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    There's no way to specifically slow down the calls of a specific service itself as such, but you can go into the options of a dispatch centre and disable it from spawning calls in entirely. If you're building up a new area for example and you don't want it to generate any calls yet, you can disable it so it won't spawn any new calls at any of the stations within that dispatch centre.

    We submitted this idea as part of the quality of life pack. The status of this is not known to me, but we have been keen to see this feature for a long time now. A cumbersome workaround in the meantime could be to add an additional bay to each station and move units into it when you want them to standby there. As with all updates, there is no ETA but we have asked for it, and we do want it.

    The UK game has "follow-up missions" which is exactly what you're describing. I don't believe the US game has it at this time. Effectively, and simply, it generates further calls around another to simulate spread. Some fire calls spawn additional fires, others spawn smoke inhillation medical jobs. This is optional so can be turned off in the settings, just like mission expansion.

    If the US game got these, your idea would work really well and may be able to simulate things happening further away from the main crash site, although within a small radius.

    I have opened up the UK game on Microsoft Edge, updated to version 106.0.1370.47 and have no issues. If you still cannot access the game ( Lewis73 ) then I also recommend reinstalling the browser. Beyond that, unfortunately I am unable to help specifically with Edge.

    If you're still having issues, I would suggest clearing the cache if you haven't already. It may help, but that's all I can think off the top of my head. If that hasn't worked, try contacting support through another browser or the app to seek further guidance.

    It is still not fixed. I sent Ambulance units to several calls today such as Accident with Entrapment and Sinkhole with damage that showed patients and said patients were in the incident. the ambulances were released

    This forum relates to the UK game. US bugs are handled by a different team of people.

    Thank you for your real world input, and constructive feedback. I think we can finally put this to bed now and keep the topic on track with regards to other game suggestions. It would be highly unlikely that we get specific taser training inputted into the game.

    I have dealt with the posts and issued a warning to the instigator. Hopefully there are no further issues in the coming weeks, but if there is please drop me a message and I'll do what I can to help.

    Honestly considering we have calls that can have 200+ patients I think the 30 beds per hospital is a slap in the face it should allow us to have 50 beds in a hospital. Personally i rarely even need more then 5 prisoners across the whole county per day so I don't even think this increase was necessary (especially because it will take TEN weeks for them which is bloody crazy) You can build a whole new Public order wing to a police station in a week. But a single cell in the same time. The game clearly favours patients over prisoners in that regard ad tbh it always feels like (especially in other versions) police gets the short end of the stick (From a "pay" perceptive - The uK team do a good job of trying to balance it but still not happy with some missions especially the older ones & PSU ones) . Also can someone explain to me why a prisoner pays less then half of what a patient pays?

    We have been trying for a long time now to get hospitals with more beds - however as planned they would be a new building with anything up to 50 beds and marketed as a major trauma centre. This was planned for the HART update but never made it, and I don't know when, if ever, they will be added. It would be unlikely that with current hospitals you will be able to expand beds beyond 30.

    The prisoner vs patient system is a legacy from the original game and there is no plan for them to be integrated, hence why the transport system is much clunkier for prisoners, cells cost a fortune and take weeks to build, and the payout for each prisoner is less. Evidently the patient system is better than the prisoner system which is a shame.

    Older missions don't pay as well, especially if they were brought over from the US game however it is difficult for us to propse for them to be changed and we would prefer to get newer missions in instead. It's difficult to explain, but we update a few of them when we are able to, and then add requirements like HART, foam, PSU etc.

    I appreciate it's not ideal, but at the same time, every small update / tweak / mission monday is a step toward a more flushed out and detailed game. It's progress in the right direction even if it doesn't suit everyone's needs precisely.

    Thank you for your kind words and understanding. We cannot please everyone. Complaints will be made if we release small missions, and they'll be made if we release large missions - we can't sit in the middle every time. While it would have been nice to have multiple simple medical missions released at once, that's not what happened so let's move on and see what missions are released in the future that we have submitted. At the end of the day, we're not the ones who market the game and make financial decisions so they get the final say; we try to positively and constructively influence it when we can to give the best and balanced experience for all players.

    Unfortunately this is the first we are learning of this new feature. It was frustratingly not discussed with us beforehand so we don't know how it works and haven't had chance to use it. The answer to your question at this time is no, only because we haven't had a say in this. I do like your suggestion however, and would still like to see perhaps the CNC side of things down the line.

    This is part of our plan for the future. We would love to see this feature added as it would be useful to those who play slower-paced and realistic setups. Another idea off the back of this; if you have a delayed response vehicle within a station, you could dispatch the crew so that vehicle now effectively has no delay but remains in the station. That's useful in stations with both wholetime and retained duty systems.