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    TACRfan You're fighting an uphill battle with devs who apparently enjoy looking down their nose at you. I don't envy your position but **** am I glad you're fighting for us! I know we're all very keen to see an SAR type update for sure, and as for airports - I think the majority of players from here, facebook and elsewhere would prefer a fleshed out airports update rather than the bare bones the US server has at present. The devs are treating the game like a cash-grab mobile app when it has the potential to be so much better than that. Its a shame that they're so short-sighted.

    *Edit* The UK version of the game has no link to this forum - perhaps this was deliberate to keep our community smaller and voices harder to listen to - if the devs could add a link to the forum at the top of the game bar on MCUK and MCAUS if it's missing there too, that would massively help to introduce new players to the forum and get their voices heard too.

    Please stop complaining about new missions. Please.

    I agree with the following: it being poorly implemented by the devs, as a “firefighting mission” is not acceptable. It will not have taken the devs long to set it up and they still failed. Not good, and not the first time we’ve seen this issue.

    I disagree with the idea that this is a duplicate. Multiple seizures (occurring to the same patient) is a different call to a single prolonged seizure or a single regular seizure. The calls are very likely based on realism and I’d definitely not want to miss out on missions because they sound similar and one or two players don’t like that they look similar. We regularly get larger scale missions or small mission packs as well. It’s not the biggest issue in the game and we’re lucky the devs still put out regular new missions. They could quite easily say “okay no more” but they still put them out, and the content team try their best to keep a large, diverse group of players happy despite everyone wanting their own play style and experience.

    TL;DR: Yea, the devs didn’t get it right 100%, but please don’t throw your toys out of the pram because it isn’t the mission you wanted. I like it, and someone else must have for it to be suggested to the devs.

    NameRoad Rail Unit
    PurposeTo Attend Incidents via the rails that may be at places where you may not be able to get a fire engine to.
    TrainingUnsure but it would be something like Personel Track Safety OR a HNC/HND Technical Qualification
    Building ExpansionN/.A

    This would be great, examples are Avon Fire and Rescue (Avonmouth) and South Wales fire and rescue (Malpas)

    I completely understand for vans which are designated protected carriers assigned to active PSU teams. However, plenty of forces allocate protected and unprotected carriers to stations and response teams as well. Since we cannot assign more than 2 officers to an IRV, PSU carriers in-game remain the only way to simulate vans used by response teams.

    Its a nice to have but in PSU situations the PSU vans are not transporting the prisoner.

    This is mostly true, but 9 times out of ten the PSU vans are used in every-day IRV capacity too, and as cell vans for violent prisoners too. On top of that, not all PSU vans will be used as front-line vehicles in PSU situations, and may well hold prisoners during a large-scale disorder event. There's plenty of evidence of this in the media.

    Not sure whether this has been noticed by anyone else, but the requirements for Light Aircraft Crash (the version that spawns for me at least) includes 4x PRV, 4x SRV & 2x ATV Carriers. I feel as though this may be slightly excessive and wondered what others' thoughts on this were?

    Unfortunately with the game if you cancel your fire or police units even when the mission has completed but it still has patients left before the mission is 100% complete all units that you have canceled will be required to be sent back to the mission see the pics below I canceled 1 sheriff unit from a completed mission that just had patients left

    As far as I know this is correct. The button would simply prevent you from completing the mission entirely and thus is pretty pointless (unless you're sending large numbers of fire / police apparatus to missions which require none - which seems pointless to me anyway).

    I wont be including this in the pack as its already with the devs but a solution i came up with is something called a range booster (Maybe it could have a more fitting name for the game like radio mast). These would be like a dispatch centre and free to build (with no limit) and would spawn calls around them depending on the stations assigned to the dispatch centre and what POI's are within its range. They also wouldnt count as additional stations nor would you be able to buy units at them.

    The idea of a radio mast type building with no vehicles or increase to mission total is fantastic, and I was wondering whether you had considered or put forward the idea of different sized radius' for different prices, and a premium feature to be able to adjust the size of each one manually? For example, Small costing 5k Credits, having a 5 mile range from the mast. Medium having a 10 mile range and being 10k Credits, and large having a 15 mile range and being 15k Credits etc, then a premium / coin paid one that can get up to 20 miles for 5 coins?

    Another question: Could the masts be assigned to multiple dispatch centres? I have centres for each service so I don't want to have to build 3 masts for each coverage area Ideally :)

    Second OFRS installation:

    Volvo Bronto Aerial Ladder Platfrom:

    Decontamination & Environmental Protection Unit:

    Detection, Identification and Monitoring Unit:

    Incident Command Unit Mercedes Vario:

    Mitsubishi L200 Warrior 4x4 Support Unit:

    First installation of Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service:

    Old Volvo Appliance:

    Volvo Appliance:

    Tri-Service Emergency One Volvo CAFS:

    Volvo Specialist Rescue Vehicle:

    Volvo Water Carrier:

    As someone who uses dispatch centres to simulate service HQs as well as Control Centres, it is frustrating that dispatch centres cannot be "grouped" together for the purposes of mission spawning criteria. For example, say I have a Dispatch Centre for each Fire, Ambulance and Police Service in three different regions, America, UK and Australia. I do this because I like to be able to view each services' building and vehicle overviews separately. I want each region to spawn missions based on all stations in that region, but none from the other regions. Currently, I would have to create a new coverage area on each centre to prevent them from taking into account other stations further afield, but I could not then spawn missions requiring all three services as they are cut off from one another.

    A "Region" concept in-game would allow players to create coverage areas which include selected dispatch centres, as an alternative to isolating the individual dispatch centres.

    Please let me know what you think?

    Apparently you missed the part or maybe I am just dumb as you claimed I am pretty much, I said it’s not as big of an issue, then I went on to give an example not saying that’s how it had to be and that I wanted it and what not, you know I am done being abused, and harassed on here, I won’t post anymore if only I can find a way to delete this account on the board.

    I cannot for the life of me identify any abuse or harassment? Nor can I find anywhere on this thread anyone calling you dumb? This is a forum for discussion of ideas and opinions. People don't all think alike and don't always agree. That is not hostile, not abuse and not harassment. You've said what you wanted to, and anyone is entitled to reply with their feelings on the matter. If you aren't comfortable with the environment then so be it, but I don't see the need to accuse other people of abuse based on them disagreeing with you. I don't personally know how to delete an account, I'm sure a Mod or Admin will be able to advise, but in the meantime if you aren't comfortable on this forum, simply not logging on would be a solution.

    I'd also like to ask either TACRfan or any other staff member to consider locking this thread as I don't want to see it spiral downward as a few other threads sometimes do when conversations get heated or out of control.