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    Hi, the second one should've been "Small Coastal Boat Trailer" which is now fixed and should show up properly.

    Thanks for reporting this && Greetings

    Dennis of the dev team

    Is there a reason why these are queued to respond separately? My understanding of the game is that these units serve the same purpose... how are they different?

    The dozer isn't used in all jurisdictions is frankly an idiotic excuse.

    Many US departments don't have a specific mobile air unit. Yet its required. Same as to the HazMat truck. And yet, it's required. Units should have a purpose, or they shouldn't be in the game.

    AND the dev's have added methods into the coding for units / personell to not be required if they aren't in the player's setup. So it wouldn't cause issues.

    Sorry, but the reasons I haven't heard are lame at best.

    Wildfires are already under an expansion, and in the areas of the country that wildfires are most common, bulldozers are a common fire fighting tool, especially among USFS / CalFire / Interagency Crews.

    A few solutions though so that people out of the Western US don't need the unit if they don't want it:

    Have the heavy operating machinery trained personel in station could be the requirement for those missions to spawn (like Hotshots). The code is already in the game, so it shouldn't be that hard to implement!

    I got really excited today seeing the Monday mission of "Fire Line", expecting a new mission for the dozer and dozer trailer. Alas, thats not what this is.

    So some suggestions - add another version of this mission that works around larger wildfires that requires a dozer, and call it something like a dozer line. These could be expanded to / followed up by the Large Rapid Wildfire.

    It would be great to have these units have a purpose!



    That makes the issue even worse… if you haven’t realised majority of patients require ALS, and waiting one hour was already bad enough but 3? In large calls such as conflagration or CBRNE on tanker ship/ cruise ship it would be a nightmare

    I think you are misunderstanding me... I'm suggesting giving each patient their own timer instead of the current method where the timer is hospital associated. Taking the CBRN Explosion On a Ship mission that has 100 patients (and lets make them all ALS patients for ease):

    Either way you need 100 hospital beds, so you are filling up 3 hospitals, and utilizing part of a fourth, that will take 30 hours to release all patients the way hospitals are currently implemented. So if the patients arrive exactly at noon, it will be 6pm the next day before all patients are released.

    In my proposal, as I wrote - "have each patient on their own timer", this will drastically reduce time hospitals are at capacity. If the 100 ALS patients all arrive at noon to 4 different hospitals (again, lets make things easy), those hundred patients will be out at 3 pm that day and your hospital can continue to accept patients from other calls without being backed up overnight.

    Agree on the increase in beds and also with the changes in relief, but the concept listed seems complicated and the developers may not want to dive in there.

    It is more complicated than the current system, but it isn't an excessive amount of coding to do something like this. In fact, the hardest parts are already there in a basic form to imitate as it seems like there already is a timer and RNG tied to patient calls!

    My initial thought was just increase bed #s as well, but that doesn't really help... because hospitals can't release more than 24 patients a day, those extra beds really only come in handy when you take a day off. They effectively act as a bandaid without solving the issue. And if this is where the devs wants us to spend coins and support the game, the cheapest pack is 30 coins. There are missions that spawn with more patients than that. Not worth the $3 and 10 cents a bed in my opinion. I'm okay with supporting the game and the devs (we all have to eat, and I love that the game is ad-free!), but that spending equation doesn't work for me.

    So after playing this game a bit and expanding into EMS, I'm beginning to see why folks in my alliance and on the forums take veiled shots at hospitals... haha!

    I think its time to see changes in how hospitals release patients. For the way this game spawns missions, once an hour just isn't enough, even if you purposefully spread patients across all the hospitals across the region of the accident. Instead of once per hour, perhaps something have each patient on their own timer, with times somewhere around these:

    - 1 Hour for patients requiring only a BLS level of care

    - 3 Hours for patients requiring only an ALS level of care

    - 5 Hours for patients requiring HEMS

    I do understand that for some folks this might not be realistic enough, but I'm also trying to think from a game dev perspective. A more complicated change would be to assign each emergency code a hospital length stay (perhaps even as a range with some RNG) and let that be the time for each patient.

    I also would like to see hospitals be increased in size significantly. 30 beds is unrealistically small, ESPECIALLY for hospitals with all specializations available within the game. Perhaps there is a way to tie extra beds to specializations, and we could grow our hospitals to Level 1 Trauma centers and unlock more beds? Thats spitballing though... hopefully it inspires someone to run with it towards a better idea.


    I've seen the claim that hotshots are dispatched exclusively by air, and I can say without a doubt that Interagency Hotshot Crews are often dispatched via vehicle.

    Luckily, you don't have to take my word for it. The US Forest Service Provides all the info you need about IHCC apparatus:

    Or some of these vehicles from other Hotshot Crews around the USA


    As of 2016, the Standards for Interagency Hotshot Crew Operations (SIHCO) as outlined by the National Interagency Fire Center SUGGESTS fixed wing aircraft and helicopter training, but it is not required - - so some groups may deploy via aircraft, but that is not the most common at all.

    Finally, The National Interagency Fire Center DOES have a special Helicopter based attack crew called a Helitak crew. I'm assuming that is what has been confused with an IHC above? and…rs/blm/blm-helitack-crews


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    I would not be opposed to the first two as long as they are done as extension and we would not see missions generate unless you have the extension.

    I agree that they would need to be done as an extension. Urban Search and Rescue makes no sense in the middle of Estes Park, CO for instance, while the Wilderness Search and Rescue would fit in great with its mountainous terrain. The opposite is true in cities such as New York.

    But the 3rd is NOT an emergency component in everyday emergency services and I do not feel it is relevant to an emergency game

    I totally get your point. But there are the Environmental Damage Assessments and other follow up missions, and I think FEMA could be applied in that sort of way. But IMO, it would be a MUCH lower priority, than fleshing out the rest of the US S&R as defined by the four primary elements of ESF-9.

    I agree these should be an option, in all honesty the US needs a small pack update of just trailers for rural areas like the hazmat trailer, a technical rescue trailer (for departments that don't have a full rescue), mobile air trailers, and a wildland/atv trailer. I say this cause as you pointed out some rural communities don't have these full size apparatus they have trailers pulled by utilities or heavy/light rescuesI

    I agree with you there. A "trailer update" might be just a fun QOL of pack for us quasi-realistic peeps!

    Though on the tech rescue trailer, I do hope to see rescue operations diversified to include Dive, Trench, Collapse, Railway, Rope, Cave etc but thats probably more appropriate to another thread.

    I could, and thats what I am doing, but like the boat trailers, I would love to see that concept applied uniformly throughout the game where it make sense!


    Content Packs are built specific to the country/area that the version services, as such the Search and Rescue pack you are referencing was a pack based in the UK.

    The US pack recently released was the Coastal Rescue and Lifeguard.

    Any chance that any of the following will be in the works in 2023?

    - USAR
    - Wilderness Search and Rescue
    - Disaster Relief / FEMA

    I've been enjoying this game the past few days, so wanted to make a recommendation as to how HazMat is treated in the game:

    Currently, we only have HazMat vehicles, which many departments do not have a dedicated vehicle in the USA, especially in smaller communities and rural areas. In these cases they are often a trailer pulled by a utility truck, or in some cases a Heavy Rescue that carries basic Hazardous Materials Clean-Up. To help players who want to build realistically, I'd propose adding two new vehicles:

    - HazMat Trailer
    - Rescue / HazMat Combo