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    NameSchool Resource Officer
    PurposeTo diffuse any school shootings or school lock-downs, also would be cool to see.
    TrainingNormal Law Enforcement Training

    I'll be happy to report that this is *not* being implemented into the UK game as this is not an issue in our country.

    What's the story with the Helicopters.

    I've built 3 stations, added hangers, got the Helis, trained staff, switched them on, added them to AARR and everything they are not showing to dispatch in either my AARR or my unit list.

    That's been raised. They should be available and it was my understanding they would be until I built them. They can be used for some lifeboat missions, but that appears to be it at the very moment. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon.

    Thank you, YOU LEGEND!! may have you make an Army Icon + (RLC) Royal Logistics Corps one aswell as an Army Air Corps one. ill keep you posted.

    British Army



    Hi, don't suppose anyone may be able to make a building icon for Humber Rescue and Hornsea Inshore Rescue please? Two independent Lifeboats in East Riding of Yorkshire.

    In case you wanted ones to match my previous blue/yellow icons, I've made some up for you.

    Humber Rescue

    Hornsea Inshore Rescue

    Another small bug. The station filter on the map lists "Lifeboat station" which will also display all "coastguard rescue station." Not sure if this was picked up already though.

    anyone have any ARMY building logos: Royal Army Medical Corps, Field Hospitals Etc.

    I have created two RAMC graphics for you that are a little different.

    And a field hospital graphic similar to my other hospital graphics.

    If you want anything else specifically then I can help, but would need reference photos again.

    Ah, yeah I know what you mean now. It's been like that for as long as I can remember which is why I gave up using the app and just use the mobile website instead. Seems much more stable. Well, I try to use desktop where I can first but if I'm out and about, the mobile site will do the trick.

    I'm not sure if this will help entirely, but there is an option in the dispatch centre to assign the "Main Dispatch Center" which will determine what the spawn point of the map is. I've never had it randomly reset, only when I refresh which will naturally position it back at that main dispatch centre.

    To further add to this, I'd just like to extent my thanks to all of the development team for the UK game and especially to TACRfan for his continued persistence to get these updates submitted and chase up on progress.

    Happy new year to all players from the UK development team. I hope you celebrated in style.

    We're hoping 2023 will bring even more detailed updates like we've had before, and with Coastguard just around the corner, it'll be a good way to kick off the new year. I'd love to be able to tell you when that'll be released but with the major issues reported previously, and having just had the Christmas break, it's evident it needs some polishing up before it gets released to the masses.

    Regardless, we have some good ideas brewing behind the scenes for this year; not only some decent content updates but also smaller changes. We will keep you updated as the year goes on with any developments but for now, enjoy yourselves and happy new year.

    why do you guys keep moving his posts? he has alliance on both servers. I'm in his UK alliance.

    Without the original context, this is very difficult to answer. Evidently there was a justifyable reason and should I have been wrong, the OP could have raised it. It was likely, however, that I looked and could not find a "so-cal alliance."

    Thread now locked.

    Okay so in kent we have 3 Major Trauma Centers: William Harvey Hospital (ashford), Queen Elizebeth Queen Mother Hospital (Thanet) and Medway Martime Hospital (Medway)

    Maybe you worded it wrong, but Kent has no Major Trauma Centres. The nearest ones are the 4 in London, or one in Brighton. Some hospitals may be able to deal with trauma but MTCs have their own classification.

    Would like to but it's quite difficult, the specialities don't really correlate with the UK set-up.

    Remember that most 'Chest Pain' doesn't need cardiology, let alone PPCI, and no neurosurgeon is every going to see someone with a TIA.

    I agree this needs a rework. Hopefully in time we can get it fixed to what departments people would actually go to after A&E. These are very much a relic from the US game and ultimately from the German game.

    You mean, making the boats itself?

    Tynemouth Volunteer Life Bde and South Shields Volunteers are in my area btw.

    I don't know if i have any more (T&Wear, Northumberland, Cumbria)

    I only do building graphics now, but if you want to do the vehicle graphics then please feel free

    i'll take this as a hint, what kind of graphics should be made :D

    It was, but with the delay until likely the new year you've got a bit more time 😉 if there is anything else relevant after release then I will update some graphics, or if anyone wants any smaller lifeboat charities (that aren't the RNLI) then let me know and I can make them. Remember that the RNLI isn't the only charity offering emergency lifeboats to the UK and Ireland.

    This has now been changed to a regular mission. 10k average credits for the one pump, but lasting two hours still. Sending more pumps will reduce the time needed to finish the mission. Minimum station requirement is now 8 to avoid new players getting the call and being overwhelmed by it.

    For anyone who may want them, I have created some Coastguard building graphics.


    Maritime & Coastguard Agency (dark)

    Maritime & Coastguard Agency (light)


    Bristow Group

    I'll throw my hat into the ring to start.

    1) have less of a delay to start them. 3 hours is a lot, so less would be better. 30 minutes, an hour maybe. That means we can get more in as well.

    2) have a higher max number. I know it was recently upped, but having let's say 1 spawn for every 50 stations would be quite nice for some variety.