was when it was built so if I’m the future you look to refund a building, make sure it’s still got the same type of starting vehicle that came with it.

    Weird, I built it and it came with 1 ambulance (which I left in it when I deleted it) and only used it for 1 call. I didnt even change the name of the ambulance

    Facebook had a recent hack that had 50 million users keys stolen, so for users safety they were all logged out of everything. I don't have a answer for the continuous log out. I just know about the main one.

    There would be no money into it there's call that require 5-6 trucks and if you had to give everyone a tank, the credits you get at the end would be useless. It sounds like you're trying to place 911 Operator into Missionchief.