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    What I see is the importance of the missions, this means new poeple from the US will play as it looks interesting.

    What I am not seeing is improvements involving ongoing issues or I should say requests; such as the price issues mentioned with stations, moving stations when just starting out and joining alliances, and anything else that could affect the words COIN or BUY in this program is not touched or ignored.

    I know this is personal between you two, but those of us, who have made suggestions have been told time and time again it has been mentioned or once flat out NO as you saw in my previous past posts. There has never once been anything from the developer done to change these issues or make it more reasonable. Come on 1.3 million for a one bay fire station when the first ones are 100,000????? You can't sit there and say this is not happening. It is these issues that are making many people go away from the game.

    Wells said tom_ann ! I couldn't agree with you more man.

    A week since the last update with missions, two weeks since the last mission update before that. Come on man, you've got better criticisms than that.

    Actually I could do better then that, but your feelings would get hurt and you would just delete my post and run and tell Daddy what I did ! lol

    Couldn't agree more tom_ann ! This game been around for a year and some months. This game is no where it should be ! A start ? more like a joke. Keep believing and getting your hopes up. I've been around long enough to know better.

    i think you should make all the buildings cheaper and also i think you should be Fire Apparatus Operator to have copter and police aviation stations not lieutenet and thats all i have too say :) :)

    -leoshep123(missionchef name)

    Sucks but it'll never happen. Look how long it took to get new missions lol

    Guys the idea behind this is to basically force you into buying coins ! If you don't buy coins he doesn't make any money basically. This will never change and Gavin may bring it up but basically the dev will ignore it and say you all are just complaining ignore you

    I suggested these to the developer but he denied them. He won't do anything over on this platform that isn't on the other platforms. Smh

    They is really no tutorial for the game. A lot for me has been trial and error and just opening things to see what they do. Being the admin of my alliance, and having everyone approach me regarding how to play the game I started a blog to explain the mechanics of the game. Obviously a blog isn't ideal but, it's free and conveys my point. I will be adding more and more posts in the coming days as time permits me. I would love for you guys to check it out and give me some feedback! Thanks!

    We currently do have a tutorial that will be on our website that will also be release here soon

    Currently I do not see this Alliance in the list of Alliance. Was it deleted ??

    Thanks all for the replies. It's a shame the game relies on the fire side of it. In the UK the fire services makes up less than 10% of all emergency calls made on 999. Therefore the demand is higher up with police and ambulance.

    I have now got a new fire station and have 3 calls maximum rather than two. Thus supporting what someone said earlier; number of fire stations + 1

    We currently working on several new things for EMS & POLICE which has been stated multiple times in forums and on our facebook page. Please make sure you read through them to find out what we have coming up. Thanks again

    Thanks we appreciate the post.

    We are planning to add the utility vehicle on required calls, this is still in development. We will however be adding other units. Right now we are focusing on a few other things that have been suggested before this. We will post updates on fB and here when we have new vehicles coming and other things.

    Then why allow players to play all over the world? Seems like a flawed business plan there, lads.

    Well I am not the creator of the game. However its the same thing on the German & Dutch version of this game. You can play anywhere you like but they do things the way the German does things and same with the Dutch version. The point of bring the US version out is so that those who are in the US could have a version where things are done the way we do things here since not many of us would play the other versions.

    Love the idea and I most certainly will bring this up