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    I think BackRaiser didn't word it exactly right. It's not about empty hospitals. It was explained to me thus: The game will only check the first fifty hospitals in order of distance. So if none of those hospitals are valid targets (either full or filtered out by EMS Chief settings because tax is too high etc) then the EMS Chief will not transport. This was supposedly limited in this fashion to prevent excessive checks when there are tons of full or filtered hospitals nearby.

    Yes, your 100% right

    Change the distance they can transport to the max.... 200K

    No it's not about distance or something, i am at 200km actually, it's just about my hospitals number, i have too many empty hospitals so the game can't calculate after to see if i have free beds, even if my hospital is at 5/10/20/50/500km

    Since you have exhuasted all our methods I'd suggest you send the link of the vehicle (you can do this by in the station holding/right clicking the vehicle name and click open in new tab) so the devs can invesitage this is incredibly odd.

    Yes i will try this,

    I have more informations now, i have around 80 hospitals and clinics, this bug is coming when i have around 20 hospitals with free beds, so the next hour, when my beds are refill, it's okay, until i fall down to 20 hospitals with free beds (it's really really fast when you have mass Power Plant Missions).

    And it seems to be with missions with many patients (more than 15), perhaps it's because my hostipals are really close.

    You may have tried all of this but I am just trying to offer suggestions to help. Make sure all your EMS Chief settings are like this on each EMS Chief. You can also try clearing your browser cache, logging out and then back in. If the hospitals that accept that type of patient are out of range, the EMS Chief will not transport. I had an issue with settings and it did not change until I did that. If you have tried all this already I am sorry for repeating it. I suggest at that point that when it happens, you screen shot the EMS Settings and the incident screen and use the FAQ link to report it to tech support.

    Also tried this one, but not working too

    For some reasons, sometimes my expansions not ready are going ready and giving me missions impossible for me... it's boring and it's happening every week even with expansion built since days...

    Did you put a reserve beds left like this:

    No it's at 0

    You may also want to change the distance to which they can transport. It could be that the hospitals within the range you have listed will not accept those patients. I set the beds like goochy recommends and the distance at the max.

    I don't have : only with facilities check, so it's not this one


    Sometimes, i have EMS Chief who don't work

    For example, i have two EMS on my missions

    With correct settings

    And Beds avalaible

    But my ambos are still waiting on the missions

    And it's not the first time.

    Do you have solutions ?

    Ty in advance

    Are you referring to CUSTOM Large Scale missions or in-game large scale missions?

    The custom missions (the large-scale events you use coins for (or that the alliance can put on once a day for free)), is a random payout between about 12k to 28k (doubled on 2x credit events). This may drop slightly depending on alliance donation rate.

    If you are referring to regular missions, then the average mission payout is available to you (look at the requirement screen).

    Sorry, i was talking about alliance event

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    Hi, as a new player on this server, i created my alliance and used to try all Large Alliance Event (Edit).

    But if i compare to french server where you can have missions up to 20K crédits, these events seems really little with only missions up to 4K.

    Is it because i didn't unlocked all missions or is it normal ?