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    A trauma team would only respond for major incidents like disasters or incidents where triage is necessary. Even that is not common.

    fair enough, some incidents in UK require a doctor to attend thats all. so maybe the Decon unit could have a onboard doctor.

    The fly car is designed to complete 90% of a call. Here in the US there are no real "Doctor cars" (at least they're not commonplace)

    do you happen to know if a trauma team from a hospital responds to certain calls in the back of an ambulance? So it places a doctor(s) nurses on scene to help triage paitents?

    We have doctor cars what respond as well as HEMS.(some have on-board doctors)

    it's ok renaming them..but a new unit would be nice. I mentioned in a post of creating a medical/pd supervisor(like the battalion) same again just said rename. (Not the same)

    Anyhow Bringing back on track. I new Decon unit would be good. I agree a expansion of the hazmat side.

    But could you also have this set up as part of a mass casualty treatment bus so it would Decon and treat casualtys (But not transport)

    People have brought this up many many times. The fly car is essentially an advance unit and people have already asked for it to be able to clear basic calls.

    i know what it does and i know it has been brought up before thanks., also i never mentioned the fly-car either as i no this helps bringing treatment times down. all i said was to make a advance paramedic/doctor unit with a medical course for say Advanced Treatment so that they can treat at scene.

    aswell as the EMS you say, why not have a Advance Paramedic/Doctor Unit , what could clear some causualtys at scene(~Example--Nosebleed, Asthama) a training course could be implemented for them(but wouldnt no what building to use as only police and fire have training schools)

    Dont think it will be pods as they are not common in the US but it maybe a trailer system which could be renamed to be a pod but unsure at the moment, USAR probably will require training.

    Thanks for informing us. Tbh just a USAR unit and training will be good.

    Would there happen to be new missions somewere down the line for the unit or just current missions revised? Or will Sebastian decide has he goes.

    (Sorry if I seem to talk as if it due soon)

    I understand Sebastians work load and keeping the game fresh for everyone.

    hi could it be possible to add an option when creating an alliance for requiring Mobile Air Units and also the police helicopter. As mobile air could also be requested depends on what mission you create. And I could also just send them to create it more realistic. Just thought I would be easier to make them an option.

    I have to agree with you. But I think you have answered the question your self. Expand another station then move the appliance around. Personnal I would only move them around once you have built a new station then spent the 10k for 1st expansion. I don't think you'd waste that many credits then only just wait for then to move about.

    so the missions it responds to will need recoding and changing to suit a new unit(in my opinion is not needed)

    But a new course I can see being a good thing aslong as you have new missions for the specific course and technical rescue unit. as you have a course for hazmat so why not rescue.

    I think the way around this would be move the vehicle to a different station.
    Say you have 3x type 1 at one station and your new station requires 2.
    So you would have bought 1x type 1 with the station then once expanded move your 3rd type 1 which you may have mistakinly bought/didn't need to you new station so they would give you 2xtype 1 at each station (only using type 1 as an example)

    Being that this is a US game.... let's rope it back in because technical rescue is a lot simpler here obviously. Rather than negotiating who funds what in the U.K., can we just get a statement from a moderator and lock the thread?

    I'll ask my question again.

    What would a new technical rescue unit provide.. What the three rescue units already in the game can't already do??

    I would also say its not just a US game since you can get the game on UK app stores. I'd say It's based on the US style of operations. We in the UK we have to adjust our play style to suit the needs of the game. Also the game is based of the original German game..

    But yes i agree a statement off the Admin/mods and then lock the feed.

    were I am from Lancashire and greater Manchester share the USAR. I think they may even share with Merseyside. Cheshire and Cumbria. Thanks for the link I'll give it a read. I think the rope rescue unit for Lancashire maybe based with USAR for easier access and support but funded from lancfire.

    technical rescue can carry cranes and winches etc

    would that also fall under the USAR heavy rescue pod. And I think that might also be covered in GMFRS TRU units.(which would be the technical rescue letsgohope12 was talking about adding to the game.

    I don't have any issue in asking for a technical rescue units. But I can't see it happening just yet (as we have three rescue units in the game)

    But maybe as letsgohope12 says add a technical rescue course but have this instead of a new unit.

    yes it could do. But the rope rescue unit would assist there. I believe(don't quote) they are attached to the USAR units in lancashire.

    In the USAR pods don't they cover a variety of things. Shoring and technical? I'm not sure they I think they have 4 pods with various options. The environment protection unit and incident response unit cover some hazmat aspects. As well as normal pumps cover basic hazmat duties.