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    Should be fixed by the developers with the next deploy. Thank you in any case for the tip.

    (No, I'm not in the team at the company, but I have contact there through the LSS manager)

    Yes, there was an error in the Requirments on the part of GameDesign. The missions were taken out again for the time being until the developers fixed it. But I will pass on the thread.

    There are funny missions at almost every seasonal event now. This is one of them. I don't know that the team did the same in the US and NL. Actually, I had only planned or created and suggested this mission for Germany, where it also came online and there have been no complaints about it to date. And this mission is now only available for 5 days. 5 days where perhaps the hospitals are a little fuller (at the patient event quite well now). You can make a mountain out of every molehill. Have a little fun, that there are also such funny missions ^^

    Es gibt jetzt fast bei jeden saisonalen event komische einsätze. Auch dieser ist einer. Dass das Team die auch in US und NL getan haben weiß ich auch nicht. Eigentlich hatte ICH diesen Einsatz nur für DE geplant bzw. erstellt und vorgeschlagen, wo er auch online kam und es bis dato keine beschwerden drüber gibt. Und es gibt diesen Einsatz jetzt auch nur 5 Tage. 5 Tage wo vlt. mal die Krankenhäuser ein wenig voller sind(Beim Patienten Event doch jetzt ganz gut). Man kann auch aus jeder Mücke einen Elefanten machen. Habt doch ein wenig spaß, das es auch solche komischen einsätze gibt ^^

    The 2 from the announcement.

    Then you can mute alliance threads now.

    An alliance admin can set that the thread cannot be muted.

    Something else for admins. Search in the protocol.

    And you can see the missions when you are in a car. You can see from the icon whether you are already participating or not.

    Otherwise I have not noticed anything for the time being

    No, what is written in the Facebook update text of applies to all worlds except Germany. Therefore, what buggs wrote about the owner role is there on all worlds.

    Even the community team is unsure what it is and we are still trying to find out what it does or affects.

    I just wish we could make complexes of just 1 building type to allow us to build hq's.


    I'll put you out of your misery.

    The vehicle efficiency at the complex brings a percentage faster processing of the operations for the cars that are there, depending on the expansion stage of the complex.

    For The German People here


    Ich erlöse euch mal.

    Die Vehicle Efficiency beim Complex, bringt bei den Autos die dort stehen, je nach ausbaustufe des complexes eine Prozentuale schnellere abarbeitung bei den Einsätzen.


    Dear LSSM users,
    You've been waiting a long time for the day when the V4 is finally released! Today it is finally here! 🎉🎉
    The V4 can now be used by everyone. It should be mentioned that the V4 is currently only a supplement to the V3.

    Both can run parallel. (But it is recommended to avoid duplications :smirk:)

    But we think you want to use it and not read 3 pages:

    At you can find the download link for the V4

    and at you can find the docs for the V4 with all the other useful information :thumbup:

    If there is anything that is not answered in the docs or something similar, you can always contact us in the forum and via the United Dispatch Discord Server!

    A big THANKS to all our beta-testers and translators!

    With much joy,
    your LSSM-Team.

    The picture is now from France, but you will find the pumpkins next to the mission name. Click on it and then the window reloads itself and you have "collected" it


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    This is no fault of the game. And no mistake on the part of the LSS Manager either.
    You only have the option of : "Show if the Heavy Rescue can process the mission" with the LSS Manager.
    There are some missions where an RSU can replace a fire truck. And this mission is one of them

    But yes, we will adapt the text again with tomorrow's update (upsi :D)

    LSS-Manager V.4


    in the brand new thread for the LSS Manager in its 4th version!

    About the LSSM…
    … will of course follow here at times ;)

    The team
    currently consists of: Ron31 , SanniHameln, Aisaka and Jan (jxn_30)

    can be until 20.10.2020. You can find an application form at

    The current schedule
    Although private influences may change at any time, it currently looks like this:
    19.09.2020 Start of application phase for beta testers
    20.10.2020 End of application phase for beta testers
    24.10.2020 Start of the beta test
    21.11.2020 Release of the public version

    This thread
    Is kept up-to-date. The thread LSS Manager for missionchief should still exist at least until the public release of the V.4 as space for error messages etc. in the V.3.

    We thank you for your continued great support and look forward to numerous beta applications. Likes to share this thread with friends and (game) mates, even in the other language versions of the game.

    If you have any questions about V.4, please do not hesitate to contact us here and on our Discord server. However, we will not answer all the questions

    Your team from the LSS Manager.

    but the Dozer also has an existence justification. If the dozer is on site, the mission is 2% faster. Per dozer it is 2% each. If there are 3 dozers on site, the mission is 6% faster.

    aber der Dozer hat auch eine dasseins berechtigung. Wenn dieser vor ort ist, arbeitet sich der einsatz 2% schneller ab. Pro Dozer sind es jeweils 2%. Heißt sind 3 Dozer vor Ort, arbeitet sich der einsatz 6% schneller ab.

    Click on the icon, then they should become visible again. This is such a little gimmick, which has been in there for a while to keep the overview in the list.

    Klicke auf das Icon, dann sollten sie wieder sichtbar werden. Das ist so ein kleines Gimmick, was schon länger drin ist, um die übersicht in der liste zu gewährleisten.

    Hello Locke, the error should also have been fixed. After I found it, it was fixed by the developers together with the other bug that had to do with the app and the map :)

    Hallo Locke, auch der Fehler sollte behoben worden sein. Nachdem ich ihn festgestellt habe, wurde er eigentlich sogut wie umgehend gefixxt durch die entwickler zusammen mit dem anderen fehler was mit der app zu tun hatte und mit der karte :)