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    National Police Air Service

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    Royal National Lifeboat Institution

    Maritime & Coastguard Agency

    Bristow (HMCG helicopter contract)

    2Excel Aviation (HMCG fixed wing contract)

    RVL Group (HMCG fixed wing contract)

    Yorkshire Air Ambulance

    Cornwall Air Ambulance

    Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance

    Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance

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    Hey the current police car ARR only detects the IRV and the new PSU units however dsu, ARV, traffic car, a etc all do not get dispatched as one in the arrs I think it should be done how it was before the update with it only picking up the IRV


    Have you tried a custom ARR categories? This will solve the issue.

    Do we know if they will cease having all the new units responding as IRV's? It's such a pain! not sure if anyone else agrees?

    It was specifically requested by a number of people to have them act as IRVs. I have never experienced any issues with this in the game as I use custom ARR categories so if I want an IRV to go to a job, it will only ever send IRVs. I would recommend getting yourself set up with the alarm and response regulations even if it takes a bit of time as you'll thank yourself for it down the line.

    Kent Police & Kent Fire Joint

    Lancashire Fire & NWAS Joint

    (Two posts as the forum only allows 10 attachments per post)

    If I have missed anything that anyone wants (I only did a few posts worth), please ask and I will endeavour to try to make it if I have some free time. I didn't look through the previous pages to see if these were already done so I have made them again anyway just in case.

    I am going to do some of the previously requested building graphics now.

    Northamptonshire Police

    Nottinghamshire Police

    RAF Police

    Staffordshire Police

    Sussex Police

    West Mercia Police

    West Midlands Police

    RAF Mountain Rescue

    Scottish Air Ambulance Charity

    South Yorkshire Fire

    This sub-forum is for the UK game only. Please see the US forum for their setup thread - RE: Your station setup

    My setup covering the South East and South West of England. Counties covered include;



    Hampshire & Isle of Wight



    East & West Sussex

    HART, HEMS, NPAS and hospitals further afield to cope with high demand and preparing for future expansion.

    In total, the main buildings are and then smaller auxillary (HRL etc.) on top;

    Fire Stations: 261

    Police Stations: 108

    Ambulance Stations: 82

    Hospitals & Clinics: 70
    HART Bases: 7

    Air Ambulance Bases: 7

    Police Helicopter Bases: 5

    I will be expanding north soon to cover the remaining home counties but trying to get on top of my existing setup before committing to anything on such a large scale.

    We plan to add water rescue and airports in the future, but nothing is confirmed. We won't have any dedicated water rescue stations, it will be an expansion on to existing stations. Airports will have their own dedicated stations down the line. These will not be copies of what we see in other games - they will be custom for the UK version and built close to our specifications.

    Hi I know we just had the police up date which I think is great.

    Devs done great job

    Just wondering if any one knows what they are going to work on for next update. I don’t mean pacific units just wondering if fire police or ambulance or something completely different.

    If u can’t say that’s cool but police update was great to see. 👍👍

    Nothing has been announced yet. Once we know the next direction we want to go in, we will announce it.

    I've done some tidying up of this thread, removing posts where your suggestions have become reality. Some posts remain if they have multiple vehicles, some of which we already have but that contains ones we don't. Please continue to suggest vehicles as it helps us see what you want so we can tailor updates to suit the majority here.

    Why copy and paste to make dozens of versions of the same game? We have proposer the update for how we want to see public order and that will be the next update to come out for the UK game. It will be different to other versions to keep variety and make it fit roughly how public order works in this country.

    What about if you've been locked out of your house and your oven is on, food is on the hob cooking, there's an open fireplace? Would there not be risks associated with these that would prompt for a response quicker than a locksmith? I'll leave you to have a think a little bit outside the box as you may even think of things I haven't considered in this post.

    I do understand that in London a lot of hospitals do have helipads

    I think you misunderstood my comment. Only 3 hopsitals in the whole of London have helipads - all MTCs, then a fourth MTC doesn't have a helipad. No other hospitals actually have a helipad on site but this doesn't take into account local areas HEMS will land in and then convey the patient the remaining short distance by road. 27 hospitals in total, only 3 helipads.

    I like some of the ideas in here. Certainly work on what expansions are available or needed would be nice as they are a direct copy from the US game, and even those are a copy themselves so not every department is used.

    If helipads were to be added, it would be very expensive to retrofit hospitals with them. 24 of my hospitals have helipads whereas 25 don't (8 of those are within Greater London). I've been doing some work recently to work out which hospitals have helipads. In the following areas I've listed the percentage of hospitals that have helipads, regardless of major trauma status. SECAmb (70%), EEAS (47%), SWAS (66%), LAS (11%). London is the outlier as it's so densely populated and built up that it doesn't have a need for helipads as there are so many hospitals in close proximity and even one of the MTCs there lacks one - and that's not the only MTC in the country that doesn't have a helipad.

    Some hopsitals provide specialist services without the need or capacity to be a MTC so they may be better units to fly a critical patient to rather than straight to an MTC that could be even further away.

    As for the MTC idea in game, it has been planned and put forward and we were expecting it to have been released already but as you can see this is not the case. They would have the capability to have extra beds from what normal hospitals in game have. On that topic, the clinic could do with a rename to Urgent Treatment Centre but this is not a priority and may be able to be done in a hospital update in the future.

    With regards to the trauma unit being a specific hospital building in game, this is unnecessary as, according to sources on the NHS website, the vast majority of hospitals have a major trauma department. Obviously this doesn't make them a major trauma centre as there are further criteria they need to meet but they can still deal with most common injuries.

    Ambulance stacking at hospitals is something that was requested a long time ago. It's 'on the list' but I don't know how easy implementation is with the current transport system but really we need the better variation in hospitals first before we start stacking - and a different approach to how patients are released rather than one an hour. In my opinion, releasing a patient after 1 hour of being in the emergency department would be better rather than simply one person on the hour, every hour. Keep in mind that these patients aren't necessarily being discharged, they are being admitted onto other wards for further care.