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    As the title suggests.

    Is the public order expansion still broken?

    Can you train staff in more than 2 skills like PSU level 1 and 2 plus a few as sgts medics and inspectors ect and do they count towards the mission totals.

    I think you misinterpreted my words.
    This is not having a go at you in any way.

    I also said "Can you imagine opening the game to see", by this is was refering to a hypotential update in the future where those were added.

    I am only saying that if we start adding loads of training it becomes so complex. I am serving emergency services and know how the services work from being trained in inter-agency operability.

    "Why you don't have this concern for other services."

    Unless your asking about police/ a bit of knowledge on ambo, then I know nothing about fire for example.

    There were talkings about multiple fire office levels which covers the point above but from a new players perspective it can be quite complex, for example I used to be active on the de version but with being away for a while the amount of new training means that I wont touch that as I just cant get past the complexity.

    My only concern is complexity for new players.

    Can you imagine opening the game to see


    Specialist Paramedic

    Advanced Paramedic

    Consultant Paramedic

    Critical care


    In my view what advantage is there comapred to critical care, unless you allow the above to cover the critical care requriement.

    I realise this is going to be a sensitive topic but I think its worth asking and hoping that MissionChief-Team will respond.

    Will anything ever be done about the state of botting in this game, in my personal opinion its out of control. I miss the old days prior to the Uk version where credits earned were real rather than a script.

    All you need to do is look at the earnings per hour to see people are not even hiding it now :(

    The devs confirmed that it was a mission change (removal of the Light Aircraft 4 PRV 4 SRV 2 Welfare variant) that caused players that had that mission generated to be unable to load the game!

    Ah wondeerfull
    I did not see that, where has that been announced?

    I can see why people are saying that RRVs should not be recalled.
    But I think the devs have designed it with regards to how real life works.

    Forgive me if I am mistaken but once ambulance resources are no longer needed at a scene, is there any reason for a RRV to stay?

    I cant think of any reason.

    I think the de version has an organisation called thw.

    It's a volunteer civil recovery service.

    With diggers pumps engineers ect.

    This is not an emergency service.

    From rheir wiki page

    The Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk (THW, English: Federal Agency for Technical Relief) is the federal civil protection organisation of Germany. It is controlled by the German federal government. 99% of its 79,543 members (2019) are volunteers.[2]

    So they are expanding this on the de version despite it not being emergency services but won't support SAR MR HMCG Ect.

    If they go down the route of the main services because of being dispatched by a control room, then SAR and MR won’t be added. They technically aren’t emergency services. They support the emergency services but aren’t one themselves. They will be called out by the duty POLSA calling them, not by a control room. Which is why I told the devs, are you sure you want to go down that route, because if so, police and ambulance are pretty much done and fire is not far off.

    I have a question for players on the forum (not that it matters clearly).

    Would you like to see a more in depth airport expansion with ops, security, airside safety where things such as protestors, airport ramp safety checks, runway check missions etc can all spawn giving a lot more depth and variety, or would you like airports with just crash trucks and that’s it?

    With regards to MRT.

    When I had had go call them out you ask for police then mountain rescue.

    A polsa is not involved in deployment of MRT eg to rescue a climber however if it was a high risk misper then a polsa might request lowland or mrt to assist.

    So it might be worth stressing that.

    Do these missions that have appeared ingame have anything to do with the above?

    Guest's anniversary balloon is stuck in tree

    Fire caused by anniversary-party electrics (small)

    Fire caused by anniversary-party electrics (major) Anniversary present stolen

    Sabotage at the anniversary jukeboxes

    Anniversary guest missing Anniversary guests stole decoration

    Anniversary guests stole cake Guest ate too much anniversary cake

    Papercut from opening anniversary presents

    Anniversary party guest with joint pain after dancing

    Anniversary party guest hit by cork stopper

    Anniversary party guest unconscious

    People missing on dance floor Inflate balloons for anniversary party

    Guest drank poisoned drinks at anniversary party

    Just to add for the record.

    I added my interpretation of the rules based on the following.
    1 What the devs have provided (IE the webhook for alliance missions)
    2 What the devs have approved so far interms of lss manager.

    This is not me saying what your doing it within or not within the games TOS.

    In simple terms check before you expose yourself to potentially getting banned for breachin the TOS.

    So like uh.. i could make a bot that listens to Discord and sends messages into the alliance chat for communication reasons?

    I would assume so but dont quote me.

    As its not a bot that earns you credits or assists you with ingame functions.

    There is a webhook option for the game already for when alliance missions are run so I would assume your basing your theoretical idea based on that.