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    I did not really "change" anything. I should have been more clear. I just opened the extended alarm window and moved the position of one of my tabs and then moved it back to original place, which prompted me to save on exit. I saved, logged out of the game, cleared the cache on the browser, logged back into the game and they were there.

    I just did the same thing, but unfortunately that doesn't work for me :(

    I had a problem finding mine initially too. I went to the LSSM and opened the release notes and then went into the extended dispatch window and saved it and then logged completely out of the game and back in and they were there. I should clarify that by saying I am playing on a Laptop....not off the phone app

    what did you change in LSSM?

    As the subject says, I've got numerous stations generating wildfire missions although they don't have the forest extension.

    If I click on the station it says generating missions: fire fighting missions.

    So this should be good.

    It's kind of anoying that some non-forestry stations just start spawning wildfire missions because I dont have the right units and or personel required.

    I am glad that with the update of coastal stations, the lifeguard post was introduced. However I just found out that there is only one mission which requires a lifeguard post. Can we get some missions which require one or more lifeguard posts to simulate everything they do on the beach?

    Thank you!

    I think it could be fun if there were more specializations possible for the hospitals. For example pediatric, oncology, psychology, orthopedics etc. This could come with a lot of different ambulance missions and possibilities.

    Also I think that 30 beds for a hospital is not enough with the newer high patient missions.

    Recently I've received a number of call where I'm not able to see and dispatch my units. On some calls I can't see any vehicle. On other calls it will show a few. But espescially on the larger calls, I'm not able to complete these although I've got plenty of units nearby and within range.

    I also experienced this bug on shared calls from my alliance.

    Can someone tell me how to fix this? It is really annoying...



    Normally you can buy one Mass Casualty Unit for every 20 rescue stations.

    I currently have 59 rescue stations and 35 ambulance extensions. THis makes a total of 94. By my count, I should be able to build 4 Mass Casualty Units.

    However, I have 2 but can't buy another one.

    Can someone explain this, or does the ambulance extension not count as a rescue station?

    I try to play realistic. A lot of departments within the US have so called rehabilitation units which basically provide food/drinks and a place to rest during large incidents. Also a lot of departments have light wagons which provide lights during incidents (mostly at night).

    Can these vehicles be added in game?