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    Due to the way the game works I don't think they can just make a translation and it would probably be a whole game with specific units for that country, which makes sense because if you translate something is because you want people from that place (or places) to play the game, and what better way to do that than to have cars they see and know?

    But, good luck with that, I also did the same thing you are doing now a few months ago when my pack reached the 300 players mark or something. It got pretty much ignored and I guess the reason is that it would pretty much be making a whole new game just for Portuguese people (and brazilian, etc,etc)

    It's not exatly a new idea. I did a post a long time ago with a quite good list of units (EMS, Police and Fire). I guess most of them are on "the list" and we just have to wait for the day to come :D

    I will give you all a tip for the comments on the facebook page: DONT' READ THEM
    Seriously, it's not worth your time. If people want to share their ideas and give feedback there are forums for that, most people there are some who are never happy with any update at any given time (the bad people). There are also some decent people who always give good feedback, just not exatly in the right place.
    For a long time that I just see the updates on the FB page, read them and close it. I don't bother to read comments anymore it's nothing but a waste of time (most times anyway) ;)

    I don’t think the P2W assessment is fair. The game gets progressively difficult, as almost any game does, requiring more effort and time from players. If I may ask, Portugues, have you put money into the game?

    "Progressively difficult" you say? up to 24 stations they cost 100k each, you make a few more and you are already dropping 1M for each and to make it worse you don't get any new missions for having 24+ stations. I didn't say the game was P2W I said it looked like it. P2W games get to a point where for you to have progress you need to pay or while the others take let's say an hour you take a month... I understand that the games needs to become more difficult over time but, isn't 1M credits for a station way too much? Since you still need to do upgrades and buy vehicles? I don't know how much people actually understand of how they spend their money and etc. but when you are building a station, and it is for example your 30th station, it will require upgrades and vehicles to handle the calls that it will get because you are not just getting 1 engine calls anymore, are you? My point being that not only the cost of stations increase drasticly but you also need to get more upgrades to fit more vehicles to handle more calls, add it all up and the amount is huge compared to for example station number 20 which gives you the same calls as station no.30
    And no, I haven't spent any money in the game. My reason is fairly simple, I don't earn money (yet) so I won't spend someone else's money (in this case my parents), besides the fact that for the longer I play this game the more I think I would not spend any money on it. My reasons for not spending any money are pretty valid as I've had many people complaining about the same issues over and over again (and there are quite a few) besides the fact I haven't been playing much lately :/

    We have spoken to Sebastian about Station prices in the past. I get what people are saying about uniformity in pricing but if I’m being honest I don’t feel there will be much luck in getting things changed in regards to pricing for both coins and credits. The prices in MC follow those in both the German and Dutch versions of the game.

    "Just because everyone is doing it doesn't make it right"
    Pretty much that... Just because the other versions have the same prices doesn't mean they are right for the English version (Yes, English. I'm not calling it US anymore...)
    You can't compare the 3 versions in this situation mainly because atleast the german version has missions that require 30 fire stations or even more, making it valid to spend that amount of money to get more stations since they will return the investment over time

    You also have vehicles with the same price in coins but different in credits
    JUST TO BE CLEAR - I was going to take a print and post it here but since the only vehicle that doesn't cost 25 coins is the platform truck I believe it's not needed.
    Resuming the topic, prices in credits range from 5k to 25,5k but they all stick to a price of 25 coins with the exception of the previously refered platform truck that costs 10k credits ?(

    If we never change things because someone will be undermined by that update then when will we change those? Look, I recently began playing a game (will skip the name because only God knows what will happen if I say it here (although I might have an idea...)) that is about racing but also a manager. Basicly you have a garage of cards and you need to use those to race against other people to win, etc. They have been changing the values of the cars, and also stats, traction and so on... Some people would not benefit from it, sometimes a car that was really good because you could use it for example in the city now will be horrible because they will make lower and it will be slower there, yes it's not good for you and all other people who use it ALL THE TIME (now that I think about it this is actually an upcoming update :D ). But all these changes are to balance the game so that because you don't that very specific car you will be crushed all times when you need it. You need to have vision, if you changed the values today you would also benefit from it tomorow for your future stations, this is exatly what happened at Clash of Clans, I had bought so many upgrades for walls, now that I was done they changed the value to half... auch... but It's also great because I still need to upgrade other walls and I can do that more easily because they got cheaper too! :thumbsup:

    In other words you want to get more missions to get more credits but with less units and also without having to do "work" for it, aka Get missions, dispatch them all with follow-ups and then close the game?
    I do understand that sometimes it is helpful, but I can see a full hand of people abusing this to get credits without playing...

    So, basicly changing this would be an insult? Let's say I had bought a fly-car for all my EMS stations and then deleted because they were useless, but now they can clear calls.... I feel insulted ?(
    If there is something that needs balancing it should be balenced no matter how much people did not benefit from it. Yes, some players would lose money and that would allow other players to reach the same point in the game that others took long to reach, but seriously the prices get to a point where they are nothing but a joke :thumbdown: . Stations get too expensive and you still need to buy upgrades for them, besides the fact that you don't get any new missions by having more than 24 stations it seems pointless unless you got a list of stations that you want to do for a certain location, etc. It just gets to a point where this is pretty much one of those P2W games, I agree with his argument... Coins stay at the same value but credits don't

    Hmmmm..... Nope.
    It just doesn't make sense in this game, some people (as I do from time to time) leave the game open to stack a few calls and dispatch later on. This would not be good for them or anyone with a lack of ambulances

    I think he recommended 3 ambulance stations because you will get many patients even with 13 stations, it's not that easy at first but the later the worse it gets

    So the kitchen fire got upgraded to a residential fire. Do i get the kitchen fire credits and residential fire credits?

    You will only and always get the credits for the final mission (upgrades), that's why some people hate the MVA turning into a Road Accident :D

    was thinking adding a call were your responding units get into an accident it would give another touch of realism to the game rare yes but it does happen

    Not quite sure if that would be possible but it's an interesting idea

    As I say that is nothing to do with the game, OSM is a publicly editable map so it is possible that someone could have gone on and changed the speeds around where you are based, if they are incorrect you could always make an OSM account and change the speeds of the roads to the correct limit.

    Wait.... are you saing that fire trucks don't need to fly at a 200kmh rate around Portugal? GREAT NEWS! FINALLY! I almost couldn't move because of the ammount of tickets in my room :D