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    And whats with the PM-HVP ?

    What if i just want the missions, but dont want the additional spaces ?

    You'll still be able to use the PM-HPV combination for these missions.

    If you don't want the additional spaces, no idea unfortunately. The devs didn't need to put this behind an extension wall, there's no need when it seems every pump has the exact same capacity... Good to see new and interesting content however not very thought through. Would love to see the content advisors' take on this however they have been silent on MCUK for some time now...

    Taken from Facebook:

    Dear MissionChief community,

    in the event of flooding or more serious water damage, it is important to have proper equipment to remove the water as quickly as possible. Pumps can have different capabilities, which affects how much water can be pumped out over time. 💦

    This is now also simulated in MissionChief, where water damage and flood missions now have a predefined amount of water that must be pumped out. Pump-equipped vehicles have a pumping capacity that determines how long it takes to pump a certain amount of water. In most missions, a minimum amount of pump capacity must be on site before the pumping process begins. In missions requiring pumps, a bar shows you the total capacity required, the capacity already at the site, the capacity on the way, the capacity selected for dispatch and the capacity still missing. 🚒

    Here is what the new flood update contains:

    New Extensions: 🏢

    - Water Damage and Flood Extension

    New Vehicles: 🚒

    - High Volume Pump Trailer

    On top of this, there are two additional updates.

    1: The Staging Area can now be removed.

    2: The Award Page has undergone a makeover.

    We have also added new flood missions that will require the new units. 🚨

    To celebrate the update you get 24 hours of double credits! 🎊

    How do you like the new content? What content would you like us to add next to the game? Let us know in the comments! 🖊

    Your MissionChief team

    It’s true for England and wales that mountain / lowland / cave rescue are called out by police, but they are not a “police” extension as most have their own home buildings. Rarely if ever are they based at police premises. More commonly they are co-located with FRS

    Im aware its the wrong forum and the wrong country however US dont have this thread

    Make a thread on the US forum. I won’t be making US graphics on the UK forum as it disadvantages any other US players who search the correct forum.

    I believe uk armed forces’ own fire services are, for the most part, no longer training armed forces staff and instead are using DFRS almost exclusively. If need be I am happy to provide sources to corroborate this however I’m not really looking to argue with you, just to explain my reasoning. If you want a specific Royal Navy Fire and rescue logo, or a Royal Navy logo, or a RNAS Yeovilton logo, or an HMS Heron logo, you need to ask for that specifically, rather than “Yeovil Airport” which could also refer to Westlands factory and test airstrip within the town.

    Please try to reply to multiple posts within one post as double-posting is against forum rules and it makes the forum look untidy.

    I definitely agree that they need a re-work. I think the semi-random "events" for coins etc should all come with at least 1 minor mission fix so that they're updating the existing ones regularly rather than just piling on new content. And it feels like we haven't heard much of anything from the content team on the UK side for a few weeks now - here's hoping they're still in place and in contact with the devs.

    There is already the ability to refund fully the cost of a station up to 24hours after it’s built. That feature wouldn’t change and isn’t premium in the first place. What

    I’m suggesting is a feature which is available as a bonus to paying players which starts after the 24hour time limit for free refunds has expired. So you wouldn’t lose any credits which you hadn’t had 24 hours to seriously consider if you wanted to use or not. I apologise if I hadn’t made that clear in my initial post.

    I think the price of coins is very reasonable. I think the things the coins can buy are what need to be adjusted. £3 for 25 coins would be great if vehicles were 5 coins each instead of 25 - especially for vehicles worth 25k credits plus

    I don’t see how you’d loose out on any credits whatsoever with this feature? And I don’t see coins being particularly extortionate considering, again, they’re entirely optional, given for free during events and once a week from login rewards as well as task rewards, and they mean that people don’t have to watch adverts in order to play the game.

    in my opinion, simply put dont fix something that’s not broken and even worse, don’t put features behind paywalls

    It’s not a fix, it’s a feature lots of people (including myself) have asked for.

    Paywalls are necessary for a free to play game which doesn’t have adverts. How do you think the devs keep it running? Coins are the only paywall for features including premium, early access to advanced vehicles, automatic staff recruitment and more.

    I’m saying let’s add to the premium side of the game to make it more worthwhile for players, thus increasing playability for those who want to support the game. Then, the more money the game generates, the more time and effort the devs will spend on polishing it and bringing out new updates.

    It’s a win-win imo.

    Refunds for stations and vehicles after the initial 24 hours is something that has been discussed a number of times on the forum, and I wholeheartedly appreciate why it has been shot down on those occasions. The short answer is it would allow players to “cheat” the system. And the devs and other players simply don’t want that. But I think I’ve found a way around it which would benefit the community and the dev team as well.

    The short answer is there should be some cost associated with refunding stations in exchange for the credits we would get back. Initially I thought that a simple “spend 10 coins, get your station refunded for half its price in credits” would work. And maybe it would. The trouble is when a station is worth near a million credits to build, even half of that refunded would generate enough credits to buy multiple extensions or vehicles which the player may have chosen to buy with coins if the refund wasn’t available.

    Instead, I propose a 2-part feature which might be more useful!

    1. The feature should only be available to premium members. This is where the cost for the player comes in.

    2. It should be restricted to a certain credit limit. Rather than having a per-day or per-week limit, which might preclude certain expensive buildings from ever receiving a refund, I suggest this:

    The first building is refunded for half its payment cost in credits, regardless of how it was initially bought, once the 24 hour limit for the full refund has expired. If the building was worth 200,000 credits, the player receives 100,000 credits.

    This initial refund then activates a timer, which is equal to 50,000 a day. So this example’s timer would last 48 hours (2 days). Whilst the timer is activated, no further refunds may be received for deleting buildings which are older than 24hrs.

    After the timer runs out, the player will be able to refund another older building for half of however much it costs, and must then wait the respective number of days until they can do it again. So a building worth 1mil credits would be refunded for 500,000 and the player must wait 10 days (240 hours) until they can earn any more credits from building refunds.

    The refund will not be available to any players whose premium subscription will run out before the end of the timer which would be started by any refund they receive- so if a player wants to refund a building costing 200,000 credits to receive 100,000 credits, which is 2 days on a timer, but has less than 48hrs left of their premium subscription, they will not be able to get that refund.

    I believe a refund feature is needed, and I believe the premium feature needs more incentive for players to subscribe. This would definitely be worth considering as a feature of the game.

    Yeovil does not have an airport. RNAS Yeovilton is a military airbase and as such is staffed by Defence Fire and Rescue - the crest for which has already been done.

    Exeter Airport Logo: