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    Hi all,

    Something small I've picked up on, when attempting to move vehicles and swapping them between stations with others, it doesn't work and displays a "There is no room for this vehicle in this building" error similar to when you 'shift here' and there are no available spaces. This is for both Police and Ambulance Stations, fire stations work fine.

    Issue has been around for some time, but never actually got around to faulting it.
    Web Browser is Chrome, but same issue across Edge and IE.


    Hi team,

    Not one to post often but just a quick one - Are we able to include an ability to expand Helicopter Stations, same as the Police Aviation is?
    Helicopter Station has the ability to buy resources from the helicopter market, but unable to as there are no free places on the stations.

    This is on MCUS.


    Hey again!!

    Another small improvement I have thought of is having the ability to downgrade the levels of stations. Such as how we can upgrade them (10,000> 50,000> 100,000) how about having an option to downgrade / refund levels if you no longer need them or accidently create them??

    Feel free to voice your opinion below :)

    Maybe not so FBI as such - or maybe Detective missions like a Murder (Similar to Shooting/Stabbing which they could progress into, like Roof Fire -> Industrial Fire)

    Protective Services could be another idea. POI: Airport - You could have a 'Famous Person' event which requires 4 Police, 3 Public Protection ..or something similar to that?

    Road Accident = 1x Fire truck, 1x Ambulance (If Injured)
    Road Accident (MVA) = 2x Fire Truck, 1x Ambulance (if any injured), 1x Police

    All in all, great ideas.

    Refer to THIS POST for further info :)

    Cheers Guys!!

    Love all the ideas except for the co-responder fire engine - would prefer to see the fly-car as a mission requirement for this instead of the engine as it's currently not required for anything and it would make sense sending it to that alongside an ambulance.

    Great ideas. In my personal opinion since I am trying to be as realistic with my stations as possible, I always send 1 fire truck or fire apparatus to a medical call along with an ambulance and sometimes a fly car depending on severity of call. For example, I would send a fly car to a heart issue and not to a nose bleed. Most of my fire apparatus does make it there before the ambulance and fly cars do.

    I agree with you guys as well with the Fly-Car Idea. Possibly have an Ambulance & Fly Car Mission (Cardiac for example) where 1x of each are required, and then from THERE have a 'chance' situation similar to how missions tend to change from Roof Fire to Industrial etc but have that with Fire Truck - Could be required, could not be??

    :) ^^

    Hey All,

    Just an updated list of possible missions and vehicles that we could add into game, replicate some vehicles (and missions) from different countries


    • Foam Tender (Yes, some trucks IRL have Class A/B Foam mixed with Water - but why not just a *FULLY* Foam Tender?)
    • Canteen Truck (Mobile Kitchen for bigger incidents - I.E. Commercial Fires)
    • Rural Fire Force (Rural Fire Truck, Bat Chief, Rural Tanker)


    • Car off cliff - Requirements: 2x Firetrucks, 1x Heavy Rescue, 1x Utility Unit, 1x Bat Chief, Ambulance (Depending if patients or not)
    • Motor Vehicle Accident (Car V Car) - Requirements: 1 OR 2 Firetrucks, 2 Police, 1 Ambulance
    • Motor Vehicle Accident (Truck V Car) - Requirements: 2/3 Firetrucks, 1 Heavy Rescue, 1 Bat Chief, 4 Police, 2 Ambulance
    • Motor Vehicle Accident (Car Rolled) - Requirements: 2 Firetrucks, 2 Police, 1 Ambulance
    • Alarm Sounding - Requirements: 1/2 Fire Trucks - Could progress to False Alarm, Room Fire, Basement Fire or Rubbish Fire
    • House Fire '1st Alarm' - Requirements: 3 Fire Trucks, 1 Ladder, 2 Ambulance, 1 Bat Chief, 3 Police
    • House Fire '2nd Alarm' - Requirements: 6 Fire Trucks, 2 Ladder, 2 Ambulance, 1 Utility, 2 Bat Chief, 3+ Police
    • House Fire '3rd Alarm' - Requirements: 12 Fire Trucks, 3 Ladder, 1 Heavy Rescue, 2 Bat Chief, 2 Ambulances - Could progress into 'Industrial Fire'
    • Industrial Fire - Current Requirements - Could progress into Commercial Fire
    • Cardiac Arrest - Have 1 Ambulance and 1 Firetruck co-respond

    (More Suggestions as attachments)

    • Create Own Mission (Use from screenshots and see above requirements.
    • 'Set vehicle as not available [Status 6]' quick select option (and stay on page when refreshes)

    Thanks! :)