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    You can change the spawn locations of the lifeboat station missions only on the UK server, not the coastguard station missions. And the mapping system shows an image (the map) with set routes overlayed onto it. That is why missions spawn on or next to shipping / ferry routes, farm tracks etc. Because it does not spawn missions on the map, it spawns them on top of the routes which are placed over the top of the map. Hence it cannot tell what is water or land.

    Fantastically detailed answer, really really helpful and informative information - thank you! :thumbup:

    Intensive Care sounds like a Hospital Department, but could also be in reference to the patient transport side of critical care - from one hospital to another, but with a specialist vehicle and team instead of generic non-emergency or standard ambulance transporting.

    As for the other suggestions - I'd like to see the Highways Agency implemented in the future, not before the current emergency services are polished up and finished. Anything else, including VOSA, traffic wardens, and recovery, would in my opinion not add any value to an emergency services game. Frankly, I would prefer not to see them at all. But I do see how they can appeal to others. It just doesn't float my boat in the slightest.

    I completely agree with this it seems the is a shift of interest to the American one than the uk one they have alot more assets ie federal agencies and like of marine patrols and the newest one is tow trucks

    Bear in mind that the US one was created years before the UK one, so UK will always be playing catch-up. That pre-dates the current developers.

    In-game, there was an option to subscribe to it under the edit account tab, however I've had a good look and I cannot seem to find it. Possibly been removed or it's a bug that it's no longer visible.

    Alongside this, incredibly frustrating that the 4x4 isn’t able to tow either the flood or support trailer - especially given that the RRV is capable of towing the support trailer. Really needs reviewing I think as it’s more than capable of towing both. And should be able to hold enough crew for the boat too.

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    I agree that SAR 4x4s should be able to crew at least 2, if not 4.

    I believe when using multi-trained crew, unless a vehicle requires more than one training such as Armed Traffic Car, the game will only register the staff member as having one of the training courses that the staff member has completed, and ignore the others.

    This is using the same template as the Kodiaq's I posted before for police & ambulance.

    Also had a go at the new TTLs (Turntable Ladders) for London Fire Brigade (LFB)



    Totally get where you’re coming from. I’d imagine there’s some complicated coding requirements to doing it, or maybe it’s just not been considered worthwhile as a business change - bear in mind they have to consider their profits above all else, otherwise it’s not worth their time to run the game at all. That all being said, I do think it’s worth pushing and would like it as a realism update.

    On a side note, the capitalisation of words comes across as shouting and makes your posts hard to read. Italics would look better and you wouldn’t come across as angry - which probably puts people off supporting you. Either way, good suggestion in essence :)

    So at the moment all prisoners are treated exactly the same. I’d like to propose a change to that.

    For medical patients in the US version, the patient codes allow either BLS or ALS ambulances to convey depending on the type of patient.

    I want to propose 2 types of prisoner:

    1. Compliant. These can be transported in IRVs or Cell Vans (New unit suggestion, not ARV Cell Van)

    2. Non-Compliant. These must be transported in a Cell Van due to their behaviour.

    I think the type of prisoner should be determined by a % chance of compliance. The lower-risk the call, the higher the chance of compliance. So something like a bar fight or domestic incident would generate a low % chance of compliance, whereas something like illegal internet activity would generate a higher chance of compliance.

    Finally for the Van, it could transport 2 compliant or 1 non-compliant prisoner.

    Or add the ability for any engine with the ALS staff to act as a paramedic engine where it treats but doesn't transport, whilst still leaving this unit unaltered for those players who want it for what it does? Seems like a simpler "fix"?