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    How long has this been going on? I know if there are more than 100 shared calls and/or event calls, it will take some time for my app to load. Also a question that could help the moderators is, when exactly is it happening? Does it let you login or can you not even do that?

    Side note for moderators, I have been noticing sporadic things happening within the app. Is there some kind of maintenance going on or would you like me to report these in the errors/bugs thread? Also, would you want it in one thread and I can just keep adding to it as it happens or do you want to keep it separate? Thanks!

    This wouldn't make sense and have very little in game use, training is used to provide the skills necessary for staff in the game to operate certain vehicles, not just as a random extra skill. I understand that you may want it to have a different purpose however this wouldn't work for everyone, all I can recommend is operating a normal vehicle and renaming/using a different vehicle graphic.

    Certain large fire calls would require a certain number of rit trained personnel. People have been suggesting the "German version" of the training/requirements more and more. This is just like any other training like that.

    This is unlikely to happen, you have to understand the reasoning behind this. This game is a free to play game requireing no transaction in order for you to play, however things such as servers and developers still cost money, that’s where coins come in. They are a paid option that funds the development of the game and without them there would be no game. So I understand your logic and reasoning behind this however as per the reason above it is unlikely to happen.

    is there a list of all premium features?

    Not sure if this is actually plausible but going to throw it out there anyway. Would it be possible so that when you close (but not exit) and its still in the apps 'dock' to have the game still running so it does not have to go through the loading screen every time it reopens? Not a huge problem but something that's been bugging me for a while.

    Really!? This game is probably the smallest battery drain for me.

    My account has stopped receiving local calls for a month now I have tried refreshing my cash that did nothing I even moved my fire hall and that didn't work either I'm using my phone on Android i hope I gave enough info to help me

    how far way are the calls you are getting from your stations? Try placing some of your own POIs also.