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    There is not a lot wrong with MC in my opinion, but this thread is a great example of something that is really not right at all.

    You can get a coin just for doing some simple activities in a week, but to earn a billion credits and get a handful of coins, not right at all.

    You have the option of watching for the coin sales and buying coins and now it seems a lot of of the tasks that are there every day, give coins.. it takes a while to get coins saved up.....but you have those options

    Yes, that's exactly what I do .... the developers are clever. The fire stations are only 35(?) coins, no matter how many you have. But the points keep rising. So, you get to a point where it is better to buy your new FS with coins, and use your credits to buy other things instead.

    As you say, I don't buy coins until the specials come about.

    But how many hours do you play? For the people who are only playing a little bit each day it is harder to get that kind of cash.

    I think you missed the point :-)

    If you only play a little a day, you might earn, say, 200,000 a day. At that level, a new fire station probably costs 200,000, so you earning 1 fire station a day.

    I play a LOT a day, and I easily earn 1.7m credits. At that level, a new fire station costs me 1.7m a day = still earning 1 fire station a day.

    Might be a good idea to join an Alliance which offers free training.

    Also, you don't have to train every station at once. Train one in 20 to start with, then one in 10, etc etc.

    Eventually you'll get them all done.

    I know I could have more recesources and I know where they are needed but thats no fun in my mind, I prefer to struggle for major calls

    Hey mate. I think you misunderstood :-) I prefer to struggle too - which is why i move the specialist units around once I've added more stations.

    I never add more appliances unless I have

    a) done all my transports, AND

    b) there is a job awaiting a specialist appliance that I don't have free, because all of them are on other jobs.

    No thanks. I'm not looking for realism like this.

    We literally have stations in Australia that get 20 calls a year.

    Is this the realism you want?

    If you don't want urban jobs - don't build urban stations, and vice-versa

    You're probably not doing it right (sorry). As you start to expand, you need to look at your set up critically, and start moving your resources around.

    For instance, if you start building a city and have 30 stations within a tight cluster, you might have 10 HAZMAT units across them.

    Then, you expand out into "the country" and build another 10 stations, but across the same geographical area.

    Logically, you now need to move half your HAZMAT units out to these new stations, to have the same coverage (or alternatively, build 10 new HAZMAT units)

    I like to play IRL ("in real life") - but there is a limit to that. I built the real-life units at the real-life stations, but then add new units where required.

    The heatmap in LSSM is brilliant for this!

    EDIT: changed typo of "unit" to "station"

    Actually, I have to take my hats off to the developers here, its quite clever.

    After a certain number of stations, the type of missions is expanded and thus you can earn more credits, faster. Thus it is appropriate to increase the cost of stations in credits.

    Now, the cost per station in *coins* never changes. Which means, the ratio of coins to credits for a fire station, becomes even more attractive. For instance, my F/S costs 1.733m, but only 30 coins. Which means, each of my coins buys 57,800 credits, which is great value.

    Compare it to a HEMS/Police Air Wing - 1m points or 50 coins - only 20,000 credits per coin.

    How does one earn 8 MILLION credits

    Just keep playing.

    Credits are all relative. You start off with 1-2 fire stations, so the calls need 1-2 appliances and pay maybe 500 to 1000 credits.

    After that, you buy another 2 stations and get calls with 1-4 appliances, that pay maybe 500 to 2000 credits.

    Keep expanding and you'll get bigger missions which pay more.

    I earn on average 2-3 million a day.

    Like others said - prioritise alliance missions. My daily earnings are about 50% personal, 50% alliance. Send a single appliance to an Alliance mission, get it on scene, before it finishes, and you get paid the same as if you sent every appliance. It's the best!