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    currently the training is specifically for the engine/ambulance combo. as for treating patients - most units can treat to about 10-15% and need the correct ambulance ( BLS, ALS or BLS and fly car) to finish treating and transport. maybe in a future quality of life update the ALS training could make that engine (or whatever fire apparatus) similar to a flycar

    I like that idea. I tried a couple of those ALS Engines that transport but disposed of them as I did not find them useful. Having an Engine that can treat ALS would be nice, especially when ALS Ambulances may be delayed.

    No it's at 0

    I don't have : only with facilities check, so it's not this one

    Ok....It was just a thought...but...all of your non alliance hospitals in the attachment provided say they will NOT accept those patients. Not an expert here but has to be something in the settings

    Yes we have always been First Responders Group (or elite on the other servers). We are just over 2 years old on the US server.

    How is the coverage in Florida? There are only 3 of us in our small alliance and we are trying to build out Florida. I have about 25 counties covered myself

    actually Barake is correct and its relevant - until you make a station specialized it will primarily generate calls based on its type, and a chance for any extensions, once it becomes specialized it basically becomes a "new" station - it will generate the call at the specialization, and chance for any other extensions.

    for example Small FD Station - 100% fire call

    Small FD Station w/ forestry expansion 95% Fire - 5% wildland (i know the %is not accurate - only for illustrative purposes)(based on how many expansions one has)

    Small FD Station w/ forestry specialization 100% wildland

    Makes sense to me, I had created some "forestry specific" stations previously, added a bunch of wildland units and some tenders and removed the Engines but the station still generated "stuff" so I just sent next closest and kept them as forestry. When I changed them to the forestry specialization they now only generate wildland stuff.

    You may also want to change the distance to which they can transport. It could be that the hospitals within the range you have listed will not accept those patients. I set the beds like goochy recommends and the distance at the max.

    These units could be used for smaller missions than just major events. My county has a few Rehab/Canteen units that are owned and run by local VFDs they will usually respond if a fire hits 2nd alarm to tend to the emergency personnel on scene. These units could be used in many ways to assist anything from small to large missions. Would love to see this added!

    I suggested a while back....I think during the QOL survey that we add REHAB and DECON units.. it is a thing of the future

    Thanks for looking into this and reporting it. Just so you are aware, I am experiencing the same issues still this morning. I know you said they are looking into it but I wanted to let you know the same thing is still going on..

    Trying to follow the rules... when I searched for this, it told me the thread was obsolete and to start a new one...but since my question or issue relates here goes...

    Is anyone having server issues today? Almost every mission (especially large incidents) generates the message to redispatch and about every 6th or 7th mission I get the other message? Is it system wide or just my connection?

    1: It counts as a Patrol Car but it's mostly for realism like the flycar.
    2: The Wildland Dozer speeds up mission completion time. The firefighting planes are required on the major forest fire as well as being faster than a ground unit to alliance missions
    3. The Game Warden does have a few missions its required to but I feel like they should add more, as well as the game warden being quite cheap so it's a nice thing to have, I agree they should transport but that's a different debate.

    Thanks Goochy. relating to #1 I agree with the realism but I have had cases where I sent it as a partol car to fill out the mission, and once all units are there the mission still requires me to send another patrol car (Thanks for the explanation) Relating to #2 I have had large and major wildfires and NONE of them every require a plane/helicopter (Again...thanks for the info) Relating to #3 I can just say I agree on both responses (Thanks again)

    There are a few units here and there that appear to have no real value or use in the game. This is NOT a complaint, rather a request for information.

    1. Police Motor Unit or Motorcycle? It does not seem to count as a patrol unit because it only has "1" person (obviously), but a patrol unit will count with only "1" person on it (I have tried it). Also it can't transport (obviously). They require special training to us, yet they never show up as a "required" unit. So what is the value?
    2. Wildland Dozers and Firefighting Planes or Helicopters. They require special training to use them. They have a significant cost. But, yet they never show up on a mission as "required". What is their value?
    3. Game Wardens. Other than "children's excursions" they seem to have no real value but again they require special training to have. Any other mission that the one listed, they have to have a police unit dispatched to sent to transport prisoners. (Most fish and game agencies can and do transport prisoners). So what is the value of the Game Warden Extension?

    Thanks in advance for the information.

    I tried an extra bay on stations and moved trucks, but they cannot be turned out on the route to the covering station, so not ideal.

    I know it is a pain in the butt, but the easy way is to just build a staging area on top of your stations each day and use that for move ups. It works as I have tried it. The units will show up as available in the closest staging area and you can send them... is FREE

    I have my settings so that the window in the picture shows up after dispatch if you return to that mission. It basically lets you make sure you have not missed any units. Note that "HAZ MAT" appears twice and no matter how many units you select the 2nd one does not fill out. At this point it has not seemed to impact the completion of the mission, but it does show that haz mat is needed regardless of how many you send.

    It would seem that we have gotten off to a bad start and my posts have caused you to be very watchful and critical of what I have posted and admonish me. I in no way meant to be disrespectful or rude and while I may seem to be argumentative from time to time, I am only standing my ground based on what I believe or based on my opinion. I love the game and I am learning and I tend to ask a lot of questions and sometimes may have to ask them a couple times in order to grasp the reply. There is no intent or malice within my posts directed at or meant to aggravate you. With that being said, I apologize for any misunderstandings and hope that we can all get along from this point forward.


    Do you by chance have screenshots and Mission Links to both Missions?

    Here you go JerseyBirds. Not sending this to be argumentative or disrespectful, but you asked for a screen shot. In this case the wildland incident mission generated at the very same address was not a significant one, but they do range from small to major. No real reason to keep this thread alive if you chose to close it. Again, just sending these shots because you asked for them.


    What EMS-Chief is trying to say is there's nothing to say you HAVE to complete both jobs at the same time. Simply complete one then the other they dont expire for 48 hours.

    Thanks for all the response. I was not trying to be hostile I was just trying to express that it could be one mission instead and two and I was debating my points. I realize the second one could be handled "after" but that is not realistic either. But again, thank you for the guidance and your input. I appreciate the replies. Have a great evening all!