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    Hi Guys, i already report this via ticket but just for the remote chance of some admin being around here, please check the server from the Portuguese version. I have a full ally of 600+ people getting really angry by being unable to play.

    Thank you all.

    Best regards

    Well, I've heard of some people who have also been angry for a few days, after their graphics were used without permission. I don't believe the Portuguese version of the game has any admins for the time being, otherwise the graphic packs in question would already have been removed and the players possibly punished.

    With that said, fixing the server would be nice, yes

    I am now at the point of where i am not a new player, currently 24 fire stations, 7 ambulance stations 9 police stations and 3 hospitals and a police and fire academy but it takes me a whole day (6-7 hours) to earn enough to build a building and expand it to level 3/4 so that it is useful.

    I was just wondering if any of the pros had any tips to make it less of a big task every day to expand, as i would like to operate helicopters but the 1.5 mill price tag is just so far out of my reach currently when i only earn 200k a day.

    Just wait until you need to pay 1 Million or more per station :D

    The game wants you to take time to build your statios. At a higher point the game can get a little boring as you do take a long time to get a new station and all but.... That is how the game works.
    If you want to get more credits per day (or hour) you can do many tricks, as long as you are not going with a realistic setup.
    Playing with other people and sharing missions between each other (if properly coordinated) can get you a good amount of credits

    Also a side note for what seems to be a lot of players argument. This game is not about how many hours you play, but instead the amount of missions you complete and what those missions gave you in terms of credits

    please help me keep this post on topic. I haven´t offended anyone, nor violated forum rules, there was no complaint by any user, please try to buisy yoursef with more important things and leave me in peace. I am a new user to the forum and to the game, I want to have fun and understand the game bettert-instead of being told off by a moderator for something like thi, with all due respect. Now please either remove my thread for me voicing my oppinion or let´s get back on topic. Maybe you have an idea or a suggestion Sir ?

    I can't tell if he is joking or not ?(

    But in the Dutch Version it works

    True, dutch version as the Prio 1 option and then the no lights and sirens (prio 2?) to respond to calls

    As far as I believe, with limitations to the game, no

    I think you are talking about not being able to change speed for individual vehicles. Now that I think about it it's really weird that they can't do that since when you send any unit to planned missions (like the Concert) they respond slower and without lights or sirens

    I'm not sure if it only happens to me but, for some weird reason I always find that the Amonia Leak call is hidden on the missions list and I can only see it (on the list, on map I'm not sure) either by refreshing the page or by sending vehicles to that missions by accident (to be clear, I mean by dispatching units to the Amonia Leak after using the "skip to next call" button and finding this "hidden" mission).

    Thanks in advance, have a nice weekend


    I had the same issue you do, my hands are great for certain things but when I try to hold them still it's really hard, nontheless I remove my background by hand. With time I learned techniques that "fitted my hands" better than others. In your situation if you really need to remove them by hand you may want to use the rubber with a small size and zoom the image in a lot, take your time and do things right

    Down here will be one of the first units I made (that I still have) just after removing the background and the car after being resized to fit the game in the size I wanted, etc

    Also, if you are interested I did a timelapse video where I made an ambulance for one of my packs. You can find it here

    If you need any other help on how to get started let me know
    Have a nice weekend :D

    Unless that feature has been moved elsewhere... It's been missing for weeks :huh:

    I was just making POIs for the new missions (I didn't play for a long time) so I took a look and you are totally correct, they are missing

    If you use the poi check option you should be able to verify or “deny” pois of nearby players.

    Is that what that was for? By confirming POIs you add them to your game POIs? I thought it would delete those players POI or something

    Atleast for me, this happens all the time. Call spawn set to 30 seconds and there are days it takes 1m or 2 between each call. Other days it's spot on
    Recently I had this issue that I refreshed the game 5 or 6 times and still no calls (no, it was not on pause) and after a while it spawned and kept spawning as usual... Server side?

    I'm not sure when they start exatly, but I thought they were supposed to be out by now or soon. Either way I've been thinking about them and want to get some awards :D

    I understand your side, you can't give any information in advance as those may change. Like I said before, I also understand that the updates take time to make and my issue was that a single update came split in 3-4 parts instead of coming at once. About missions I know you are (or were) the one who was making the weekly mission update and those are fine by me, although I think we should get some larger missions instead of smaller generic missions (1-2 engines/patrols). No doubt that personnal life comes before the game, I get that, I'm just saying there seems to be something "wrong" in the way updates are made from time to time.
    I'm not exatly frustraded, just a little sad about the way things have gone over time :D

    Interesting comments indeed, I feel that this personal experience is just an example of how games are meant to be played. Once you had 'completed' your setup, you became bored with the lack of change. Once you have completed any game you can either try a new method or just go onto a new one. I feel like this argument is therefore not really one and more of a bland anecdote, although, It is interesting you mention you got banned, i feel this may hint at the reasoning for this argument as it sort of shows the impatience that most people on the opposite side of the fence appear to be showing.
    Back onto the point the actual pricing of stations, once a price has been set, it's slightly unfair , in my opinion, to change this to suit the want of players who find it more challenging than expected. There have been many players to this game and to have their hard work invalidated to some extent could, up to a point, feel like an insult. I respect this is not you personal case, but you must understand some of the hard work that went into your setup and the value it built up.

    On the point of pricing of vehicles specifically, an increase or decrease at this moment would probably not discolor people's opinions as their value in the game is so marginal compared to the buildings. I'd wholly agree that the coins to credits ratios just doesn't make sense at times and are rather amusing, not that I'm a spender on this game. But on the larger point of making the game more challenging, i'd hope to see extra, much larger but reasonable missions which would really reward those who have played a long time, rather than making it easier to progress.

    I decided not to spend any more time on this thread since it is what it is, a waste of time
    The reason for me being banned does not have anything to do to where I got, I used most of the coins to help other people when they needed and to get more realistic missions into the alliance (like creating 2 or 3 missions as it was a large fire spreading across the area)
    And just to be clear about a few things I kinda "hate" (not wishing death to anyone, just find it a little...well... sad) number 1 being the child mentality some people here have like someone I won't refer the name but that loves to dislike everyone single post that doesn't support his ideas, which brings me to number 2 and that is the resistance that some, and by some I mean a large majority of experienced players here, to change. Some people seem to be afraid to share ideas on the forum and I see why. I've seen good ideas being shot down, and besides that disliking someone else's idea just because you don't agree with it is just sad. Personally I don't see a point of disliking other people ideas, but that's just me (not that I have anything against people who do it, but might be a good idea, for a few people who love to do that, to do it less often).
    I don't play the game that often anymore and it's not because of this whole "You need to work hard to make progress into the game" but rather because I find that with time it has became boring. I find updates funny, and I'm not the only one, we wait motnhs and months for this (let's call it major) major updates that will bring boats and all, when we finally get the update it's just a station, a week later we get training, a week later we get an actual boat, and I just don't get why ?(
    I'm trying to make my self clear on why I don't play the game that much anymore, I'm not here to cry or something, but if I had a game, a restaurant, any sort of service, etc, and the food wasn't that good, or the game had an issue, I would like to know! I don't speak for anyone else but me, but these are my main reasons. Most people in the alliance I was/am have either stopped playing or don't come that much time, which also made me lose interest in the game. But back to the main reason, the updates... they feel empty, and to me some of them scream "We are working on it!". I get that some updates take more time than others, like these "Major updates" such as the so talked police update or the wild fire update, but updates like the Large Rescue Boats that came in pieces almost if it was a puzzle... I don't like it, and it feels like it was done and sent in pieces like it's done to kids by giving them small pieces to build something
    Also on these minor updates, I think that an update that contains a fix for some bug should come right out. Minor updates I won't bother, It's always nice to have like the "weekly" small update, but those could also be grouped into a slightly bigger one and sent out to players as a single package? haven't quite made my mind on this particular one
    About larger updates, there is such a long list... And I can see that we would have content for years, and I'm not saying to rush it all out, but maybe start to think a little bit about things before doing them? There are a few things I still haven't understood since I began taking part in the forums and taking a look at some ideas that were here, for example the police bike update that was asked one day and sent out the day after or so... was that a priority? And those things still don't have use yet... That is my main complaint with updates. Sometimes they don't much sense or they are not what people wanted, like my suggestion (months ago) for the DUI checkpoint whose main objective use to give a use for the K-9 unit, instead it required 5 patrol cars? And many people asked for it to be changed, it got ignored. It's also why I hadn't came to the forums for a while, I feel like ideas that people share here don't always get 100% translated to the game, I understand some updates take more time, but other not that requested ones get top priority? And lately we have been getting what I would call fixes for things that had been "wrong" for so long in the game and just now they are fixed, recent examples being: APNGs for single vehicles and Fly-cars

    I don't by any means hate the game, but I can't say I like it as much as I did before. Over the time I've been disapointed with the game (which is completly normal, just like any other game) but also surprised in good ways. Lately I don't have as much time as before to play it, and when I come I find that it is still pretty much the same apart from small updates and missions, that do add variety for sure, but don't change the game that much. I feel like the Police update or the Wildfire update could have come out already or should soon. Again, I'm sorry for anyone who feels offended by this post but I feel like things need to be said. Relating to this thread I won't waste any more time (mine or from others) since it seems the ones who spoke strongly disagree with it

    That is all, have a nice week everyone :D

    It means you have 88,000,000 earned credits to my 31,000,000. All I’m saying is that it hasn’t seemed to affect your playing time, in fact it’s probably encouraged you to play harder, thus fulfilling its purpose.

    Not at all. I stopped making fire and police stations due to price increase. I began only making EMS Stations at Portugal, so many stations that I was pretty much "The Ambulance guy"
    Idk if your name is Marco (Semas will pick this one up xD) but thw way I build stations it's not cool at all to play with these prices. When that account that you were talking about got banned I was not sad at all since I was pretty much bored of the game. Then I started on a new account which was way more fun, avoided a few mistakes as I already had more experience and it is way more fun to play at this account than the older one, mainly because I have a feeling of progress while in the other one I didn't

    I think with the station prices, it’s a motivation to get them. Why else would you play the game...

    Moral of the story, It only seems to be the same people causing a fuss over it. Most people have hardly any issue with playing the game and spending 1 million+ On stations. I don’t see the fuss and also it just means you got to play more so you can enjoy the game even more

    The reason that got me to where I was was not that station prices for sure... I only got up to the 80M because I was going for the 100M earned credits, that's it. I would even say that the reason why I stopped playing the game for a while back then was exatly that, stations prices! I know a lot of people who got shocked when they heard about these prices. I believe not many people have reached the 25th station price yet and when they do they won't like it either
    I never said that prices shouldn't increase, I just said that the amount is huge and doesn't make much sense to me

    You got to remember, Sebastian takes income via Coin, If station price drops people won’t buy coins resulting in the game not being developed and getting stuff added.

    Anyways, I understand the game server doesn't run on air and it needs cash to keep running, no argue there. But the only reason people don't say anything about those prices is because, like everyone does, they buy it with credits and not coins! A change in those prices would only benefict the game and the income that it makes since people would actually buy vehicles with coins rather than credits

    (Oh and not to mention - When you do get a large account, Ie I got around 64 fire stations, it’s easy to earn a million in 3-4 days) guess people are not patient enough.

    If you are only making a million every 3-4 days then you are doing something wrong for sure...

    I guess that is all for today, enjoy the last hours of the weekend everyone :thumbsup:

    1st - All units (except for helicopters and large boats) go at a speed of 200kmh, so it wouldn't be that fast

    2nd - I've been told before that you can't change unit speeds, something related to OSM I believe

    For someone who hasn’t spent any money, you’ve got 3 times as many credits earned as I do! Clearly you’re not having that big of a problem building stations and earning credits.

    Don't take me wrong but that is a ridiculous argument... If you don't play the game you can't expect to earn money, can you? I don't know for how many hours you played but the game, but you don't know how many hours I played either.
    I will proof you right here how ridiculous your statement is:
    - People play for different amounts of time (daily/weekly)
    - Every alliance has an impact on credit income, either it is on shared missions or alliance-only missions like events and large scales
    - Buying and building in a realistic way also affect your income, also if you use less people on vehicles and use the delay at them you will even more decrease your credit income
    - Depending on how many units you have per stations, and how specific units are spread across your AO (units like Hazmat or MCVs) will all affect you response time and by doing so affect your income

    Also, I'm guessing you are indeed talking about my old account, and for that I will tell you that I had exatly 24 fire stations and 10 police stations (later bought another 7 police or so at Portugal and another 3 or 4 fire stations). The rest of the money was spent on EMS and EMS only, being most of those EMS Stations at Portugal for my then project, which as you may know stick to a price of 200k at all times. So, I only bought the 25+ station at Portugal after saving a bunch of money since it would be pretty much a waste of money.

    So I guess I might know what I'm talking about then? ?(

    For someone who hasn’t spent any money, you’ve got 3 times as many credits earned as I do! Clearly you’re not having that big of a problem building stations and earning credits.

    And what is this exatly supposed to mean? If there is something you want to tell me I am all ears