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    The settings tab in dispatch center. Its the 3rd option down. It should only stand down EMS units once they have made it on scene not before.

    Ok....yes...should have been more specific... they get dispatched and then arrive and then clear...same with EMS Supervisors. I see what you say about the dispatch center... but I can's find what you refer to.. can you screen shot?

    Ok.....I know it is found somewhere but I can't find it, so I am asking. There are calls where I know that an ambulance will be needed, so I add an ambulance to the required units for response but the ambulance is released before it gets there only to be "requested" a few minutes later. I know there is a feature that cancels unnecessary ambulances and that it can be turned off, but I can't find it after looking everywhere.. Thanks

    Could not find an answer anywhere so thought I would just ask here. Hope that is ok? I see on the Mission Forum that you earn points? Are they used for something or more or less a status symbol?

    Just now doing weekend activities. I bought a vehicle in an ambulance station and it DIDN"T count. I must have also done four or five other tasks, THE SYSTEM STILL SAYS 0 TASKS FINISHED.

    PLEASE, fix this. I would like to get all the awards.

    I have had that happen sporadically but for the most part if I do the task then it will show complete and I get the reward.

    Got it figured out... thanks for the feed back

    In the listing of alliance members on the US Version. Yesterday our list had the person that developed/started the alliance listed as Fire Chief and I was listed as Deputy Chief. This morning the entire look of that page changed and the founder/Chairman was demoted to Operations Chief and I was demoted from Deputy Chief to Operations Captain when the page format changed. What gives with that?

    I think at that point the feature will likely become to complex to implement to justify the cost of implementing it. Yes it's a game, but it's also an income source for the devs and as such, they have no incentive to make such a complex system with little-to-no reward for it when there are plenty of other updates that they know will work better.

    ok,,.....they charge to buy "coins"..... charge to have those features available

    It is a game.....with that why not allow some flexibility. I am sure the developers can fix it so things are not allowed that would make it easy for someone to abuse it.. You know.....such as ....if you are allowed to create own missions, limit the number allowed and the points awarded. Same with disabling...only allow the disabling of a certain number of missions.

    I would love to be able to go in and limit the frequency of calls, especially the flooding and collapse calls. Not uncommon for me to have 20-20 flooding calls a day and my airport terminal has collapsed more times than I can count. I manage the flooding calls but they are resource intensive and I often get 3 or 4 of them simultaneously. Would be more realistic if they were close to each other but they are routinely spread out over the entire map.

    Airport Fire/EMS Stations x3

    17 Fire/EMS Stations

    7 EMS Stations (simulated as private ambulance company) (3 Fly Cars in Place) and 2 MCI Busses

    Airport Police Stations x 4 (Includes Airport K9s and Airport Swat)

    1 Main City Police Stations and 6 substations (Includes several K9, a couple motor cops and Swat)

    • Most police stations have a Sheriff Unit attached and they have been named as various units such as HCSO Sheriff, Col, Major, Captain, Sgt, patrol
    • Several Game Wardens in at various police stations

    Florida Highway Patrol x 2 (One has jail cells shared w/Alliance)

    2 police helicopter stations

    2 Firefighting Plane Stations (4 planes, 2 helicopters)

    4 medical helicopters

    Federal Police Stations x 2 (FBI, DEA and ATF)

    Fire Training Academy

    EMS Training Academy

    Police Training Academy

    walk in Clinics x4 (with ems units assigned to each)

    Hospitals x7 (fully functioning) *1 is shared with alliance

    All fire stations have engine/Brush/Tender and either quint or Tower. Some stations have Squads or Rescue Engines. 4 Fire stations with boats. Some of the Fire stations I took the Type 6 engine and names it FAS (Forestry Area Supervisor). Also have 4 dozers placed randomly. Some of my battalion Chief vehicles at fire stations are named Forestry. (I know it does not make a difference but it was something to do)

    Growth has been predominantly around the City north and south but as I am required to build more to meet tasks I will eventually expand out around the entire county for coverage..

    Probably have way more apparatus that I need or should have but I have one hell of a ISO Class 1 Fire Department and besides... It is a game and I can play it how I want.....LMAO

    Hey, this is the UK verison and ehats a strip mall? like a nightclub or somthing?

    I knew that but was replying to his question about parking garages as well as your reply and just added that in as an example. A strip mall in the us version is a shopping center or a plaza with a bunch of commercial occupancies/stores